Too Late To Notice - DARK LIFE

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Sadako meets her childhood friend

Action / Adventure
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Childhood Memories

It was raining heavily, Sadako was glancing outside of the window thinking about her family's death. Her family was killed by her sister one year ago. The love between her sister sukii was destroyed. Sadako wishes someday she would get revenge. That night Sadako was outside watering the plants. When she got inside the house her brother Natsumy was dead, Sukii had a knife in her hand Which was covered with blood. Sukii stepped forward towards her parents. When Sadako looked in her parents eye's she knew they were frightened. Sadako tan towards sister and held her hand but swept her arm away and killed her parents. The room was filled with blood. Sukii walked away and Sadako followed her outside "why? Why did you kill them?" Sukii ignored her and walked away. Sadako's eyes filled with tears. The next day Sadako was taken to an other apartment. She was fine to live on her own. "Sadako.." Sadako turned her head she was surprised to see her friend Infront of her. She was wet. "Ino..." The room felt with silence. Ino shouted "Look at the time! You told me to come to the skate board park, you didn't tell me to come pick you up?" Ino was so mad she turned red. "Sorry, you can wait here until you dry, just give me a minute" Sadako changed her clothes as fast as she could. Ino and Sadako went to the library instead. "There you are" Ino's twin sister Ina, Ino looked at her in a annoyed way. "We are here to check out some books" Ino said silently. "Everyone knows that, people comes to the library to read and borrow some books" Ino saw the book she wanted to read "I am sure this book is going to be cool" Ino said "I read it, it was really cool" Sadako said. "Cool, You found the book" Ina was surprised cause she could not find the book but Ino did. "What book are you going to borrow" Ino and Ina said it together. They bust out of laughter "Excuse me, can you please keep quiet" the guy sitting near the table said. "We are really sorry we didn't mean to disturb you" Ina apologized. "It's ok" he said with a big smile on his face.
"What is your name, Where are you from" Ino and Ina asked him questions just like there used to do. "My name is Alexander you can call me Alex, I am from New York" "you lived in New York" It was their first person from New York they talked to. "I am from New York but I went to kindergarten in Japan, Where are you guys from" The twins was surprised to know he went to kindergarten in Japan. "And what is your names" Alex asked. "My name is Ino" "and My name is Ina" Sadako was holding a book reading it. Ino hited Sadako's shoulder the book fell down. Sadako took the book and closed it "What? What was your name again" "My name is Alexander you can call me Alex" Alex was annoyed. "He went to kindergarten in Japan" Ina whispered "My name is Sadako and we are from Japan, Nice to meet you Alex" Sadako wasn't paying much attention to them.
"Nice to meet you too. "We are going to the skate board park want to come" Ina asked. "I would love to" Alex agreed. "You guys Wait outside I will come in a second." Sadako said. "Excuse me Sir by any chance do you know if there is any Princes Diaries" Sadako asked. "Please wait here" He walked away and came back with a book "This is the only book we have left others didn't return yet." He was sad. "Thanks, I needed the first book I have read the other one's. Sadako took the last book last week, she returned the book and borrow the first book.

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