The Chosen Descendants

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Evie and Cameron's dad died when they were three years old, along with their dad's best friends. Now, ten years later, they've figured out that Evie and Cameron's dad, Hendrix Meadowes, has visited Earth from Heaven. But he's come with a plan the twins will have to stop.

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Evie Meadowes

Baby pictures. They were hung up everywhere in Grandma Dori’s house. And I mean everywhere. And how come I know nothing about how I was when I was little, or what happened before my third birthday, when my dad died? Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder.

Both Grandma Dori and Mom refuse to tell me or my twin Cameron anything that happened. Of course, they tell us about our dad. He was named Hendrix Meadowes, and Grandma Dori would tell me all about his adventures.

“You would never see him home,” Grandma Dori says. “He would always be on an adventure, always with his stepbrother River and stepcousin Miko. They were the best of friends. They died together. At the same time.” Sometimes, Grandma Dori made me sad. How could I miss someone I never felt like I met? Grandma Dori would always say this and brush her black hair, which slowly faded to grey over the many years I sat down and listened to her stories.

“Evie?” Cameron whispered. “Does Grandma Dori want to haunt us?”

“She’s our grandmother,” I replied. “I guess it’s best to listen.”

Grandma Dori continued on with her stories about our dad until it was ten in the evening, and we ate our dinner. “It’s late,” Grandma Dori announced. “Time to go to bed.”

Since my dad died, Cameron, Mom, and I have lived in Grandma Dori’s cottage. Even though it’s tiny, it’s really cool. There’s three rooms, and Grandma Dori let me keep Iggy, her lizard. She said it was my dad’s at one point.

“Stop feeding Iggy and go to sleep!” Cameron shouted. “Come on, Evie. Don’t you want some sleep too?” Cameron is convinced I don’t like sleep. No, seriously, he said that to me before. Cameron loves to get sleep, and he says that I don’t let him do so because I like to stay up.

“Good night,” claimed Cameron, as he flicked the lights off and went to bed. I turned on my laptop amp and started to read a book. Like always, I wasn’t really tired. And I never am until midnight.

I read my book for a few hours until I got tired. I sneaked to the bookshelf and took my book back. I checked my watch. It was 12:29 AM. It was a good time to sleep.

I changed into my pajamas and hopped in my bed. The first thing I heard when I fell asleep was: “Hello, Evie.” I woke up, and saw some invisible creature by the window. Uh-Oh. This was not a dream.

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