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Outrun the Carnage

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when two beastly bipeds discover a perfectly tranquil region to nest. but sinful things begin to spew. someone, greater, tougher wants that domain. demise doesn't petrify the haughty lizard.

Action / Mystery
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dancing in the waters.

muscle excelled limbs narrowed. the theropod’s lengthy and narrow tail elongated with chevrons, stilled. verdant green scales loitering the entire figurine masked amidst the leafy herbage. the biped’s slim snout logged in spume. he was wholly ravenous. distraught to think, that the dainty feast would simply vanish, all within, his forbearing, chastising companion that so heartily wouldn’t let him hawk the defenseless pterosaur. since the lizard’s tolerance ran thin, the mate’s periodic cooing wasn’t acknowledged. oppressive summers were repellent. the ardent dawns, sultry dusks grew vexingly repetitious. freshwaters, murky lakes were wretchedly lukewarm. many theropods perished due to the appalling climate. and when apprehensiveness wavered over the virile, his mate fed solace. “be competent.” were the candid terms. generally, he needed care, from a significantly discerning lizard. or else, throes would occasionally befall. prompting fatal scenes in the woodlands just of a mere obstacle - granting none other than demise. it took a moment for the biped to reckon the reptilian’s caterwauling. behold the certain tone, of how the bellyaching sounded strident. full of oozing importunity and peeve. and the heinous mien was adequate. a nod was addressed her way. even if he unequivocally differed, he had no other discretion to pick. flounder forward and disregard everything enthralling.

“we’ve been on this footpath for hours on end.”

enervation dotted tone enfolded the prevalent poignance of his voice. the slight stance difference diluted his stride. made those god sculptured limbs narrow, as the flattened tail adeptly heaved in the tangible terra.

there was no retort to his infantile demeanor. just limpid breaths. her sedate breaths, whilst his were weary, sporadic. it has been a long expedition, from fervid, cloudless dawn, to invigorating, breezy dusk. it was heavenly to sense that bitter gale broom against his warmed scales, flush his fledged abdomen at times. though, on the other hand, it was abhorrent to pursue strolling on foot. not feeling the water sodden their frames, made the scales appear withered.

and since that ponder spurred in his mind, his cranium snapped to familiar water spattering noise. completely ambivalent, but nearly engrossed, his gaze shifted through the leafy copses, to the sound root. stopped dead in his tracks, he appeared direful. with the redwood trees feeding coverage, his entire goodly silhouette was marginally seen, just glimpses of what he’d look like. and that clamor was invoked by none other than his seemly spouse. with her narrowly bodacious sail sunder the pond surface, her entire figurine emerged into the pond depths, watering in all of her beauteousness. shortly, the virile decided to accompany. within his bland stirs betide the water wave riotously, he tried to not detriment his companion. both astronomically sized, in a seemingly diminutive tarn, it made him curb his abrupt, fatal strikes. and the hunting, rather swimming along with one another, became a dawdling, amorous water-bourne dance. with the virile, floating in an erratic ring, his companion pursued the same. but occasionally, her heed was drawn beneath her, as the fishes under the water went totally mussy.

“this seems a very tranquil, delightful, and vacant of peril zone.”

her voice sounded heavenly, it dribbled in bliss. even her floating frame, which squirmed in rhythms of the waves, loosened. ballooning muscles brimmed with strain leisurely shallowed.

“think discreetly, dear. and if you’re questioning my sentiment, it does seem like a pleasantly barren region to reside. however, i am more bothered about the nourishment. will it be abundant for the hatchlings in the eventuality?”

he boasted, with a grouse emitting in his gullet. sapped from the sheer start, the swim made his drowsiness ripen. and since the nightfall began to settle in, he’d be more than pleased to spend one midnight here. see if this dovish district was certainly that serene.

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