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It’s the year 1609 the samurai invade the Ryukyu kingdom and they slaughter everyone. But one girl springs from the sea of blood and along with her friends and followers she clashes with the samurai to protect their home. Along with their commander, the samurai ask themselves: “Will the Okinawans win?”

Action / Adventure
Linh Tran
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The day was calm and peaceful. One girl runs for water to supply for her family. She mumbles a simple melody. Filling up the buckets then quickly hears her father call her name to speed things up: “Yuna!” the father calls out. Yuna then rolls her eyes as she carries the buckets home.

Her dad then helps her with the buckets and puts them down next to a campfire. He hands her a bowl of meat and rice with chopsticks. Yuna asks her father: “Did you overcook the meat again?!” And she gives her dad a really worried look. The dad then looks at his daughter, confused. “What do you mean, overcooked? It’s fine!” And he shows his daughter the completely black almost hard meat.

Yuna sighs and she says with a crushed voice. “If only mom was here.” Then her dad replies in a worried tone: “I am sorry, Yuna.” Yuna stands up and she tells him. “I think Ill go practice okay?” Her father nods, knowing he failed his daughter long time ago. Yuna then enters their house, and she grabs her naginata. A spear with a curved edged blade at the end. She takes it and heads to the forest to practice some techniques. While being stressed out, Yuna goes her comfort place close to the river. “I don’t have to hear my negative thoughts anymore.” She says to herself.

Meanwhile, her father sits in the little house thinking about his long-lost love. “She grew up too fast.” he says to himself. Wishing his daughter would love him more, he looks at the sky, thinking about what his wife is doing.

Meanwhile, Yuna mourns her mother as she hugs her mother’s spear, knowing she was rude to her father. Yuna’s father hears someone shout. “Help!” a group of villagers yell as they run away from someone.

An armored samurai stands in front of the village looking for Yuna’s father for his sins for becoming a ronin. He gazes at their target and the father takes out his sword, preparing to take him on. He draws his sword. His opponent draws his weapon too. It felt like time stopped and then suddenly the young samurai rushes in and he starts swift slashes. The elderly father barely blocks them. Then the elder ronin goes for a stab and fakes the samurai to lose guard. He then quickly slashes the samurai’s arm. Yuna’s father then goes for the finisher, but the young samurai jumps and slices the old father’s back. Using a swift kick, the old man sends the samurai fly away. He lunges back into the violence of the fight and he cuts the father’s rib. With no mercy, he strikes his foe’s eye, making a massive scar. The aged man gets a devastating kick in the face and almost falls on his back. The old man gets on his feet for balance. Then Yuna’s father swings with all his remaining strength and speed. But the young samurai dodges back and stabs the ronin through his heart.

“No!” Yuna shouts from the distance. She quickly attacks from the side and the samurai dodges. And he cuts Yuna on the side of the stomach. Then the samurai blocks and quickly Yuna lands a hit on leg and she cuts his face. The straw hat drops, and it exposes the samurai’s face. With tears in her eyes, Yuna becomes desperate and goes for another slash. The samurai ducks under his cuts Yuna on the face lightly. He kicks, punches her in the gut for disgracing his status. Yuna falls on her knees and she crumbles on the ground. She tries to stand up and fight, but the samurai kicks her down. He looks at Yuna’s parent and he leaves, knowing his mission is over. He takes his straw hat and leaves.

Yuna stares at the samurai, burying and getting his face in her head with his symbol on his armor. “I will kill you for what you’ve done!” She shouts, powerless. The samurai just looks back and doesn’t think much of his crushed enemy. He jumps on his horse and rides away into the distance.

Yuna then crawls to her father, and she gets the cruelest feeling she ever felt. She swears in her mind that she will avenge his death. “I’m sorry, dad.” Yuna tells her dad while holding his hand with a shattered heart.

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