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Summary haah...! I think summary can't tell your interest. My advise is - Just read 1st episode of the series if it makes you interested, then you should deside.

Action / Scifi
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They are still fighting.



Dimension –S234

Timeline – 5612349561 year A.E.

Meteor strikes on ZENO (Planet). Oh…! It isn’t meteor, it’s a punch.., sitama and The moon Assassin. It was a punch from saitama …… and Assassin …..survived it, but ZENO couldn’t. Assassin strike him back with is suriken thing, then he give him solid kick. Both were thrown in different directions. Assassin creates surface like... It’s broken glass and he goes through. Sitama also goes through it.

Dimension – C048

Timeline – 21331205012 year A.E.

Another Blast in SILK-F18(Space Area). “Consecutive High Punches...” – Saitama. Assassin survived it, too. Assassin creates another same broken glass, Saitama Strikes upon him and ….. He breaks that glass, and go through it.

Dimension – C048 doesn’t exist.

How’s it? Are you excited to get involved in O.P.D. with me. me AKA somthing.I’m from dimension-E5260, and I managed my way through Dimension-K046. Yes it’s your dimension-K046. Are you thrilled? Stay tuned for next week of your time. I’m starting now.

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