High Octane

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Chapter 16- Cavalry

Krypto suddenly perked up. His synthetic eardrums had detected the slightest disturbance. Like the sound of a pin drop. The noise continued. An inaudible beeping noise. Coming from... Hugo. Krypto darted up to him in a panic.

“Woah, woah, Krypto, what’s goin’ on?“, Mr Voodoo asked- dumbfounded by the kid’s sudden action. Krypto didn’t respond. First frantically searching Hugo’s jacket and pockets. He then pulled a pistol from the inside of his jacket. Lillian eye’s became full of terror. She didn’t even have time to collect her thoughts.

“Where’s the bug?“, the kid demanded. Krypto knew something was up. Hugo’s clothes had been bugged. Someone was listening in. Tracking them.

“What do you mean ‘bug’?“, Natasha asked- bewildered by the strange terminology- and Krypto’s spike of panic.

“Someone’s tracking us.“, Krypto bluntly responded. He removed the barrel from Hugo’s head. Even Krypto’s quick thinking couldn’t get them out of this one.

The kid’s ears then picked up another noise. This one was worse. Much more terrifying. Intimidating. Louder. Closer.

The sound of rotors.

Three military helicopters soon emerged from the valley. Their guns were poised towards the group- loaded and ready to kill. Machine guns, missiles, smoke launchers, flares. They were armed to the teeth. The Ghosty Boys were outgunned, outmanned, and outmatched. Krypto- with phone in hand- tried to send out an EMP. A shot rang out. And then, a 9mm bullet had embedded itself into the screen. Thank the maker for screen protectors.

“Son of a-“, Krypto began. Before he could finish, a voice blared out from the middle helicopter.

“Consider that your warning shot! Next time’s through your brain, Krypto!“, the voice exclaimed over a loudspeaker. Krypto was dumbfounded. They... knew his alias. Knew who he was. That was the worst part. Not the fact that he’d nearly got a bullet through the hand.

Voodoo, Natasha, and Krypto all had their guns aimed back at the helicopters- fingers inches from triggers. Teeth gritted. Focused and tensed. Krypto had a desert eagle clutched in both hands. Not only could the recoil snap his arm off, but that thing was so powerful that one shot could easily down a chopper. If placed right. Voodoo had his own AK-47, a vintage by TC standards. In his words, it ‘ain’t pretty, but it gets the job done’. Natasha held three Stopper disks in each hand- small devices which disabled electronics. They’re deadly if wielded properly.

The helicopters began landing in front of the group. Armed men stepped out- dressed in heavy tactical gear and helmets with golden, opaque visors. Each held a XR-1 Pulse Gun. First time I saw one of those was when the TC bombings occurred 2 years back. Anti-terrorism units were armed with ’em. Wonderfully accurate and deadly weapons, I tell ’ya, but it kicks like an autocannon and breaks down if you look at it funny.

There must’ve been around 15 soldiers. The Ghosty Boys didn’t know who they were at first, but their uniforms and gear were all-too recognisable. Feared and revered across all of Twilight City. All they knew is that Hugo had led them here. He smiled underneath downcast eyes.

The cavalry had arrived.

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