Mysterious egg

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Jordan finds a mysterious egg on his way home on night and cant believe what was inside

Action / Adventure
Emma S Harris
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Chapter 1

Jordan was walking around the dark creepy forest one night thinking how much he hated his life. Everyone always made fun of him. The weather was rough the rain was pouring from the sky, the wind was howling, the moon was shinning so brightly it was blinding him. Jordan was soaked to the bone and the ground was quite difficult to walk on, the mud was so slippery now. As Jordan was pulling himself through the trees, he knocked off one of them and it caused an egg to fall out from one of the nests.

The egg hit Jordan on the head and knocked him out.

When he woke up, he saw the egg lying beside him, it was blue and covered in specs of purple glitter.

He was soaked to the bone.

Jordan tried to pick up the egg, but too his surprise it was heavier than he thought. He dropped it a few times but notice that it didn’t crack once.

Eventually Jordan got the egg into his back pack and hurried back home.

He arrived back home to the old wooden lodge cabin. His father looked at him “You missed your curfew yet again” Jordan was terrified “Dad I am sorry, I was in the forest and I guess I lost track of time” his father looked at him “I would love to know where you come up with all these excuses Jordan” Jordan really was getting fed up with no one believing him. He picked up his back and went to his room “Your dinner is in the oven when you want it” said his father. “I am not really hungry, but thanks” Jordan and his fathers’ relationship was not a good one. It was very strained and has been since Jordan’s mother passed away.

Jordan dropped the bag onto the floor and flopped onto the bed.

Jordan was feeling so depressed, he wanted to disappear from the world.

That night as he was sleeping the moon shone so brightly into his room and then he started to hear cracking noises. It was so hard to see anything because of the moon shining in his window.

It was early the next morning when Jordan woke up to get ready for school when he noticed the egg was gone, but in its place was a girl. She was chained to the window. He looked at the girl “Are you okay? How did you get in here” the girl turned to him “Are you the one that kidnapped and imprisoned me in that egg?” Jordan was so confused he could hear his dad getting ready to head to work and knew he would need to head off to school shortly. He looked at the girl again and she looked rather sad “No I didn’t kidnap you and place you in a egg, the egg you were in fell out of a tree yesterday and hit me on the head, now I am really late for school, so we will deal with your problem later” just as Jordan was leaving the girl stood up “You are as lonely as I am, the different is your life costs nothing where mine means everything”

The day had gone extremely slow and the bullying never stopped for Jordan. He was getting really annoyed. Jordan arrived back to the house that evening. He had expected the girl to be long gone but she was in the exact same place as he left her. “I didn’t think you would still be here” the girl looked at him “I am chained where do you possibly think I can go?” he sat down beside her “Why are you chained up, I don’t understand?” the girl looked at him “I am a princess of a kingdom, however one night I was kidnapped and now I am here” “We are nearly the same expect you are royalty” she laughed at him “What do you mean we are nearly the same?” he went bright red and was trying to refuse answering but she wasn’t backing down “All I meant was we seem to be as lonely as each other, anyway what is your name?” she looked at him “Lucy and yes I agree that we seem to be as lonely as each other” the chain was getting very uncomfortable “It would be nice if we could run away and disappear from the world, what would you say Lucy?” she looked at him “Are you asking me to run away with you?” once again he went bright red again “No of course not, sorry I wasn’t thinking at all” Lucy looked almost disappointed when he answered the question.

Jordan was heading to bed that evening when he looked over to Lucy “I wish there was some way I could set you free” Lucy looked over at him and smiled “the only way of breaking this chain is finding the person that imprisoned me and either killing or they choose to release me”

Jordan couldn’t explain the way he was feeling, but the whole time now he was feeling sorry that Lucy was a prisoner in his room. He wanted to try and get her back to where she belonged, but knew that when she did eventually leave, he would be on his own again.

Jordan arrived back home that evening and was in fouled form, he was throwing things around his room “Can you be careful please you almost hit me” he hadn’t been thinking straight “Sorry Lucy I was thinking earlier I want to help you go home, but you are the only friend I have ever had and I don’t want to lose that either” Lucy shrugged her shoulders “You know you are one of the reasons why this chain hasn’t disappeared, if you truly wanted me to go it would vanish, I am really tired of been a prisoner Jordan” Lucy looked at him

Jordan stormed out the room and Lucy just looked at him. She was quite depressed. Lucy took off her necklace and looked at the picture inside. The tears filled up in her eyes. She kept trying to break the chain, but it wasn’t snapping at all.

Jordan came back that evening and saw that Lucy had been crying. “Lucy what is wrong with you?” she looked up at him and pushed him away “I want to go home now, I am fed up been a prisoner” Jordan now was feeling even more gutted he sat down on the window ledge beside Lucy “I was going to ask you to come to this dance with me at school but it sounds like your mind is made up with what you want from your life” Lucy looked at him “I want to be free from this room Jordan, I don’t know what else I can do for you” Jordan was shaking he took Lucy hands “Lucy I know you are fed up been here and if I could do anything in my power to get you home I would” she lay into him and suddenly the chain disappeared.

As soon as the chain disappeared Lucy fell into him. Jordan was so confused “How come that has happened Lucy?” Lucy looked at him and smiled for a moment“Is it not a mutual feeling between the two of us?” Jordan was so confused and shrugged his shoulders. Lucy took his hand “You know you are meant to be with me” Jordan looked at her and was so confused “Lucy what are you talking about? I have never met you before in my life” she looked at him in disbelief “What did they do to you? Why can’t you remember me?” Jordan turned his back “Just go home Lucy, you are no longer wanted or needed here” within a few seconds she was gone never to be seen again.Start writing here…

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