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When the most wanted and smartest con artist steals the world’s rarest diamond; all federal and international agencies will use all their resources in order to catch this criminal. The FBI’s best; agent Beckett is one of the ones who is tasked with going out onto the field and first-hand interacting with the con-artist. To guarantee a chance to catch him; the team turns to a private forensic scientist who has the skills to find the con artist. Except one problem: she has no want for helping them. Promised the FBI’s help in return for something personal; this team must catch the con-artist soon. But of course: things turn more messier than originally planned. (Action/Romance)

Action / Romance
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Night crept into the sky making the city lights glow like diamonds. Each light represents an individual; and together creates a beauty that no painting can recreate. The city is not going to sleep; no, this is when it comes to life. Labelled as one of the world’s most vibrant places; millions even billions of individuals flock here.

With the vibrant city at it’s finest, the ancient yet aesthetic museum of Natural History closes down for the night.

No tourist desires to be inside a museum at this time; not when they can experience the thrill of city nightlife.

Unlike the city outside the walls; the museum goes to sleep. A sliver of hair could make a noise if dropped upon the marble floor.

But in the far back corner of the museum; life stirs up as a slight sound rings out from the ceiling. Almost going unnoticed, the slight flickers of red sparks fly like fireflies into the dark room.

Almost like the shadows themselves; a man slips into the room from the small hole just made through the ceiling. Surveying the lifeless dark; his eyes catch the brilliant sparkle of the purest object made by nature.

Stalking like a tiger on it’s prey; he walks around and takes in all the angles of the beauty in his gaze.

Planned for something; he came prepared. With a single blow of air; the light and skin tone powder that women use to hide blemishes, floats through the air until they reveal the bright beams of red that caged in the gemstone.

Just like a stream of water, he weaves his way through the beams that will give you third degree burns and in a blink of an eye; a silver piece of metal no smaller than a sewing needle slips between his fingers and he moves his hand up to the keyhole.

The shrill noise of alarms blare through the quiet room and the doors are flung open to reveal the security guards with shock and fear scribbled into their features.

In front of them, the glass cage which once held the world’s most valuable item…now lays empty.

Still stunned with shock; no one notices the man that slips through the hole in the ceiling on a rope.

With the *Red Diamond in his left hand.

*The Red Diamond is the world’s most expensive and rarest diamond with very few been found.

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