America: The Broken

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3. The Black White Cheerleader

Black-white basically means a black person who mostly acts like a white person. Because they had opportunities, in the same class as a white person, etc. Or they basically discriminate themselves from their race.


“Let go of me” I groaned, being dragged in a location that I have never seen before but there were a whole bunch of trees everywhere.

“A girl like you deserved to be killed in cold blood. We did everything that we wanted to you, now everyone gets to watch.” I turned around and saw a whole bunch of white people looking at me and smiling.

I’m just a kid...

“Everyone gets to see what happens for themselves.” He touches my face “Look at you, all tied up pretty as a present.” He grabs a bat. “I think it’s time to unwrap you...”

I shoot up to find myself in the bathroom still by the sink.

“Faith? You okay...” I saw Kate by the sink next to me.

“Yeah, I’m cool.” I splash water on my face and look at myself in the mirror. I sighed and walked out.

“No seriously Faith...are you okay? You were like dazed out for a minute.” Kate looked at me as I nodded and continued on with moving to the cafe.

I looked around and saw nothing but...people that are the opposite of my skin color. Damn this is a pretty small school filled with nothing but just the simple blond hair and free clothes.

I’m the only Demi Moore in here huh?

“Hey Faith!” I heard my name and turned to see the boy that picked up my stuff this morning. “Come over here sweet girl.” I walked there to them slowly as I waved at Michael and Kate sat down next to him and I sat next to the boy.

“I never caught your name...” I said.

“I’m Icarus.” He gives me a handshake and I smile in confusion. Never in my culture have I gotten a handshake. It was either a dap, a head nod, or a pretty smile. Just then a black girl with straightened hair walked over to the table and sat on Icarus’ lap.

“Hello.” The girl said to me in a proper tone. “This is my boyfriend’s head. I hope you weren’t trying to like...steal him from me, you know your kind.” I cough.

Wait a minute, what is my kind??

“L-” I cleared my throat “Excuse me but that isn’t my intention. I was just having a conversation.”

“Hopefully not. That would be messy.” I’m still stuck on how she said my kind but we are literally the same skin tone.

I looked over to Kate and she was near standing up and moving to another table in the cafe.

“So that woman Grace or whatever, she posted that boy writing.” The girl said

“What boy? Jaden?” Icarus replied.

“Yes. Can you believe that? Right over my debate over how race has nothing to do with killing. Which was very accurate.” I roll my eyes.

“I think they did it on purpose. Jaden was my boy; he wouldn’t be selling drugs. He’s too smart for that.”

“I don’t care at all. That might be my race and all, but I would never be that dumb to sell drugs when I can just get a job.” I looked at her and glared because she looks like she doesn’t know half of the things that we go through.

“I’m done eating. I’ll go back to my penthouse before my next class. I’ll talk to you guys later.” I get up and walk towards the door. Icarus grabs my hand.

“Hey Faith, I was wondering if you would like to bring your friends from Foxbury to our block party?” I looked at him up and down and nodded just for the fun of it because why not am I right. I might invite my brother as well right?

“Yeah sure. I’ll be there by 6.”

“But it doesn’t start until 8.”

“Well, I’ll come a little early to help set up.” I smile and walk away.

Back In The Penthouse

The elevator opens to the Penthouse and I walk inside in frustration.

“Good afternoon Faith, would you like some lunch?” Austin notices my face expression. “Have you received a F already?”

“No, this Cheerleader, she’s so annoying. It’s like she turned on her own race.” I was pacing back and forth with anger infuriating in my eyes. Austin looked at me.

“Faith, I don’t have anything to come back to.” I sighed

“It’s okay. I have to understand not every black person grew up the way that I did.” I walk inside of my room and put my head down on the desk. I took a quick break.

Dear Diary,

Colorism is a big thing here, no? I don’t think it’s colorism, people are just a bit different than I am. I want to understand it but I really can’t believe that I had another vision about these men violating me because of me doing something. I don’t know what I’ve done but it’s something violent.

The crazy thing is, I’m not a violent person. I wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’m too scared to hold a gun. I mean my dad taught me how to defend myself before I turned 13 but after that, I never held a gun. Also I don’t know what’s coming through me but it’s just someone telling me “Stand up. Unleash hell.”

But how should I?

“Hey, Faith.” Austin knocks on the door as I slam my journal shut and look at the door. “Time for your next class.”

“Okay.” I got up, grabbed my bag, and opened the door. I waved at Austin before the elevator shut and walked my way to my last class of the day. I bumped back into Icarus and he stared at me for a while. I waved, and rushed to my classroom door. I walked into a smaller environment. Kate nor Michael were in this class either. So, I was stuck here by myself for a while. I sat down and looked at the board.

Society. Let’s talk about it.

Oh I have a whole lot of things to talk about with that topic.

The bell rings and the teacher comes in with her heels clicking like in a movie of some sort and she walks to the front of the board.

“Okay so today we are talking about society. Now you guys know that there is a lot going on in this world today. How do you guys feel about society today? Especially with colorism.” Not paying attention I doze off again into another deep sleep.

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