Hell on wheels

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Follow jerry as he fights the Nazis in his Sherman tank through France Belgium and Germany with his friends Michel Tommy John and max This story is inspired by my paps uncle who fought in ww2, he was a tanker he fought through France Belgium and parts of Germany. May he Rest In Peace (1924-1990)

Action / Adventure
Wyatt trail
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Chapter one

It was 1944 eight weeks after the landing at Normandy we had just came in last night and they took our tank and started welding spikes to the front of it. My name is jerry I grew up in the mountains of Tennessee bear hunting with my grandfather then you had Michel he grew up Arizona raised by his aunt and five brothers. Tommy he had the best life of the five of us he grew up in Alaska with a mother and father ,and a younger brother John his mother died when he was young his father was a heavy drinker at 10 he took off and left his father. Max he was raised by his older brother his father died in a fire after that his mother became a prostitute. Back to the story we woke up the next morning we got our orders we had to escort a company of infantry to break out of Normandy. We got in the tank and manned our stations Michel was the commander I was the gunner max was the loader John was the hull gunner Tommy was the driver, so we were the lead tank in the column we started moving with four men on the tank
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