High Octane

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Woah, woah, we ain’t done yet, choom! Hold your horses! Now, I understand you’ve probably got a few... questions. I’ll do my best to predict what they are.

You probably wanna know if the Ghosty Boys managed to live up to their promise. Lemme tell ya, they fuckin’ did! Took me by surprise and swept me off my damn feet! First, they shut down all their chop shops, and cut ties with the likes of Victor Silver-Skin and those other smug big-league racers. Then, they started hosting legal events, to recruit people who supported their mission. After that, their movement gained traction. People rallied behind it. It became powerful. Mythical. Unshakable. They tried to stop us. But boy did they fail!

Rebel. Riot. Call us whatever name, but we made a change. The big leagues started listenin’ to our cries for more. Our demands for legality and fairness. Mr Voodoo led the movement the whole way through- like a modern-day Martin Luther King. The guy’s very inspirational. Convincing, too. Maybe all that time negociatin’ deals did him some good! But, as of right now, the TC Street Racing League is discussing new policies to ensure legal and fair racing. They know it’s gonna bring in less cash. They know some will be against it. But who gives a fuck? It’s good! That’s all that matters, choom! People are happy, so let ’em be happy!

Now, that aside, you’re probably questionin’ who the fuck I am. Well...

Guess we’ll never know!

Nah, nah, I’m kiddin’, choom! I’ll tell ya. I actually ain’t a street racer- like I lied earlier. That was all a... cover-up, if you will. I’m actually... the one who started all of this. The one who kinda let the corruption run wild, I suppose. I realise that mistake now, and I’m workin’ on rectifying it, trust me! Even though it means I’ll make less cash, it don’t matter. Provided the people are happy. But enough explanations!

You remember the rich dude I mentioned earlier? The one who started the TC Street Racing League? The one who started all of this?

That’s me. Vector.

C’ya around, choom.

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