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When echo leaves fuze and echo industries he finds himself going crazy killing his friends and everyone he knows Fuze being the only survivor has to do what needs to be done ………

Action / Horror
Harvey Peck
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: PAIN

Five days after echo had left the labs after him and his best friend Fuze had a fight over some old tech. A day later echo stole the tech and was caught on the spot. After that he was forced to leave and give in all his tech that was from the establishment. Echo filled with rage wondering why the old tech was so important to her. Echo felt weak and desperate for power without the tech he couldn’t charge up when he got low. So he would have to steal energy from buildings and energy warehouses. A week after being kicked out echo found himself wondering down alleyways searching through bins. He once found a homeless guys dead body, there was a cigarette on the floor, he must of died from smoking or something? There was a protogen lurking in the shadows that offered echo a usb that would give him the power to kill anyone, despite being extremely sketchy as echo took it anyway because he was so desperate plugged it in and then……
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