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War Of Rebellion

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning Question

Birds had proudly chirped in the morning sunlight. The faded light green leaves lightly bounced on the branches. The faint sound of tapping shoes filled the ears of those nearby. Screams echoed in the distance. Not long were the blood-curdling screams cut off.

“Help me!” A loud cry had echoed through the trees. From within the tree’s darkest shadow reached a pitch-black hand. Sharp fingers snatched a male in black clothing. Cries scratched his throat. Shutting his eyes, he dearly wished that this was just another nightmare. As he awaited his end, he began to count the regrets of the wasted time of his life.

The strands of his chocolate-brown hair had begun to brush his face. The lungs within his chest gasped for air. Instead of being clustered, he felt the pressure become nothing but a vapor. The lids of his eyes revealed the widened eyes underneath. Coughs scraped his throat.

“You’re alright! I’ve got you!” A woman assured him with her sweet words. His bent knees rested on her pale forearm. Her black-gloved hand rested on his upper back up, holding his body weight. Her shin-high boots pounced from one thick tree branch to the next. Her dark brown hair whipped in the wind. The long black cloak that had tightly clung to her neck furiously whipped in the wind creating ripples. When the man gazed at her, her smile no longer plastered her face. Instead, her skin wrinkled in between her eyebrows. A frown frosted her lips.

Stepping down onto a tree, the woman gently rested the man against the thick tree trunk. As she dropped herself down to one knee, her brown eyes hold his gaze. Her eyebrows furrowed as she scanned his face.

“Does anything hurt? Any injuries?” Her words softly spoke. The man shook his head.

“No. I’m just having a hard time breathing, is all.” The man’s words wheezed with each synonym his tongue created. Despite all his efforts, all he was...was just a burden. With his crushed lungs, he was rendered useless to everyone anyway. He’s just paying the price of his mistake. The girl’s black-gloved hand rested on top of his left shoulder.

“For now, stay up here until you fully recover. We can’t have our people dying out here.” She softly spoke, not bothering to hide the urgency behind her words. The girl’s thick boots stepped from the high branch.

As she leaped from branch to branch, her brown eyes scanned the landscape before her. Bone-chilling shrieks had turned everyone who heard turn cold.

Her pace quickened with each branch. It didn’t take long to find a tall black figure come into her line of sight. Its sharp black claws wrapped around a small figure. The female’s gloved palms tightened around the silver blades. The woman was about to leap from above the creature. She skidded to a stop when she saw a flash of silver below. Black liquid stains the brown trunks as it slowly slides down the wood.

The sounds of boots drew closer. A figure gracefully stepped forward on the branch facing the opposite direction. A female covered in bruises and scratches had one arm over the male’s shoulder as he wrapped the other hand around her waist. His brown hair whipped in the wind. The elegant dark blue eyes sternly glared toward the female. The frames of his glasses staying firmly on his nose.

“The survivors from the west are resting up in the trees in that sector.” The girl’s lips formed words as she gazed at the man beside her from the corner of her eye.

“If any of them were bleeding, a bigger issue would’ve occurred,” The man explained, turning his head to look at her as he let out a slight sigh.

“I’ll pass on your message to the rest of the squad. Don’t do anything stupid, Ren.” The man spoke with sincerity as he slides her arms move over his shoulders.

“Have a little more trust in me, Itsuki.” The girl, who had gone by the name Ren, gave him a small smile. Itsuki let out a low sigh as he leaped off the branch. Ren’s foot stepped off the wood. Ren had hurtled from arm to arm. As she scanned the area, her heart tightened within her chest. Scarlet painted the sheet of orange leaves. Ren’s eyes widened as she became a witness to the events that happened before her. A dark tint of red soaked into the bark. Corpses of many had slept on the red-tinted leaves.

“Captain!” A faint shriek echoed from nearby. Ren quickened her pace. Soon enough, a tall black figure had come into view. Its sharp white teeth formed a tight grin. Its four long black arms had shot out at the tiny figures dressed in black. The little figures avoided the thick swinging arms with all the strength they had. Ren searched around until she found a man stapled to one of the trunks by one of the condensed arms. Rage filled her. Her black-gloved hand tightly held onto the silver daggers.

Her boots pushed from the wood. As Ren drew closer, she twisted her torso as her arms swung the silver blades. The shining blades slashed through the void-black forelimb. She wrapped one of the man’s arms around her neck while her arm rested under his knees.

“I’ve got him! Hold them off until the Support Squad arrives!” Ren shouted toward the soldiers standing. For a moment, there was a moment of silence.

“Yes, ma’am!” Their quick responses faded as the distance widened. Ren peered down at the wounded man she held. Her gaze softened as worry clouded her mind. The man had part of the arm through his stomach. Her heart sank with the thought that crossed her mind. Stopping on a tree, she quickly put him down. Ren pressed two fingers to the side of his neck. A slight beat lightly brushed the tips of her fingers. A relieved sigh escaped her lips. Her hands scrambled through the small pouches that hung from her belt. Now...the race is on. Ren’s pale fingers pulled the black fabric apart, revealing his red-stained torso. Ren’s fingers tightly gripped onto the thick black piece that impaled his abdomen.

“This will hurt,” Ren whispered to the man. Using all the strength she had, Ren slowly began pulling out the black arm. An agonizing screech scratched Ren’s eardrums. Ren’s red blemished hands slipped a white rag from one of the black pouches. The palm of her gloved hand pressed the white rag to the wound. As Ren pressed the tainted red cloth to his scarlet stomach, crashing booms made her heart skip a beat. He needs to get out of here,...but I can’t move him! Quivering, adrenaline coursed through her veins. Ren’s heartbeat banged her eardrums. Her thoughts raced. The earth-quaking footsteps drew closer with each vibration. With the white bandages in hand, Ren tied the swathe around the injured man’s torso. Her dark brown hair whipped in the wind. Eyes widening, she turned her head. There she saw a familiar face.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” The man asked. He looked down at the young girl before him.

“I’m alright, Kenji! This guy isn’t, though! He’s badly wounded!” Ren’s urgent words made Kenji’s thoughts swirl in concern. Kenji’s messy hair whipped in the wind as Ren gritted her teeth.

“Yuma and I will hold them off!” Kenji’s messy hair blew in the wind. Silver daggers in hand, he leaped off the branch. Tying the white bandage, Ren snapped open the lip of one of the black pouches. Ren grabbed hold of a small spray bottle with a clear liquid. With each movement, the liquid clung to the sides of the bottle.

“You’ll be alright! We’ll make sure to get you back!” Ren gave him a small smile as she sprayed the bandage. The scent of iron dissolved into the infected air.

“Kenji! Yuma! Pull back!” Ren commanded, raising her voice over the whistling breeze. Kenji and another man had stepped on the branch before her. The man’s, who must be named Yuma, dark brown hair faded into blonde at the tip of his hair. The tine of his fading hair was tied back, forming into a short ponytail. Pushing herself to a stand, Ren held out her shining daggers.

“I’ll hold them off! Bring this man to safety!” Ren’s stern words demanded. Yuma had bent to one knee. Wrapping one of the man’s injured arms around his neck and his waist, Yuma rose back to a stand.

“There are too many of them, Ren!” Kenji’s defying words snapped.

“That many Rebels will find us eventually! There isn’t much time! Now, go!” Ren’s harsh words ripped through the wind. Her boots pushed off the wood. Gravity weighed on her shoulders. The two soldiers watched as Ren fell into a horrifying scene in which they wished was a nightmare. Chills broke out on their skin as they shivered for a moment.

“Take him to safety!” Kenji’s stern words demanded. As Kenji walked on the massive branch, Kenji slowly drew his sheathed daggers that hung from either side of his hips.

“Ren told us to get this soldier to safety! You’ll get punished, Kenji!” Yuma shouted, quietly wishing that Kenji would go with him.

“You don’t think I know that, Yuma? For Ren’s sake, I can’t let her fight them alone!” Kenji furrowed his eyebrows. Kenji’s words weighed heavy on Yuma’s soul. Yuma’s thoughts ran wild within his head as he watched his comrade jump into the gruesome dream.

Its black flesh crumbled as Ren’s boots brushed the surface. Another ear-cracking cry escaped from between the Rebel’s sharp teeth. The Rebel’s black sharpened fingertips swiped the air. The pitch-black hand’s movement drew closer as time slowed. Eyes widening, Ren felt death drawing closer. Fear tightened its grip on her throat, making her chest feel more caged than ever.

Her heartbeats quickened. The heat from her skin dissolving into nothing. Her skin ran cold as it began to whiten.

A roaring wind brushed her back. Ren lifted her chin above. In that one moment, relief cleansed the fear that had a hold of her.

A man, who showed no expression, had his raven black shirt twisted with his torso. His short raven-black hair flowed in the wind. Silver daggers in hand, his arms slashed more of the long pitch-black arms. Ren’s eyebrows furrowed. Her nose scrunched in anger.

Her boots leaped from the black surface. Ren’s silver daggers shimmered as she dipped her body forward. As she flipped over the tall black Rebel, the Rebel had stood still for a moment. The Rebel’s horrid head had slowly slid off the nape of its neck. Void-black liquid flooded from its body. The black droplets painted Ren in its disgusting fluid. Ren’s splattered boots had halted on a nearby branch. Ren’s chocolate-brown eyes scanned the area. The bark of the tall trees became drenched by the thick liquid. Void-black corpses blanketed the ground.

A slight tap had echoed in her eyes from behind her. Turning her head over her shoulder, she gave the person a bright smile.

“Thanks for the help, Captain Yuki!” Ren gleefully thanked. Ren’s wide grin had lightened up her grimy features.

His messy-onyx hair was flipped to one side of his head. The tips of his uneven bangs had slightly brushed his eyelids. His pale skin became tinted by the black liquid. His raven-black t-shirt hung from his torso. The trim of his black cargo pants was neatly tucked into his knee-high brown boots. A black cloak lightly blew in the wind with each step he took. The silver daggers he held in both hands decorated in the thick liquid. His dull dark brown eyes stared at her coldly.

“Whoever said I was helping you?” The man, who Ren referred to as Captain Yuki, raised a brow as his tongue seasoned his words in ice.

“It might’ve not been on purpose, but you still helped me out!” Ren smiled even more. Captain Yuki let out a slow sigh. Despite the familiar greeting, his stance remained stiff as the grip on his daggers tightened.

“The support squad finally arrived. Help the support squad with the wounded. Make it hasty. We don’t know how many more of the Rebels will show up.” Captain commanded. Ren’s bright smile faded into a neutral expression as she straightened her posture.

“Yes, sir!” Ren replied. Before she could start making her way to the support squad, Kenji had landed right beside her. Kenji turned his attention to Ren.

“You alright, Ren?” Kenji’s concern colored his words as he furrowed his eyebrows. Ren let out a quick sigh. She turned her head to meet his worried gaze.

“Kenji, I told you to go with Yuma! Why would you leave him alone?” Ren’s low snarl made Kenji’s frustration grow.

“How could I leave you alone with that many Rebels? It was suicide!” Kenji retorted back.

“Oi, love birds. Stop bickering with each other, and get a move on.” Captain Yuki interrupted their small fight. Both Ren and Kenji turned their gaze to Captain Yuki. Ren slightly flinched at Captain Yuki’s words.

“Right, sir!” Ren quickly answered as sweat lightly coated her forehead. As Ren steps off the branch, Captain Yuki turned his full attention to Kenji.

“We’ll discuss that later. I need to find Yuma and bring him to the Supper Squad.” The captain’s words were cold as they slithered from his tongue. Captain Yuki’s icy words made shivers go down Kenji’s spine.

“Yes, sir!” Kenji quickly replied, jumping from the branch.


“The operation was labeled a success. Despite the many causalities, we got some of that area cleared of Rebels.” Captain Yuki informed. Captain Yuki’s chin rested on his pale palm as his dark brown eyes stared down at the piece of paper that he grasped in his other hand. Not an ounce of dust appeared on Captain Yuki’s pale skin. A long thin cross dangled from the ear that exposed his brushed sideburns.

“At least, we were able to complete the operation successfully!” Ren’s mouth stretched wide as the words slid from her mouth gleefully. Ren sat on the light-toned floorboards near Captain Yuki’s executive desk. Her pale arm rested on her black cargo sheathed knee.

Ren’s black baggy pant legs tucked into her knee-high boots. Her black-gloved hand had become limp as it hung from her knee. Her baggy black short-sleeved shirt folded into the hem of her black pants. Her bright features had brightened by her now clean skin.

“Ren, there were many causalities! Some of the soldiers were seriously injured! They have to return to their villages permanently!” Itsuki raised his voice as he stepped forward. Under his boots, the floorboards creaked. His back was toward the bookcase that was the left of the executive desk. The long executive desk was pushed to the long-back brown wall. From the wooden door to the executive desk, there were only a few places apart. Many papers were scattered across the executive desk where the captain sat.

“Itsuki has a point. There were many causalities, and many soldiers are missing or found dead.” Yuma’s tongue gently spoke as he nodded.

The strands of Yuma’s dirty blonde hair pulled back into a low ponytail. A thick strand of Yuma’s bangs pushed to one side of his face. His chin-long bangs framed his face. Yuma’s hands slipped into the pockets of his baggy black cargo pants as he stood firm with his back to the door. The hem of Yuma’s black cargo pants had eased into his knee-high boots. His raven-black t-shirt was tucked into his pants as it slightly sagged off his torso.

“Captain, how did we do this time anyway?” Kenji swiftly changed the gloomy subject. Kenji’s back laid against the wooden wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Ren peeked her gaze over her left shoulder.

Kenji’s short dark brown hair had kept its messy state despite how many times it would take forms. The ends of his slightly layered bangs lightly brushed his long eyelashes. A small strand of his faintly messy hair vaguely covered his other ear. Kenji’s sea-blue eyes had met the gaze of everyone that was in the room. Kenji’s black t-shirt folded into the belt that upheld his raven-black cargo pants. Ren turned her attention from Kenji back to her captain. Captain let out a sigh. Removing his hand from under his chin, he let them sit on the desk.

“For once, you didn’t do half bad. However, some choices would have killed the whole team killed,” Captain Yuki scanned the room with a stern glare.

“Kenji, didn’t Ren give you orders when you left Yuma alone with a wounded soldier?” Captain Yuki’s icy scowl falls on Kenji. Kenji’s suddenly stiffened. Kenji’s skin becomes pale with seconds passing. All lingering stares brought their attention to Kenji.

“Yes, sir. I was worried that she would’ve gotten herself killed.” Kenji replied without hesitation.

“In future circumstances, listen to your superiors no matter if you agree with the order you’re given or not. If you wanted to die that badly, I would’ve given you the honors of being a sleeping corpse.” Captain’s viciously unsweetened words made Kenji’s anatomy visibly tremor. Captain Yuki’s frigid glower turns from Kenji to Ren. Ren’s dark brown orbs stared into Captain Yuki’s trembling death glare. Ren’s pale skin grew more white than before. Ren’s paler skin became submerged in tiny bumps.

“You let your feelings get in the way of your mission. As my second in command, recklessness isn’t an option. Don’t let this repeat itself twice.” Captain Yuki’s death stare became more artic. Ren’s eyes grew wide as her peachy lips parted a bit. Ren’s physique quivered as she gritted her teeth. Her chest tightened as seconds passed. Ren tensed her muscles, attempting to hide her shaking from the human eye. Ren hung her head as she closed her eyes.

“My deepest apologies, Captain. I’ll make sure it will never happen again.” Ren softly spoke as she brought her head back up. He lays his elbow on the wooden exterior as he rests his chin on the palm of his hand.

“As punishment, you’ll be cleaning the cafeteria after dinner has finished,” Captain Yuki announces, his dark brown eyes attentively sweeps the room.

“I’ll have a mission for you all soon enough. For now, you’re all dismissed.” The captain’s words no longer held the bitterness behind them. Everyone had gotten to a stand heading out the door. An obscured click leaves a faint echo in the small room. Captain Yuki lets out a careful sigh. Captain Yuki brings the paper up to the point the face of the sheet is facing him. His eyes scan the inky words. What exactly are you planning?

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