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It's a game of lust and power. The protagonist is ambitious, strong, independent and industrious. One incident changed her life to 180 degrees. Every day she has to fight for each breathe, everyone Is her enemy, even her dear husband. She can't trust anyone or falling in love is not in her life, she has fully accepted also. Let's see What happens with her? Will she win the power or lose her life?

Action / Romance
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Everyone has a different story to tell, but my story is quite different, where I look like fucking queen but in reality, I am as fragile as a flower. This is a story of a woman who not matter stuck in-game of lust and power, a game makes people go crazy after hearing its name.
An ordinary woman whose life was at peace is now fighting for each breath of her life.
If she wants to win the game she has to fight till her last breath for power.
LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH HER ..................
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