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Secrets to Run From

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Meet Ujayn King, your average senior high school girl, nothing special... KIDDING!!! She has a secret that only she and her 2 older siblings, Ethan and Dianna, as well as her younger brother Aiden, knows. Outgoing and sweet –making her secrets going unnoticed by many, but not Julian. And of course Julian Knight. Another mysterious dude... Not! Julian Knight isn't one of those mysterious dudes instead, he is the life of the party and the popular one. A loving family that includes his mom Lydia Ashton and his dad Haden Knight, his younger siblings Crystal and River Night. What happens when Ujayn comes to Bellview High and ends up meeting Julian. Opposites attract, the mysterious girl and the popular boy. Join Ujayn and Julian's adventure. So many twists and narrow paths leading downhill. Does fate have a plan in mind for them? And will they manage to fight the obstacles in their paths or will they give up?

Action / Romance
Rachel B. Arthur
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Plan

Be thankful for what you have, but be fearless for what you want.

Ujayn's POV

"So, are you ready to start your new school life at Bellview High?" My older sister Dianna asks me. "Yeah, I guess." I sigh.

Dianna and I are busy painting on our canvas in the art room. We both paint beautifully. And most of the paintings were done by us. Most though, some of them-maybe 2 or 3-are made by famous artists, like the Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night made by Vincent Van Gogh, and the Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani by Leonardo Da Vinci. We both adore art and its history. It's so fascinating.

We made a lot of paintings when we were in California. They were so beautiful. Most of them were made on the beach while it was sunset. If it were up to me I would have lived there for the rest of my life, but the circumstances weren't very good so we had to move here, to New York City.

"Jane, you okay?" Dianna asks. "Yeah, Di, when are the things getting here?" I asked. "Today afternoon, maybe at 2 pm" she answers. "Okay, I'll head over in an hour after its arrival. We don't want the same thing to happen again." I stated firmly. "Don't worry, boss," She replies.

As I paint, I couldn't help but feel hollow, sad, and dull all at the same time -which most definitely never happens when I paint-and somehow I remember an old memory that was buried away for a long time.


8 years ago

"Mama, help me! Ethan's gonna get me!" I yelled. Ethan is my older brother. He and I were playing Tag. I ran to the kitchen where my mom was and accidentally pushed the milk over the table counter.

Oh No! I'm so dead.

"UJAYN LARA KING! Go and play in the garden, not here!" She scolded as she got on to cleaning the spilled milk. "Sorry, mama," I instantly apologized.

We ran off to the garden and played all sorts of games for 3 hours straight. Then we went in because we were hungry and thirsty.

And to my surprise, the food was already made. The scrumptious aroma filling the air. "Oh good, kids
. I was just about to call you for dinner. Come on take a seat." My mom announced as she saw us coming in. I was too hungry to think straight, so I did what I was told and sat down on the chair. Dianna and my dad were already seated. And I enjoyed my meal.

End of Flashback

Oh, how I wish things were still the same. The little girl, who held innocence in her eyes oblivious to the world's cruelty. But... she was bound to grow up.

Monday morning

"UJAYN! WAKE UP!" A banging on the door caused me to bolt out of the bed. I groan into my pillow as I yell "I'm awake!" I glance over to the clock on my bedside table and it read 7:30 am. Great! There is 1 hour and 30 minutes left before I have to get to school.

I quickly jumped off the bed and took a quick shower. I then head over to my walk-in closet to choose my clothes for the day. I ended up picking a plain black crop top with a black leather jacket, black high-west jeans that were paired with my black ankle boots, and white socks. I put my black apple watch on my left wrist.

I head over to my lavender-black–adorned with black and lilac roses–colored vanity. I had decided on something light so I just applied a light shade of blush on my cheeks then curled my eyelashes with the eyelash curler and added mascara and cat-like eyeliner. I also put on a gold chain around my neck that has a small moon with my favorite hoop earrings.

I let my long shiny black hair loose and added a black Gucci bow just on the right side of my head.

Wow, I look hot. I smile at my reflection and walk out of my room grabbing my iPhone and inserting it into my black Gucci bag.


As I get downstairs to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. I spot my younger brother, Aiden, giving a once-over before speaking "How do you do it? Please, my Queen, teach me your ways." He pleads dramatically, making me laugh. His face morphs into one of confusion while he furrows his eyebrows and asks "No, really, how'd you do it?"

I just shake my head with a smile while walking to the dining room.

"Hey E!" I call out to my big brother, Ethan, "Yeah," he replies, "The shipment was brought yesterday afternoon, and I went over to check around 3 pm. Everything's in good condition, and I hope it will remain that way." I state, and he nods then he speaks "Yes, everything will be okay, but what about him." He stresses the last word.

"That is not to be worried about, and as of now, I feel he is too busy trying to recover. Since Aiden and Max have covered our tracks as I asked," I narrow my eyes to Aiden who nods, and so I proceed "It will take him at least a few months to find us if not less because New York City is also known for its massive population,"

"What about us?" Aiden asks. "As for us, we need to lay low, and be extremely cautious with who we come in contact with, because we cannot afford to be caught by his men." I pause with a sigh to gauge in their facial expressions then I continue.

"For this, we will be going undercover meaning things will change such as our identities. I am an average senior high school girl by the name of Jennifer McCall, and you," pointing to Ethan "You will be my uncle from my dad's side and your name shall be Rees McCall, who works as an accountant. Dianna will remain my sister, but her name will be Kendra McCall and she works as a designer."

"And for Aiden, he will be Dominic Wolf, Ethan's assistant." They all nod in agreement as I finish my breakfast then checked my watch for the time, it was 8:50 am. I say my goodbyes and head over to my black Lamborghini.

P.S I am posting the outfit on my wall 🖤

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