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A girl. TanYoung is a scientist where. SanJoon her science friend tells her that the world is going down. There World She lets. YaeJoon know an enemy coworker And He fights her. Sooner or later she lets the world know and they all panic then it goes on them there

Action / Adventure
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2019, S.Korea, In tanngWang Office

She runs into the office With MILLIONS of papers she is out of breathe “boss boss!” She says between breathes and slams the papers down the boss gives her a look “who’s this from?” He asked she looks at him “Tanyoung sir! She came immediately..I think it’s important” she says breathing heavily boss Slams the paper “It’s probably another lie!” He yells She Looks scared and then she picks up the papers as he stands up and she Quickly stands up and looks at him “No sir I think It’s-“ She was interrupted by a slap “Don’t sir me! I know it’s a lie” he yells She held where she got slapped and began looking at him with tears forming in her eyes

Tanyoung’s Office

“I hope nothing Happened” She says as she Types World destruction S.Korea She gets up and looks at the mirror preparing for her speech “ahem! We are beings humans We have to protect each other to live this world destruction ah wait no-“ she says And then groans “I have to Say what’s happening first, God dang it!” She says as she slams her head on the table she sighs and gets up and tightens her dress then walks out to her room she Walks in as soon as she closed the door she started running to her bed she Jumps on then sighs “Oh wow Like she has anything blah blah blah Blah I don’t care she says oh blah blah blah, blu blu bla ble ble ble blah” she says mocking the other scientists. Then groans “there is not One time They!-“ She screams then interrupted by a door sound “Angie! Um nothing was Happening..” She says as she quickly cleans everything “so..How’d it go?” She asked Angie Looks sad for 2 seconds “bad..”
I repeated those words in my mind. BAD

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