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The Larsons

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The Larsons is a story about how everyone must go to a new person or family and live with them for life. They can’t leave and no matter how old or young you are you have no freedom. Your new family can decide if they want to be nice or mean. When young Georgine Renee and her best friend Italy Grace decide to break the rules and run free.

Action / Adventure
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The Walk

Georgine was a ten year old girl that loved being outside and in nature. She had short brown hair that fell just above her shoulders. Her skin was covered in freckles and mosquito bites. Her best friend Italy had blonde middle parted hair down to her waist with brown roots. “Okay bye mom. Love you” Georgine said, while opening the screen door to go outside to Italy. They we going to go on a walk this wonderful morning. “Is that really what your wearing?” Italy teased when she saw Georgine’s messy hair, bright yellow t-shirt and green leggings. Meanwhile, Italy was wearing new ripped jeans and a white shirt that was tied up, and her hair was in a neat bun. As they set off they didn’t see the neighbors that they usually saw on their weekly walk. They had taken a different path today then usual. They were going deep into a forest. They soon saw a building and followed an old dirt path to it. Georgine was feeling a strong sense of deja vu when looking at this building. As they neared the building they noticed how bad it was in shape. There was moss covering almost every wall and the windows were so stained you couldn’t see through them. Just when Georgine was about to go closer she heard a twig break behind her. She turned around to see a cop staring stair but at her and Italy. “Your coming with me!” He yelled, in a gruff voice that sent all of the birds in forest flying away. Italy was dragged away by another cop who emerged from behind a tree near them. Georgine tried to resist the cop but he continued to drag her away. She looked around for Italy but didn’t see her anywhere. Georgine didn’t know what was happening. She wasn’t very scared because she thought that they wouldn’t hurt a kid, right? As she was staring out the window in the cop car heading back towards her town she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to Italy. Eventually the car stopped right at one of Georgine’s favorite places. She got out of the car and saw her mother standing next to a family she had never seen. She ran to her mother and hugged her tightly. As she was trying to tell her mother about everything that happened, a girl that was her age with long black hair stepped forward from another family they had come up to them. “This is the girl that’s coming to our family?!” She exclaimed, making a disgusted face. “What?” Georgine asked looking at her mother. “What family? What’s happening?” “There’s something that I need to tell you darling” the mother said looking nervous.
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