America: The Broken

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4. Fight For Me

“Faith...Fight for me please.” I looked in the distance and saw a shadow figure. “Get up, unleash hell on these bastards that stopped me from living Faith.”

“What. Where am I? I keep falling into this dream.”

“This is not a dream Faith, this is war. They took my life! I had opportunities, gifts, and a whole future ahead of me.” The shadow figure walks closer to me and touches my cheek.

“But why me? I’m just a little seventeen year old black girl.”

“Why not you? You have a spark that I need to bring my spirit back.” I look around the dark room. “Please help me.”

The bell had rung meaning that my first day was over. I mean what can I say, this school is a lot, but there was no drama, no fights, no...anything. But I wish I didn’t have to come to school looking like Demi Moore.

It’s Friday, and I have nothing better to do than to attend Icarus’s party. Walking out of the classroom I text Markus and Kailani about the party because I am not going alone.

Just then my phone rang, it was Kailani. I answer but as soon as I do. Would you look at who I ran into?

Yep you guessed it...

“Hey! Watch where you’re going little girl.” I glared at the Cheerleader as she looked at me. “Your little writing was cute, but I always win the contests at this school when it comes to writing.” She bumps into me walking away. I looked away and walked to my car and realized that Kailani was still on the phone.

“Oh no.” I sighed.

“Who the hell was that prissy black bitch?” Kailani asked.

“Some girl...I never caught her name.” I looked out the window and started my car up.

“So the party? Why did you choose us to come lol.”

“What y’all dead now? You don’t want to attend parties anymore?” I raise my eyebrow, provoking her to attend the party with me.

“Fineee I’ll go. Markus would love to attend. You are really all the guy talks about. I look back at the phone.

“Markus...misses me?” I asked and she nodded.

“Yes, we all miss you. Even though the kids at Foxbury don’t show it, we miss hearing your poems and writing at lunch.” I blush a little knowing that people actually love my writing a lot. “Not only that, we miss the music that you made as well.”

“Okay okay....I get it.” I giggled as I drove out of the parking lot, passed my penthouse and headed downtown. I look and see Emmanuel calling my phone.

“Well Kailani, I’m coming to pick you up. But Emmanuel is calling, so I’m gonna hit you back.”

“Okay Faithy.” I answered the phone for Emmanuel.

“Hey little sis” I smile as Emmanuel giggles. “I finally finished my book. I want you to take me to get it published tonight. Around like 10 maybe?”

“I mean I think I can make it. I am most likely going to a party later. But I’ll make time.”

“No Faith, I can just take the bus.” I shake my head and look at the stop sign. “You just have fun at the party and I’ll find another way to get it published.

“I’ll make time...I promise, I’m gonna take you to accomplish your dream.” I took a deep breath and I saw that Markus was also calling my phone.

“Hold that thought.” I put Emmanuel on hold and answered for Markus.

“Hello Markus.” I looked at him as he was smiling like I just got out of jail. I giggle because I love when he smiles. It makes my day brighter.

Now I miss Foxbury...

“Heyyy Faithyyy, how are those white kids treating you?”

“They treat me with respect, but only one girl doesn’t like me. Her shade is near my skin color.”

“Faith, I understand that you are still like seventeen, but we won’t tell your mom you should start cursing.”

“I don’t curse unless I am very angry. They don’t phase me.” I roll my eyes.

“There’s my Faith right there. That unapologetic chick.” Markus hype me up. “Sorry I can’t say bitch.” I chuckle.

“But I’m sorry, do you want to come to this party with me later?”

“I’m sorry my step brother Icarus is having a house party.”

“That’s where I’m going.” Markus’ facial expression changes. “You okay? What’s wrong.”

“N-nothing.” I tilt my head.

“Well I’m going to search for some clothing so I can pop out at the party.” I giggle. “I’ll call you later sweetie.” I blow him a friendly kiss, then hang up the phone. I looked past a block and saw one of my black brothers getting arrested by a white cop. I roll my eyes in frustration because this is the 8th arrest I’ve seen all month.

Why are they imprisoning us?

I sped past, so they wouldn’t notice me in this neighborhood. Truth is, I came to this neighborhood because the woman that makes my outfit (The same woman that makes me look like Demi Moore) Yeah I’m looking for a party outfit.

I get out of my car and knock on the door.

“Oh, Hello Faith. Looking for some more school outfits?”

“No ma’am, I’m looking for party outfits. Do you have any?”

“Faith, with your plus curvy figure, I have the perfect outfit!” She reached into her closet as I was looking around nervously. She comes back and shows me an off shoulder crop top, with fishnet tights, shorts, and some heels.

“Oh I don’t know if I should wear this...” I backed away.

“I saved this just for you Faith. This is right for you.”

“No it’s not.”

“Faith, I understand back in high school, you were bullied for being yourself. But I made this specifically just for you so you can rock your curvy body.” I went silent. “Well look, wear it for me.”

“I’ll think about it Christina...” I smiled and walked out of her house and got back in my car. I take a look at the outfit. I don’t want to attend the party looking like just anything. I want to impress these new kids and show them that there is more to black people than what they see in the music and the stuff they see in the media.

I’ll just stop at a nearby clothes store and get a shirt and jeans. But I can’t let Christina look at me and put this in the trunk of my car. I started my car up and began driving off.

I got another call from Markus. I answer

“Hiiii” I smile.

“Faith are you coming? The party has already started.” I heard Kailani jump in.

“Wait what? It’s only 7 o’clock. The sun is still out!”

“Yeah yeah, welcome to the WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD!” I roll my eyes playfully.

“Ight. I just have to find a new outfit and I’ll be on my way.” I smile and hang up the phone.

I opened the door to find a small shop named “Sally’s” filled with clothes that definitely aren’t my style.

I quickly grabbed a dress, paid for the clothes, and walked out the store.

Walking to my car, I look at the outfit that Christina gave me. I opened my trunk and put her outfit inside.

Sorry Christina, but I can’t embrace my melanin tonight. Maybe another night. I sighed.

2 hours later

I pulled up to the house. It was really big. I parked my car and I bang my head into the steering wheel. I pull out my phone and set an alarm for 10pm. Please don’t let the phone go dead on me.

I heard a bang on my window which made me jump so hard. I screamed so loud, my windows could have cracked. I turn to see Markus and Kailani, laughing.

“Not funny at all!” I get out of my car.

“You shoulda seen your face Faith. You were like ‘Ahhhhhh.’ Like you were in a scary movie.”

“Man, just come here.” I hug them both. “I missed you guys.”

“We miss you too, Faith. I didn’t know they got you an actual Penthouse. Is it like the one on Jessie?”

“No, it’s like the one on Annie.” I smile. “I even got a butler.” They both gasped and broke the hug.

“A Butler!? Girl, we should have a house party there.” Kailani replies.

“It’s on the school campus. Britechester owns that entire square.”

“Oh my god. If Kid n Play can sneak people to have a pajama jam, you can as well.” I chuckle.

“Shut up. Let’s go inside.” We walked inside the party to hear music I have never heard in years. They still bang but wow. It’s a whole new decade. Miley Cyrus is still relevant, but that song ‘We Can’t Stop’ is not.

“Ouch my ears.” Kailani covers her ears. “Markus please change it to something more popping.” Markus walks over to the stereo and changes the songs from Miley Cyrus to Pop Smoke. Markus looks at me and winks “OUUU FAITHY THIS IS YOUR SONG!!!” I roll my eyes playfully as Kailani tries to drag me to the dance floor. I stop myself. Markus comes over and tries to push me. Giggling, I held my position and tried to stay like a brick wall.

“Hey Faith, I’m glad you can make it.” Kailani, and Markus stop, and begin looking at Icarus.

“I-” I clear my throat “I’m glad to be here.” He hands me a drink. I looked at him with a disgusted face.

“She doesn’t drink.” Markus pushes the drink back.

“I mean, I can try a little bit of it. But not too much . I have to be sober. I’m leaving at 10 o’clock to drive my brother to publish his book.” I drink a shot and look at Kailani.

“Okay, just a few shots Faith.” Kailani said as I nodded no. “Okay, party pooper. Bring me some more drinks then.” She says. I giggle and go the other way. I walked to the table and poured Hennessy in one cup and red punch in the other. I mixed them both up and walked away. I accidently bumped into the last girl I wanted to see here.

“Watch where you’re going FAITH!” She replies with an attitude. She looks down as she sees a little got on her dress. She groans in anger as I slowly move away from her.

“I got your drinks.” I smile. As Kailani snatches it and downs the drink.

“Okay listen Kailani, just because I’m driving doesn’t mean you have to get drunk on me.”

“I don’t give a damn. I’m a grown ass woman Markus!!” She sips more of her drink and she began tipping over. Yeah, my best friend really can’t take alcohol. “Faith. Drink someone” She gets in my face and tries to nudge the drink to my face.

“No. I have to get my brother.” I giggle.

“He can wait.” I shrugged.

“Emmanuel, maybe I can come a little late.” I drank the rest of Kailani’s drink. I shook my head in disgust because I hate alcohol.

“That’s the spirit!” Kailani exclaims as Icarus hands me another shot. I began drinking a few more shots. Next thing you know. I’m ready to pass out.

My heart felt like it was burning. Water couldn’t even put it out. My head was spinning and I could hear the beat of the music through my ear drums. I grabbed Icarus and dragged him to the dance floor. I began dancing with him and moving my body along the beat.

Faith, this isn’t you. You don’t drink, you don’t go to parties, you don’t dance with guys. You stay home and play video games. Your friends need you on Warzone. I gained my consciousness back.

“I need to rest.” I shook my head.

“Come on, let’s go to my room.” Icarus grabs me and takes me to his room.

He opened the door to his man cave, and I sat on his bed and looked at his wall. I saw a picture of Jaden.

“Jaden was my boy, you know. He was one of the best writers at this school.” I tilt my head.

“How did you react when you found out about Jaden?” Icarus looks down and he sighs.

“I couldn’t believe it. No matter how much the media tried to pin him as a drug dealer. Jaden is the type of guy that passed every drug test. He never broke rules, he never disrespect anyone.” Icarus tears up. “He didn’t even...deserve to be shot.” He began to cry. “Jaden I’m sorry, I should avenge your death. I don’t know how man. I hope you are resting peacefully bro.” He was crying more as I walked over to him slowly and gave him a big hug.

“It’s okay Icarus. It’s just the way things go with this skin color.”

“It must be hard for you guys...” He sighed. “I wish I could do something about it.” Just then I heard the music stop and people getting quiet.

“Faith!?” I heard Markus calling me.

“I know she isn’t in the room with my boyfriend!” And there’s the cheerleader. She burst through the door trying to attack me. “What are you doing hugging my man!!” Icarus grabs her.

“Jasmine, chill out!” Icarus pins her to the wall as I walk over to Markus.

“Emmanuel is outside looking for you.” I pulled my phone out and it was 10:45.

“Oh God!!” I grabbed my purse and stormed out of the house but I was stopped by Emmanuel arguing with the Driver.

“I’m not paying that much money. The total on the app came up to 50 dollars!” He argues. I walk slowly to the driver.

“I told you sir. It’s 70.25!”

“You might as well pull off!” I interrupted walking over to the driver. I gave him 100 dollars.

“Here sir...keep the change.” He snatches my cash.

“I already called the cops.”

“Call them then bald motherfucker.” I grab Emmanuel as the driver pulls off.” I turn around and see Kelly.

“What’s going on?” I look at them both.

“Kelly...She’s having the baby.” My eyes widened. “I tried texting you but you weren’t answering. We need to go to a hospital right now.”

“I’m coming too.” Kailani said.

“Me too.” Markus stands next to Kailani as I smile. The realest friends on my team. I get inside of my car.

“Hey Siri, what’s the nearest hospital?”

“The nearest hospital is 35 minutes away.”

“Oh we will never make it.” Kelly said, worried as I started the car up.

“Oh Kelly, Hunny...You must not know how fast Faith’s car goes.” Kailani says as I sped off. Hearing my tires.

I felt pressured hearing Kelly screaming in the back and Emmanuel bouncing his leg in my passenger seat. I couldn’t stop speeding. I never drove this fast but when I bought this car at the dealership...I was told that it is pretty fast.

Just then, I saw police lights.

Oh no I’m getting pulled over. Again.

“Keep going, Faith.” Emmanuel said.

“What?” We all replied as I looked at him.

“Keep. Going.” He says aggressively “My baby is coming and those fucking pigs back there is not stopping us.”

“Emmanuel, no. I have to stop” I reply, slowing my car down trying to put it in park.

“Faith, no! You have to understand. My baby is coming.” He grabs my hand.

“I can’t wait, Emmanuel. I’m pushing this baby out on my own.” Kelly says as I look at the lights and see the cops were getting out. I look at Kelly and then at my friends.

God, please don’t punish me for this.

“Kailani, use their nursing skills right now and help birth that baby!”

I began speeding off as I saw the cops get back in the car and chase us.

“Keep going Faith, we aren’t too far now.” Emmanuel says. I kept looking back as my heart raced. My life began flashing before my eyes and I began crying. “Faith shut that shit up!” He yells but I couldn’t stop crying. I was so scared. “If those cops try to lay a hand on you. I will hurt them myself.” I looked ahead and saw the hospital but I also saw two cops.

“Hit those motherfuckers.” Emmanuel says.

“You have gone crazy. I stop the car as the cops behind us get out of their car and both of them come on my side.

“Get out of the damn car!” I saw Markus going live as I opened the car door slowly. Instead, I was dragged by my flat ironed hair and thrown to the ground. I felt my nose bleeding as I was slammed into the ground hard.

“Please...” I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. They picked me up and slammed me against my car. I fell to the ground. After all of that drinking, I was ready to close my eyes and give myself away.

“Faith!!” I heard Kailani scream.

My vision was getting blurry as I heard Emmanuel and Markus.

“Why would you do that to her!!? A seventeen year old girl!” Markus yells at the cops. “You see this Facebook.” I saw a flashlight on my face. “That’s a seventeen year old girl. Her name is Faith Collins. Her sister in law is in labor and she was just trying to bring her to the hospital. She doesn’t mean no harm.”

“Put the phone down boy.” The officer says violently.

“Oh so what you gon do to me.” Markus defended me as he was pinned to the car and his phone dropped next to me. I grabbed his phone and looked at how many people were watching.

280,000 people. And I saw a comment.

Icarus Wilson: Faith, get up...Fight back

Even though tears were in my eyes, I managed to get up and look the cops in their eyes.

“Don’t hurt them...” I spat blood out on the floor. “Emmanuel. Come on.” I looked inside my car to see Kelly still pushing. The baby is coming. “We just need to go to that hospital. Please let us go. I’ll pay for whatever damages.”

“No! They hurt you” Emmanuel said. Markus takes his phone and shows the viewers what’s happening. “These pigs aren’t walking away. You cowards! Fight a man. Don’t slam a girl.” Emmanuel pushes one of the cops down. The cop pulls out his gun as I get in the middle.

“Please don’t shoot, I’ll pay for whatever damages sir. Please don’t shoot.” He lowers his gun and walks towards his partner. Emmanuel looks at me.

“Faith, why are you obeying these white pigs?”

“It’s the only way. We get to see another day. You get to see your son!”

“I’m not bringing my son into a world where he would have to worry about the way he presents himself. If I have to die for my child to be free. So be it.” Just then I heard a loud bang. I look up to see Emmanuel’s facial expression change. I saw blood dripping from his white t-shirt and saw that he was shot in his chest. “Fight for my son Faith. Fight for me please...I love you.” He let out one last sigh as he fell to the ground.

My entire body was shaking as I looked at his body on the ground. Just then I heard crying coming from the car and I saw Kelly holding her baby boy. In her arms. I tear up and move away from the car and see the cop aiming his gun at me.

I put my hands up. Surrendering.

Lord, Forgive me.

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