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The S Girl

By Sabrina Ettey All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Action


This is a story of a young spy Saravi Hussain, investigating a suspicious serial murder case. The murderer is out of reach and secretly killing people. She risked her life for the sake of the investigation and also her mother who was unknown of her secret job of spy and kidnapped mysteriously. Will she ever find out the real truth or the criminal will remain hidden in darkness for forever? Love, truth, mystery, betrayal and crime will be surrounded throughout the whole journey of The S Girl.

The Beginning

“The morning sun is brighter than a moon light. But both has their own beauty. Till the end of the world they’ll remain the same in nature. It’s the truth. It’s the reality of the world, The Earth.”

“Oh mom! Will you please stop this now? It’s been an hour you are reading this ‘Mother Nature’ book. I’m fed up. Talk about something realistic like, how we can make a building properly, How we can improve an interior design of home to make it more comfortable and beautiful to people. Aren’t these most realistic and needed thing mom?”

“Ms. Saravi Hussain, will you stop disturbing me during my reading time? This is getting awkward my dear.”

“Mom I wasn’t the one who was interrupting you. I was just only telling the realism that’s it.”

“Oh yeah, How can I forget that you are an architect. You are always with this realism thing. Even for that you intentionally failed the medical exams. Really, Sara how can I forget this.” Said Dr. Sabrina Rahman to her 25 years old daughter. Both were sitting in their hall room couch with a book in Sabrina’s hand.

“But mom wasn’t that the best decision of my life tell me? Just look at me. How happy I am, mom!”

Sabrina was ready to reply her daughter but a doorbell interrupted her in the middle. Sabrina went towards the door. She opened the door and received a sudden hug from the person on the other side.

“Hey Sabby, long time no see. How the hell are you guys?” Tia hugged Sabrina tightly.

“Ah we’re fine, Tia...” Sabrina tried to get rid her off from Tia’s tight hug.

“How are you and Rashid ?”

Tia left her finally and went toward Sara. Sara didn’t find herself prepared for the hug or kiss Tia was going to give her. When it was about two steps distance between them. Sara’s phone rang from her jeans pocket. Luckily, that made Tia to stop in her way. Sara looked at the caller’s name. It was her ’Boss’s call. She picked up the call and went away from the hall room.

“Hello. Saravi Hussain speaking.”

“Sara, I want you at the workplace immediately. The operation we planned needs to work right now.” A Rough voice said from the other side.

“But Mr. Gulapjaam, We were going to take action tomorrow right? What’s so urgent?”

“Who’s your boss Ms. Sara?”

“You without any doubt.”

“Then follow my command. I’m telling you come to the office right now. Am I clear to you?”

Sara sighed deeply.

“Well, I’m coming.”

“By the way, bring a nice dress too. You know you’ll need that during the operation.”

“Yeah, Yeah. I know. You don’t have to tell me how I should do my job.”

“Sara, manners please!” Gulapjaam said.

“See you in a moment, boss.”

Sara ignored him and cut off the call then went toward her bedroom.

Tia and Sabrina were sitting on the couch and talking each other. But their eye’s got stuck into a beautiful girl in an black office suit, standing in front of them.

“Where are you going? Today is your weekend.” Asked Sabrina.

“Ah...Mom actually I have to go to an important meeting that has popped up suddenly. So...”

Sabrina’s sighs to Sara and look at Tia,

“See Tia, girls these days are so don’t want to stay at home. They have works, even on weekends. Oh Allah, so annoying.”

“Why Blaming her Sabby? How were you in your young age huh! You were the one, who didn’t understand anything except her work. Work, work and work was your life.”

“Yeah, now I’m the villain here.”

Tia laughed at her.

“Okay mom, I’m leaving. Bye Aunt Tia. See you next time.” Sara ran toward the main door.

“Okay darling bye. Rock at your workplace.”

“Sara, Don’t forget to do lunch okay and come back home at sharp 8 PM. I’ll call you.”

Sara replied from the door,

“Okay mom, See you later.”

“Why she’s doing so late.” Mr. Jashim Gupaljaam punched the table with his fatty hands.

“Sir, I called her. She said she’s near the office area.” Said Arup, who was standing left to Gulapjaam. He is Gulapjaam’s left hand in the office.

Suddenly they saw a red dress coming toward the office room. Her red high heels are making noise on the ground.

“Ah! There the queen comes.” Said Gulapjaam, in a mocking voice.

Arup sat tight on where he was and remained like a steel without a movement when the lady entered the room. He was stunned by her heavenly hot beauty. She looked at him with a mocking smile holding on her face.

“Hey Arup, why standing like a statue. I thought Mr. Gulapjaam bought a new showpiece in the office.” She said in a sarcastic voice.

Arup stood still. He was feeling ashamed for looking at her like that.

“Sara, I told you to come office in time.” Said Mr. Gulapjaam.

Sara took a seat in front like pure mannered lady and putted her arms on the table.

“Chill Mr. Gulapjaam. It’s my weekend and still I’m here, isn’t it enough for you?” She was still with her sarcastic behavior.


“Okay, Okay calm down Mr. Boss. Give me my job details now.” She kept a smile on her face.

Mr. Gulapjaam showed her a file on the table.

“That’s your job for the day.”

Sara took the file from the table and looked at it for some moment. Then she smiled mysteriously.

“Well consider it done then, Mr. Gulapjaam.” She stood up and went towards the door.

“I hope this time you’ll reach in time Sara.” Mr. Gulapjaam said from behind.

Sara was pushing the glass door. She stopped and looked back with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“You won’t get a single chance to complain from my work Mr. Gulapjaam.”

Then she left the room and then the office.

“Sara are you ready?” Arup said from the others side of the ear phone.

“Oh! Damn I am. Don’t worry Arup. Just wait for the fun.” Sara replied sarcastically.

“Fun? This is so not funny, Sara. We are doing a serious job.”

“Okay Arup, I’m entering the building.”

“Okay Sara, Good luck”

“Don’t forget to respond when I call you”

“I’ll keep an eye on you always.”

“Yeah, of course you will.” She smiled mockingly.

Sara walked toward the building gate to the guards.

“Wait miss. ID card please.” One of the guards stopped her.

“Oh sure! Here it is.” She gave her a cute seducing smile.

Damn! this bitch is too hot. Wish I could get a chance with her. Billy you are too lucky man!” The other guard thought.

“Huh! Seems like I got one jerk.” Sara smiled secretly reading his mind.

“Okay Ms. Sunny, your identity confirmed but do you have any entry code?”

“Ah Billy. Let her enter. Can’t you see she’s too beautiful and hot? She must be Big Boss’s girl.” The other guard uttered in Billy’s ear.

“But Jim it’s a high security area. No one can enter here so easily.”

Billy looked at her from head to toe. She was looking really hot in the red dress and the high heel and her seductive look and smile were burning him from the inside somehow. But he didn’t lose his grip like his friend guard.

“The code miss?”

Sara was ready.

“Naked Venus. Hot girl code.” She said confidently.

Billy seemed impressed.

“Okay, You may in.” The guards stepped aside to let her inside.

Jim threw a dirty look with his yellowish eyes.

Sara smiled at him.

“I’ll kick your ass hard, honey. Just wait till my works get finished.” She smiled at him.

He returned her a nasty smile.

Sara entered the prostitutes dome. Many of the girls were looking at her jealously and men were simply raping her from their dirty eyes. But, nothing seemed touched her that much. She had the big target. The ‘Big Boss’. She took the staircase and went toward his room. The room no. 234. She knocked the door. An heavy, drunk voice came from the inside.

“Oh...come in.”

Sara entered the room. It was dark but clear to view the inside scene. A girl was lying naked on the bed, covered with blanket, Sleeping. And the big boss was zipping his pant chain.

“Such a fat jerk. More than Mr. Gulapjaam. But full of dirtiness. Well,well, this is the ‘Big Boss’ then, Very funny.” Sara smiled at him in the dark so he couldn’t see that how meaningful that smile was.

“May I turn on the light?” Sara asked.

“No...No need for that. We can do it without light...Just like I did with this girl.” Big Boss said in a drunk and nasty tone of voice.

“Sure, No problem.” Sara smiled sarcastically.

Sara closed the door. Went to a table near the bed to grab lighter to lit candle. She lit almost the whole room but also keeping a dark mysterious touch in it. Then she threw away the lighter and went to him. She pushed him hard and threw him to the bed. The fatty Big Boss dropped on the bed creating a wave on his fat body.

“Oh God! What a dumb ass he is. Wish I had my camera to take this photo.” Sara laughed silently.

“You know...I like your style. I told the manager to send me his best girl. You are really entertaining.” Said the Big Boss.

“What have you seen of me just yet? Wait a moment and you’ll know by yourself how much entertaining I am.” She smiled at him.

She went near a table and poured a drink for him, even after knowing he was already drunk heavily. She mixed a powder in it without Big Boss's notice. Then she went near to him and sat on the bed.

“Here, have it.” She gave him the glass.

“I’m...already drunk a lot...”

“Come on...have it. It’s special from me.” She kept the seductive smile on her face.

“As you say my queen.” Then started to drink the glass. Sara was looking at the glass. her smile got wider with each sip as It was getting empty. Soon, the glass got empty. With the empty glass, the brain of the Big Boss also got empty and he fallen asleep very deeply. Sara checked him carefully. When she got satisfied she stood up and putted back the glass on its table. Then looked at the bed. That girl got woke up from the bed and started to get dressed. When she got dressed, both nodded each other and the girl left the room.

“Now the real thing has to do and get the hell out of here.” Sara sighed.

She walked at the whole room and then searched every drawer and table. She searched the whole bed carefully, without even touching the sack of fat. Then, she went to the right side of the bed. She went under the bed and turned on the lighter she was carrying under her dress. There she found a small, almost invisible button attached with the wall. She pushed herself hard to reach there. The narrow place and rough wooded bed were scratching her back body. But Sara ignored them and reached near the wall and pushed the button. A light sound of beep caught in her ear and she immediately traced the sound location in her brain.

“How long you’d be able to play hide and seek with Saravi, bitch!” She got out of the bed, with more scars and scratches in her body.

She went to the left side of the room where the room switches are displayed. She brought out a screw driver under her dress and used it to open the socket. When she was finished, she putted her hand inside the socket and surprised to see how big, wide and deep the inside of the socket was.

“Alright Sara, Almost there.” She searched inside the socket carefully.

The socket wasn’t full empty. It contained some old scrapped papers and some files in it. Sara took a black rusty file named ‘Operation Blacklists’. She checked the file. The file had names of many operations with cross and tick marks. Some were marked with star signs. These were probably the important operations for Big Boss’. Sara saw the name of one operation with star mark alongside with a cross mark beside it. There was a special side note with the name content.

“‘Gulshan Lake Park Attack -30-2-2017, Time: 2:30 AM. The operation has been failed to its target. Reason: A mysterious subject attacked the operators ferociously. Operators got traumatized by the attacker and the subject fled’. Hm...interesting.” Sara putted the file in her bag and started to search the socket again.

On the right side of the socket she found a tiny drawer there. She opened the drawer using her fingers. And found another red button there. She pushed the button with her finger this time no sound came from anywhere.

“Buttons over buttons, Great!” She said in a disgusted voice.

She again pushed the button and looked in the room but saw no difference. Then she pushed again and then again and again and again. Then she smiled.

“Got you baby!”

She went in the middle of the room. She looked up at the ceiling fan. The fan was quite in a height from her. Sara jumped hard on that fan and grabbed it tightly. Then she noticed, the fan was way heavier than its usual weight. She again brought out her screw driver and started to open the fan’s attachment screws with one hand. The fan was getting down to gravity when each screw were taken out and with that Sara was also losing her grip but she continued her work until she brought out the last screw of the fan. Then, she grabbed a place of the ceiling with one hand and the heavy weighted fan with the other hand. She was slowly her grip on both hands. Sara decided to use her leg this time. She stretched her leg to up to the place where she grabbed the ceiling. She used her heel to pull out a hidden anchor in the ceiling. She carefully got rid herself from the heels and drop them on the carpet on the ground. She was grabbing a hidden anchor with her hands. Then, she used her both legs to bring out some white packets from the hidden place of the ceiling. There were eight packets. She grabbed four packets in each of her foot fingers. Then, she left the ceiling anchor and fell down on the ground safely with the packets and a heavy fan. She putted the fan down and made the packets to get inside her bag.

“It was fun to play with you Big Boss. Thanks for the packets.” She gave a sarcastic salute.

Then, she went toward the door and touched the door knob.

“Wait! Stand where you are.” A Sudden voice came from her behind.

Sara looked behind and saw Big Boss with a gun in his hand which was pointing her.

“You got awake so soon. I didn’t expect that, really.” Sara smiled at him.

“Who are you?” He said roughly.

“I’m the...Entertainer, remember?” She said mockingly.

“Whoever you are, you’ll regret for life. You maybe don’t know what you’ll have to pay if you want to play with the Big Boss.”

Sara laughed out hard as if she heard a joke.

“Really! From a fat dumb now I have to regret. You know, you have already made me regret much by making me listen to this shit, my dear. Now goodbye.”

She went to open the door. When she moved the knob, she felt an opposite pressure coming from the other side of the door. Then some rough and tough armed boys entered the room. The Big Boss laughed loudly.

“The game has changed baby. You are fully trapped here. Now, only your dead body will go out from this place.” He touched the gun in middle of her eyes.

Sara was calm and quite. She straight looked at his eyes without even blinking for once.

“Let’s see who wins the rat-cat game.” She finally said calmly with her usual sarcastic smile.

Then, a very sudden and swift leg attacked almost broke Big Boss’s nose. He screamed out hard and lied down to the ground with an unbelievable pain. Sara back flipped swiftly and grabbed her bag and quickly brought out her gun. A gunman shot her but she avoided that by flipping on the right and shot him down spot death. The other one was coming to knock her down with a hard punch. But Sara kicked on his left thigh and punched him hard in his face. Then, she went to hunt a knife holder. She punched him and flipped left to avoid his attacks. He almost cut her throat. But luckily, he just scratched her on the neck. Sara took his knife by grabbing his hand and punching him on his face and knocked him down. Then, she ran toward the door avoiding shoots and punches and knocked them down by kicking or shooting or hunting them with the knife. Finally, she left the room making half of them dead and half of them paralyzed for whole life.

The sound of shooting made everyone scared and everyone wanted to leave the building which created a huge crowd. Sara got a big chance to leave the building but some gunman stood as an obstacle in front of her in the down hall. Sara took cover in the wooden railing and called Arup on her ear phone. Arup responded few seconds later.

“Arup, Send back up immediately!”

“I’ve sent them just now.” Sara disconnected the call and saved her head from a close head shot.

She shot down one gunman from her cover. Then, went down shooting some nuts. When she reached at the ground floor and took cover in a pillar a sudden call came up on her ear phone.

“Who the shit is calling now?” She received the call in a disgust mood.

“Hello?” She said roughly.

“When are you coming home?” A rough reply came from the other side.

“Mom you!” She got shocked and surprised.

“Whom did you expected, your stinky fat boss? And what’s that loud sound?” Sabrina mocked.

Sara flipped to right and took cover behind a pillar.


“That loud sound is killing my ears. What are you doing?” Sabrina shouted on her.

“Mom...Actually, we are watching an action movie. So, we increased the volume loud to make the feel real.”

“Wow, what a perfect lie Sara, great!” She thought.

“Really! To make the feel real you guys made it that much loud? Are your co-workers gone crazy with you? Seriously, Sara this is bullshit. I thought you are really in some kinds of shooting place, Oh Allah!”

“Nah mom! I don’t know even the ‘S’ of shooting. Are you crazy?”She said while shooting another gunman’s head.

“Sara, will you go away from the sound and talk to me?”

“Mom I can’t, we are having a climax now. Sorry mom, bye now.”

“But Sara...”

Ignoring mom’s raging voice Sara disconnected the call and got busy with fighting. After a while, Sara heard a sound of car scratching outside the building. That was the sweetest sound she had ever heard.

“Finally, the boys are here.” She said to herself.

Many armed man and police broke in the main entrance and started to shoot the rest of goons left in the room. Some of them went to upstairs. Sara’s people covered the whole building in the next half an hour. They grabbed the Big Boss in his room, he was unconscious and bleeding from his nose. He needed six man to grab him get him to down hall. Police arrested all of them. Sara saw all of them to be arrested but her eyes were searching someone special. But she didn’t need to work hard. Her eyes got stuck into a certain person who was escaping from the back door.

“There you go, honey!” She smiled sarcastically.

She ran after him.

Jim was running harder and finally he managed to get out from the building.

“Huh! Finally out of the hell.” He was heading to the gate.

“Going somewhere, baby?” He heard a sarcastic female voice behind him.

He looked behind and before he could understand anything, with a fast face punch, soon he started to see stars in front of his eyes and everything got faded then went black.

“Huh! Some cheese balls.” She laughed loudly.

“Thanks Ms. Hussain. For you today we are able to catch a big drug smuggler. He has been sweating us for months.” Said the police officer.

“No problem. It was my job.” They hand shacked.

Sara went to Arup who was standing near a police car.

“You’ve done a great job today.” He was drinking coffee.

“Oh bro, chill. It’s my job and I love it.”

“Yeah I see you’ve got some scratches too. By the way, what are you’re going to tell your mom about those shits.”

“Hm...Let’s say...What about tell her this ‘Mom, I, your daughter, announce you proudly that I’m an undercover spy and these scratches are my symbols of being a hardcore person’. Simple as sweet, got it?”

“We’ll see how simple it is for you. Your mom doesn’t like the spy thing, am I right?” Arup said with a sarcastic grin.

“In the real life of course, but she watches spy movies.”

“Got it.”

Suddenly she looked at her watch and gasped out in scare.

Oh God! Already 12:30AM. Seriously, Mom would kill me today.

“What happened Sara?” Arup asked seeing her worried face.

“Arup I have to run, okay see you later.”

“Hey, who will report Mr. Jashim then, me?”

“Tell the Gulapjaam to wait till tomorrow.”

“Hey Sara, manners ok? He’s your boss” Arup acted like Gulapjaam.

“Hey, keep you manners in your pocket. Ok then, see you tomorrow.”

“See ya.” They hugged each other.

Sara was standing in front of the main gate of her apartment. She got the duplicate key of the house. She opened the door carefully and then looked inside at the hall. The hall room was dark, so she saw nobody there.

“Okay, root clear then.” She whispered to herself.

She entered the hall with a silent footstep. She was almost near the staircase.

“So, Ms. Saravi Hussain got time to come home then?” Sara got a serious shock hearing the sudden voice of her mother.

She looked back slowly to face her fire headed mother. She knew when her mother gets too much angry or frustrated she use full name of that person and now the victim was Sara herself.

She went near to her mother slowly.

“Mom actually...”

“Did you enjoy the movie?”

“Mom, listen to me. I was...”

“Working? That’s the thing you’ll say right?”

Sara didn’t replied.

“When will you grow up Sara? When will you stop bothering your parents like this?”

Sara remained silent.

“Do you have any idea how tensed your dad and I was? You should care about yourself and also us.”

Sara spoke out now

“I’m sorry mom.”

“Yeah. That’s the only thing you left.” Sabrina crossed her arms.



“I’m hungry mom. I didn’t eat anything. ” She said with her innocent and cute smile.

“What! Why didn’t you eat Sara?” Sabrina reacted, surprised.

Sara was expecting this certain reaction. Sabrina’s motherly caring is the most beautiful thing Sara enjoys with her heart.

“Oh Allah! What I’ll do with you tell me? Okay, now go and get freshen yourself. I’m bringing foods.”

Sara nodded her.

Sabrina went to kitchen. Sara’s father Ravi Hussain was sitting on the sofa and listening everything. He stood up and came near to his daughter with a serious face.

“Sara.” He called her in a cold voice.

“Yes, dad.”

“I hope you did some serious job today.”

Sara nodded.

“How many goons you killed and how many were hurt?”

“Didn’t count them dad, but I guess most of them were hurt. But I managed retrieved the drug and saved the day.” Sara answered sarcastically.

Father and Daughter laughed.

“Good, Good. Now that’s like my spy daughter.” Ravi laughed.

Ravi hugged Sara.

“Okay, let’s go to dining room now, otherwise you’re mom will start to suspect us.”

“Really dad, Mom is the biggest spy in the world. You know she almost caught me there.”

“Oh yeah. I’ll listen the whole story in your bedroom.”

“Yeah it’s going to be real fun.”

They both smiled.....

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