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Ouroboros Order: Enter the heart of Hell

By Olivia Panda Holmes All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

Three hours before midnight

“You know... I don’t think this is everyone... The radar said the power level was high. So it’s a large group but this is only two.” The ginger haired twin spoke to his other half who merely nodded while looking around. Both males code named Red Mirrors one or two depending on who you plan to talk to wore a leather and metal mask over the bottom half of their face like it was a less bulky gas mask. “I agree... This is strange.” The second twin replied after a good long minute of looking around. When both spoke their voices warbled and for good reason, you can have someone recognize your voice after all, that would be bad for sure. “Lu... Oh shit...” The second twin drew his blade as long as his forearm the metal a inky black pointed at a humanoid figure with bloody foam dripping from it’s mouth. “Thana... God there’s so many...” The first twin spoke his guns at the ready as their exits began to disappear and more humanoid figures all broken and ugly with bloody foam at their mouths closed it and neither twin hesitated and attacked their enemy head on, after all it was their job.

Present day

A monstrously tall male with ebony skin and hip length black dreaded hair pulled into a pony tail dressed in black with eagles in his chest holster under his armpits and blade strapped to his chest with magazines attached to his belt. Despite his handsome features, perfect jaw line and bone structure and easily pulled off being 300 some pounds of muscle which rested well on his fighter body he was murderous looking when pissed. Like he was now. “What the fuck Erik? You send a couple of kids into the field with no senior?” He howled in fury as he shoved open the mahogany double doors to a grand office space. “They are my soldiers! I gave you myself in person they aren’t good enough to do an S job yet. They still need to build on their power!” He snapped to the graying blond in front of him who stayed silent as he sipping his tea. Tilting his head in anger he clenched his teeth trying to keep his cool but it wasn’t working. Breathing and and breathing out didn’t help because Erik stayed quiet. “You piece of shit...” The male hissed and stormed into his office and removed the tea from his hand. “Bo... I understand you are upset-” “Upset? Well no shit! I’ve done everything you’ve ever asked and you gave me full authority over our fighters, from what job they go on, from their schooling, from their graduation ceremony you promised you wouldn’t intervene... so I ask again. Why. The. Fuck. Did. You. Send. Kids. Into. An. S ranked. Job. With. No. Senior?” Bo spoke slowly not impressed with the old man at all. With all his anger he didn’t notice the crushed tea cup in his hand till the burn kicked in but it wasn’t that bad. The old man sighed not at the question but his ruined tea, Erik stood and straightened his suit vest and walked to the window and looked down. Students of all ages trained in combat, healing or normal lessons such as math or history. “I sent them because it was two Bloodzors, the mass power we picked up was from a living Bo.” Erik told him and without looking knew he was stunned. The sound of broken tea cup bits falling from his hand onto the wooden floor told him that. “I sent out Lucifer Jr. and Thanatos because of their friendly nature in hopes they’d find this person and bring them here.” He now looked at Bo who was rubbing his neck from frustration, Erik remembered when they first met. Bo was a boy on the streets, thin, tiny, helpless, scared. A dragon all alone in the world with no one to turn to. Mother dragons never abandoned their children. Not ever. The fact Bo was alone only meant one thing, his mother was dead, most likely killed and from his hollow eyes it was in front of him. That day he took him in and raised him like he would a son.

Bo shifted his weight from his left leg to his right and sighed in annoyance. “Shit...” Erik had no idea when he’d picked up such a foul tongue but he knew how to behave when need be. Bo left the office leaving the doors wide open, Erik opened his mouth and came back to close the doors. “I’m not a child so stop looking at me like that and next time tell me first.” And the doors were closed with a click. Rubbing his eyes he pulled his hand away to stare at it. He was 33 now, still single and childless but made up for it by being a strong warrior, undefeated and the boss; Erik was the Big Boss as they’d say. When he was 29 his skin started to change and lighten in spots becoming a lighter shade of his natural skin tone. From that point on swore a vow of celibacy, Erik thought it stupid and he was right. It was just how he was and he couldn’t change it and Bo was still what humans called a pantie dropper but that didn’t stop his lingering fear. Rubbing his hand he started to walk again letting his feet take him where they wanted.
It didn’t take long for the smell of disinfectant to fill his nose and burn away his nose hairs. A heavy groan left his body and let his brain take the lead on this one. “Mmm I know I smelled you ugly mofos.” He chuckled as Thanatos, the slightly darker redheaded and the youngest twin lifting his head. Thanatos or Thana was bandaged up on both arms and left leg and most of his torso, his right ankle had some cover over it because something uglier then the state of the twins bit at him. “Heeeey~” Thanatos said and giggled madly but softly. Both under a high dose of pain killers clearly. “Did you bring food?” Lucifer Jr. asked his voice slightly slurred with the gauze rolls in his mouth as his fangs which had gotten knocked out grew back. “No I didn’t sorry boys. I’m here to talk about that person you were sent out for.” He took a seat between their beds and crossed his arms. This grabbed their attention fast. The silence between the three dragged out for about six minutes before Thanatos started to speak. “From what we could see she was dark skinned but not as dark as you I... don’t think? But she had these lovely blue eyes and was thin built.” Bo’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “She?” Bo asked and both males nodded to the best of their abilities. A curse passed his lips and his large hands rubbed his face in frustration. “There’s something else... I dare not say it out loud.” Lucifer Jr. whispered and looked around and then at Bo when he got up to lean in. Lu opened his mouth to speak. “Boop.” He poked Bo’s nose and giggled, Bo slowly exhaled through his nose and stood up. Turning on his heels he left them to their drugged state. “A female huh? It’s been a long while since a female has had that power level. About time.” He mumbled to himself as he headed for the stairs in a light jog. “Yo.” Bo stopped and turned his head, his best friend and his only friend Jeager as everyone called him came down the steps. Jeager was about an inch shorter and not as built maybe 250-265 pounds of muscle, Bo was 6′11 and Jeager was 6′10 making them the two tallest males in the whole Order which they liked to brag about drunk. Jeager had white hair like freshly fallen snow and pale blue eyes on a sea of black ink, he was one scary SOB but he was beautiful but he’d never confirm that himself. Jeager was born blind which gave him his advantaged in battle. “So I did an analysis on that reading we got, definitely not Bloodzors that gave off that reading, whatever it was called more of them onto twins. I don’t think it even knew what they were doing.” He said going through a file he had in hand all printed out in braille for him, Bo had learned braille when he became friends with Jeager made it fun to pass secret notes in class. “It’s a she.” Bo had to catch his friend before he tripped down a few dozen flights of stairs as they did start moving. “A she-” “I’m going to the site now. You can come with but gear up I’m leaving in ten.” He told Jeager and with that he was gone leaving the file which Bo held pressed against his thickly padded chest. Jogging the rest of the way to the front of the manor he waited his back leaning against the door frame looking out at the students train for a war in the shadows. From the age of five till 18 they trained to be want Bo was or maybe Mila, either a doctor, a warrior or maybe one of their tech departments. Being a warrior was hard and dangerous so they only had the best of the best leaving them with eight people to go out in the field. Himself, Jeager, the twins Lucifer Jr. and Thanatos, King, Ryker, Fredric and Aeron. All nasty fighters to the end, Aeron was the first female fighter they ever had, a lot of female’s power source for some reason just works better with healing and not combat so they didn’t often get combat based female fighters but welcomed them if they did arises.

Bo looked up and there was North galloping down the steps like a horse. “Under ten minutes I’m surprised.” Bo teased and got flipped the bird and clapped on the shoulder. Jeager was dressed in a similar fashion but wore a long sleeve rolled up to his elbows instead of a t-shirt like Bo. It didn’t take long for them to get to the alley that the twins got the shit kicked out of them. Bo had one of his guns in his hands ready to aim and fire at any second. Jeager wasn’t a gun or a knife person more of a brass knuckles kind of guy so he was locking those onto his knuckles as they walked down the long alley. A pool of blood on the ground with splatters on the walls of the two builds reeked of Lucifer Jr. and Thanatos. Jeager cringed and out a hand to his neck and pulled up his mask much like the ones the twins wore. Kind of a standard thing they wore. Bo did the same and not for the smell of blood but for hiding his face. He tapped the back of Jeager’s hand three times and he stopped. Both males hid with their bodies ready for a fight. Bo took the risk and peeked around the corner and bit his lip and hid again. “It’s her.” He whispered and got a nod and put away his gun, as the girl turned around the corner Bo had put a hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. His free arm got her pinned between his body and the wall. “Shhh I’m not going to hurt you. I swear on my life as a warrior of the Order. I’m going to let you go now... I just want to talk.” He spoke softly and calmly she merely looked at him like one wrong move and he could say good bye to his boys down below. “I don’t think she understands you Bo.” Jeager said blocking one exit. Bo looked at his friend as he pulled away from her and kept his hands up in the air. He scowled at Jeager but it could be the truth, Bo had a mixed accent so words did get mixed up and sounded weird when they left his lips. “The Order? Uh huh like I’m going to believe that.” She hissed glaring at Bo to which Jeager snorted at. “Please tell me she is tall!” He begged putting his two hands together like he was praying. “You are seriously a dick and no. She’s tall ish.” Bo responded and got a curse. “Good enough for me.” Bo shot him a glare and he shut up looking like he felt bad about what he said and he did. “Okay I get it, you’re both creeps what do you want?” The girl snapped and looked like she was full on ready to kick her way out of this. Bo had to admit that was pretty hot, clearing his throat he took a good look at her. 5′10, slim, nice skin, blue eyed, dark braided hair pulled back into another bigger braid that fell to her hips and very feisty. Bo cleared his throat again. “Look earlier at about 0900 yesterday we got a high power reading in this area and I sent out Jeager here and another warrior to check it out... turns out they had a job switch and got replaced with newbies since my boss discovered it wasn’t from Bloodzors as he calls them but from a living being.” He informed her as she stood straight now with a raised brow. “So? What do I have to do with it?” She questioned and just from that Jeager nodded, it was her, same reading just as the one from before. “Alright now normally we can’t force you to go... but we kind of have to because all those sharp pains in your head? If you don’t get this under control it will kill you and anyone in a 300 mile radius of you. So we are going to help you.” Bo said and grabbed her tossing her over his shoulder. “You can beat my face in later I promise.” He said as Jeager just stared at him.
Dude what the fuck? He mouthed to him but Bo ignored it and made a move for it while the girl yanked on his hair. “Ah shit woman! I am trying to be nice about this but I seriously don’t want your power to blow, honestly I lied about the 300.... maybe 1000 so shut up and let us help.” He snarled and she stayed quiet but not without getting the last word in which was a smack to the head. Bo could honestly understand her actions after all he did the same to Erik when he was a child. “Oh lordy... You actually kidnapped her. Funny.” Said the voice as they came around the corner. 5′10 little Asian woman wearing the same mask with a hood over her head. “Aeron I thought you were on maternity leave?” Jeager said looking at the body that made the voice. “I am, doesn’t mean I can’t come here to talk some sense into you morons.” She grunted and crossed her arms. On her back was in fact a baby all bundled up asleep. “She has time you know, I read the report so put her down and fully explain stuff to her.” Aeron demanded her finger pointing to the ground, Bo complied and set the girl down. Aeron kept her hands on her hips waiting for the girl to stop looking around to find a way to escape. “State your name girly.” Aeron said raising her eyebrows in question as a small tired coo came from behind her and she glanced back to check on her child. “Luna...” Was all that was said from the her. Aeron removed her hood to show white hair and pale skin with similar blue eyes but had flecks of silver. “Alright Luna. Here’s the deal, we are the Ouroboros Order, we fight the dead of our species that come back to life and no. Don’t give me that zombie BS, think Wendigos. At the Order a select few like me, Bo there and Jeager are qualified to fight these things because if they run lose the entire world is... well in the toilet. You have the power level like me that is rooted for combat though mine is more advanced so I works as a warrior and on field doctor. We can help you control th-” “So the Order is a real thing” Luna asked interrupting Aeron which Jeager flinched at because no one interrupted Aeron. Her lip twitched and she intertwined her fingers behind her back and smiled. “Don’t interrupt me girl. I am still very sore and tired from labor okay?” Aeron glared at her with threatening eyes. Luna scoffed and crossed her arms but was now ready to listen. “As I was saying, you have a large amount of power that has been running wild for so many years and now it’s ready to blow in a few months so come with us and we’ll help you put a lid on it and you’ll be free to go... possibly.” Aeron finished and waited for Luna to answer but she let out a breath and passed out from the information over load. “I’m so done with this girl.” Aeron turned and walked away to go back to the manor. Bo caught the falling Luna and carried her bridal style. Both males looked at each other wondering what the hell to do next that wasn’t the obvious.

Back at the manor Bo had gotten Luna checked into the hospital and was filled with a lot of pent up stress. So the second he could leave her side he did and made his way down the hall and to the left towards the basement. Hitting the locker room he hung up his holster and get dressed in the extra sweats and muscle shirt he left here in his locker. Double checking his dreads were set in place he took off his boots since they were never really needed in the gym they had. Not under you were going to play basketball. Poking his head in it was empty, good. Walking in he got busy on the leg press loading on 600 pounds, 300 on either side to start. Frankly he wan’t in the mood to deal with anyone or anything, of course Aeron had to step in! If she didn’t Gods know what Miss Luna would of done. Sure what he did was pretty rash and stupid but what he said was the truth. Now she must think he was barbaric or a beast with no manners for “kidnapping her” in such a fashion. “Why the fuck do I care?” He snapped and kept on pumping his legs with the machine’s help. Crossing his arms as he carried on he thought of all other ways he could go about what he’d done, rubbing his eyes he sighed tiredly. ‘I’m a grown man I should of handled that better so why didn’t I? I can’t be that stressed I’m not thinking clearly. I’m not sick... The twins are fine. Okay so I’m pissed at Erik and I have good reason too be and it’s for that reason I over reacted and did what I did. I seriously need to learn to control this temp-’ “Er...” A female voice cut off his line of thought, by now his mind while talking to itself went on with his workout routine and was now doing chin ups. His chin was above the bar his muscles flexing and very visible as he wasn’t wearing his shirt anymore as he was using that as a towel for his sweat. Lowering his body he turned his head and saw Luna. “Shouldn’t you still be in the hospital girl?” Bo asked coldly and rolled his eyes at her huff. “I would but I’ve been sleeping for about six hours according to the doctor.” She shrugged those thin shoulders. Bo looked at her in a hospital gown, thankfully it wasn’t the one with the back wide open for people to see but in that gown he could see her curves and boy she might be thin but did have nice hips.
“Six hours?” He rubbed his jaw and looked at the broken clock on the wall and sighed thinly cracking his neck. ‘So I’ve been working out that long huh? Gonna regret that in the morning.’ “So... when you said I could punch you did you mean it?” She asked, the question caught him off guard. “I might be an ass or a barbarian somethings but I don’t break promises so yes.” He turned to face her ready for a punch but got a smile from those plump lips of hers. Bo cocked a brow in shock as she turned away from him. “Knowing that you’ll let me is good enough.” Luna gave him a wave as she wobbled her way to the hall and likely back to the hospital. “Oh and nice nipple piercings.” Luna popped back in just for that comment and covered his chest with his shirt. His eyes went wide and his mouth became a tight line. “She so makes you uncomfortable it’s almost cute.” A new voice said and got a whip to the ass with his shirt. “Shut it Ryker.” Bo snarled as he headed to the locker room showers. It wasn’t long after he got to his room when the alarm went off. Pulling on black jeans and a black shirt he topped it off with a chest holster with his twin eagles under his armpits and was sure to get extra clips onto his ammo belt once that was hooked on. Grabbing his leather jacket and steel toes he headed out the door and just seconds before he closed the door he grabbed twin rapiers and jogged down to the tech room. “Class SS Bo.” North said armed himself in the similiar fashion as himself but no swords but a few pairs of bladed brass knuckles hanging on his left hip. “How many?” Bo asked moving around to the screen and cursed. “Alright... Ryker I want you in the East I’mm take the West got it?” He clapped the angel on the shoulder before he took off in the air a few feathers fell to the floor. Taking his lead his let rip his own wings, instead of feathers he had scales. “King you are on back up same for you Jeager.” Both males nodded and got their ear pieces in as Bo took off.

Arriving at his destination he dropped the sheathes to his blades and whipped one not blinking at the hoard as blood splashed onto his face from a rabid fallen hit his cheek. The sound of his steel toed boots clicked in the now silent alley. The Bloodzors as they liked to call them or Erik called them for reasons he never talked about most just called the rabid fallen or RF for short. “Come on motherfuckers.” He pulled his mask over his nose and the rabid fallen screeched and ran head first towards the warrior. Bo twisted his body as he brought down his left blade down on the six necks perfectly lined up and thud went the heads. His eyes flicked around and tossed the right blade in the air as his body continued to turn into a flip and his right hand drew a the gun under his left arm.

Six bodies tumbled to the ground with holes between their eyes. Bo was so glad these things were to hell bent on ripping you limb from limb to try for your weapons. On the note his remaining blade flipped in his hand so the butt of it faced outward and then weapon moved back stabbing two in the neck and down they went. A heavy breath left his lungs as he caught his tossed blade. Only a minute had passed and 8 were down, 10 more to go.
Luna found herself sitting on the bed she’d been placed in again smiling to herself. Whoever that guy was he clearly was top man so not a lot of people got on his case like that. “Alright... Best to get out of this gown.” She took the pile of clothes she’d worn before coming here that was now washed and dried which wasn’t necessary but she still appreciated the gesture. Pulling her undergarments then her black high rise skinny jeans and red long sleeved crop top she found her shoes missing along with her socks. Pursing her lips she poked her head out of her room and slipped out to once again wonder around. The sounds of rushing about caught her off guard and a male on a bed being rolled into the OR made her stop in shock. All she saw of him was metal and his face which was twisted in pain and his guts threatening to spill out. Pressing her lips together with a hand over her mouth she slowly looked around, in the room to her right she could see two red headed males broken bloodies but recovering, a blond man build like an ox or maybe Minotaur was more appropriate due to the horns on the side of his head, muscular stocky build who had his back ripped open. Her free hand wrapped over her stomach. “Oh God...” Luna groaned in panic and looked around wondering, hoping and praying that door that had opened wasn’t him. ‘Why should I care? He’s rude and tried to kidnap me. Also his introduction was a very poor one like he was an animal... but...’ Closing her eyes she crossed her fingers and slowly forced them open and caught a glimpse of black dreads disappearing and her mouth fell open as if she were to say something or a name she couldn’t put to that scary strong face.

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