America: The Broken

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6. Bloodline


I entered the school campus and all eyes were on me, like it was judgment day.

“Faith!” I heard from a distance and saw Kate running towards me. “Hey Faith, are you okay?” She notices my heavy bags and my puffy eyes. I nodded no. She gave me a tight hug and I felt like I was losing some of my brain cells. My emotions took over as I started crying more. I checked my phone.

Grace class.

“We have to get to class.” I walked away with my head up. I walked inside Grace’s class and sat in the far back.

“No, Faith. Sit up front for me please.” She points to a chair that is across from the other chair. I slowly walk to the other chair and sit down. The class began to fill up with more kids. “Hey Kate, Michael, Jasmine, sit in thee chairs.” I looked around and saw that we were the only black people in this room. My anxiety begins to rise as I look at Kate and Michael. “Now I have a question for everyone.” Grace shuts the door and walks to the front of the class. “What do you see?” A student raises their hand.

“I see four black kids.” A classmate responded.

“I see three black kids and a young woman.” Implying that the young woman was Jasmine. My anger begins to intensify as they are basically profiling us.

“Who do you think makes the better grades?” Grace asks as everyone points to Jasmine. She flips her long straightened hair and smiles. “Who do you think has a future?” Everyone points to Jasmine, again. I roll my eyes. “Who would you trust around you?” Of course you know who they pointed at.

“Jasmine is very sophisticated looking. She isn’t like the rest of those people.” A person spoke out of line.

“What do you mean by the rest of those people?” I asked.

“Like Jasmine isn’t like you guys. She’s more appealing to the eye.”

“So basically you are just gonna profile us by our appearance?”

“Yeah. Faith doesn’t even sound like a real name.”

“My name has a meaning. It’s my name, and I will wear it proud and die by my name!”

“Why do you guys have to be so uptight?” Another student asked

“It’s because we are FUCKING TIRED!” The whole class. “We are tired of being stalked, intimated, profiled, even though that is not our character.”

“Don’t you hate Jasmine?”

“She’s just jealous because I have a good boyfriend, good grades, and my brother is still alive..” She flips her hair as I turn around.

“Do you not understand what they are doing to us? They are profiling us by our appearance.” I face the class. “The reason why Jasmine is presenting herself a different way is because you guys made it that way. I know Jasmine had natural hair before I came here. I have a feeling.” Jasmine facial expression changes.

“No, I have a different lifestyle than you. I wasn’t on the streets, I was in private school. I am nothing like you people.”

“You people!??” Me, Kate, and Michael all replied.

“First off Jasmine, you and Faith are basically the same shade of color. You should embrace that you came from royalty.” As Kate continues talking I decided to set up the scene where my brother lost his life. “You don’t understand what we go through everyday you prep cheerleader.”

“She’s gonna learn today. Kate, sit here. Michael, sit here.”

“Is she recreating her brothers death...I’m so scared.” I pull out my phone and go to Facebook and seen that Markus’s live has gone viral.

“Why would you do that to her!!? A seventeen year old girl! You see this Facebook.” I saw my body laying on the floor. It was enough to break me apart. “That’s a seventeen year old girl. Her name is Faith Collins. Her sister in law is in labor and she was just trying to bring her to the hospital. She doesn’t mean no harm.”

“This is what happened to me.” I pointed at my phone. “All because I was trying to make sure that my sister-in-law gets to have a safe birth.”

“You should have never been speeding through Faith. And you guys should not have drugs in your car. Why would you guys have that in your car?” My head tilts as I realize that I never had drugs in my car. I actually never even took drugs. I reached into my purse and grabbed my recent record and saw all the drug tests I have ever taken in high school. My record is cleaner than the Obama family’s house.

“Faith Collins, Criminal Record, clean, Drug Test, not a failed test in sight. I never had drugs, and at that party that I was invited to, I didn’t drink much.”

“It’s true, she didn’t drink as much at the party.” Kate replied.

“You rebelled against the police, Faith. You kept moving forward instead of pulling over.” A classmate said,

“So, if you didn’t speed off, your sister in law would have a safe birth.”

“And if you would just comply you wouldn’t have that scar on your face.”

“And Emmanuel would still be alive today.” Jasmine rises up and looks at me. I breathe heavily.

“You say that, but you are on the outside looking in. You don’t know what we go through. If you sped off into the night do you think a police officer would do this to you?” I replayed the video and saw from Markus perspective of something different.

“What do you think?”

“We should arrest them both.” The cop that brutalized me said.

“No they are justified, and that’s Faith Collins, not a bad record in sight.”

“Besides man, it’s just speeding, just give them a ticket.”

“I’m not bringing my son into a world where he would have to worry about the way he presents himself. If I have to die for my child to be free. So be it.” Markus pans the camera to me and Emmanuel’s last conversation.

“Fuck that, he looks suspicious. He might’ve kidnapped these girls after arguing with the Uber Driver.”

“What are you doing?”

“What’s right!” Then I saw him aim the gun at my brother. I stopped the video.

“Black people...always living in fear, never knowing when it’s going to be our last day. All we can do is have Faith.” I breathe in and out. I looked over at Jasmine and saw a prop gun and I grabbed it. “This is how life is for us. We carry it around, sure, but you do the same thing.” I turn around and face Jasmine.

“What are you doing?”

“GET ON THE GROUND!” I exclaim pushing and shoving on Jasmine “STOP RESISTING, STOP RESISTING!!”

“I’m not moving.” Jasmine pleads and cries.

“STOP RESISTING!!” I began strangling her as I looked up and saw students and teachers at the door looking at me like I was a beam light. “GET ON THE WALL! GET ON THE FUCKING WALL!!” I yell a curse word. As everyone is shocked. I toss Jasmine onto the floor and grab my bag. “Ms. Grace, you wanted to plan this. I don’t know why, I’m already hurt by losing my brother to your race. You set me up...” I grabbed my bag and I walked out of the classroom.

2 hours later

Dear Diary,

I walked out of class a little early. Of course I had to end the day with me walking out and leaving. Why is that because we lose our temper, we are a threat? Why did my brother have to lose his life to the police because he wanted to see his baby? I just wanted him to see his son...

I was interrupted by the elevator. I saw Austin standing by the elevator.

“Austin, you don’t have to be a slave. You can do something.”

“It’s my job to make sure that you are okay.”

“I am okay. Listen Austin, I love the food you cook, and how clean you keep the house, but all of that just doesn’t fit in like how it used to. I want to keep you away from being just a slave. You are a human too. Just rest.” Austin nodded and he decided to turn on the television.

“A local college student at Britechester has reported that a classmate has hit her with a baseball bat on school grounds.” I turned around and looked at the television.

“Her name is Faith Collins. She’s the black girl whose brother was killed not too long ago. She’s as crazy as her brother was. She really needs help.”

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