Mace's Gilded Forge

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Chapter 11

His name was Pup Fitzgerald, an established motivational speaker in the states.

'Just take it from Pup!' was his tagline. A lot of people ate that kind of stuff up.

Puppy, as his friends called him, was a guy who had just been through every circumstance under the sun. And there was nothing that perseverance and the determination of the will couldn't accomplish. According to Pup, the sheer magnitude of the human spirit was indomitable and immeasurable. It was a very extreme humanistic philosophy that sold itself using hook and baiting tactics. Like aforementioned, a lot of folks ate that kind of garbage. Pup was on a roll, determined to feed every American a down home meal from his diet of shit.

He was superficially an image of grit. But if one lifted the allegorical rock in the curiosity of a child, the underlying earth would reveal a far richer and darker life.

Pup grew up in rural Ohio. Out in the sticks, as they say, Pup's family was nothing but a poor group of farmers. His father taught math and coached some high school athletics. But Pup's dad never made any real living from teaching. The family subsisted off the land, selling surplus crops and livestock for cash when they could afford it.

It was in the poor rural upbringing that Pup liked to draw upon as his motivation for hard work and self-determination. It was a source, a fountain, of endless spirit that moved him to excel in all he put his efforts to. With this grit he ended up successfully putting himself through college and took a job as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant. And from that humble position he climbed the food chain to become CEO, the apex predator. A marvelous story that was an American tale; and good old Pup Fitzgerald was the man who lived it.

Pup inspired millions with his story of success and he was proud enough to preach to others about how to achieve such said success. His was a story of the American Dream, where one country boy with nothing ended up as a manufacturing tycoon with millions of dollars in dozens of domestic as well as foreign bank accounts.

But as diverse as his finances were, his truth was even more so. In fact, Pup's entire story was missing very pertinent information. It was as if one had left all major areas blank in an application for employment. It just was all a big lie, a big show.

Pup's dad and uncles joined the local mason lodge in their hometown. Pup was still just a young teenager in those days. But eventually, even Pup's mother and aunts were part of the Order of the Eastern Star. And connections were being made in order to benefit the family financially. Pup's family became well known farmers in the area. They ended up running their own restaurant and began selling more and more from their land.

And Pup never paid a dime for college. His parents fitted the tuition fees. Of course, Pup was always short on cash due to all the money he spent on his car, wining and dining friends, and all those sorts of adult things that college kids enjoy priding themselves on—-as if they were already major breadwinners.

And Pup's connections helped him stand out in the selection process for supervisors at the big city's manufacturing center. In no time he was seen as a good candidate for higher level positions across his employer's family of companies. Pup found himself under the umbrella of privilege and power. But he had to be very careful with the power that was given him, kind of like something Uncle Ben would say in the Spiderman comics.

Pup knew an unfortunate acquaintance who was a fellow neophyte in the New World Order of which they were both part. The informal narrative required an initiate to abstain from certain faith groups, unless one was being used as an undercover operative to infiltrate an organization. His acquaintance was Paul Douglas Mallory.

Mallory shared a similar backstory with Pup. Both were from poor rural families and both had degrees in a disadvantaged enterprise: teaching. But Mallory was a Catholic. When he and Pup were given the chance to participate in the sacred ceremony of the Masonic Lodge in Washington DC, Mallory frowned upon the gift of being given a King James Bible.

'This translation is not one I use,' Mallory protested the night before the ceremony.

It being the eve of their meeting with the Grand Light Bringer of the Order, Pup refrained from any sort of minute aggravation. Pup was desperate for wealth, like everyone else in the private hotel where he was staying. There were twenty other men. None of them wanted to interrupt their ascendance. But Paul Mallory was the exception.

The next day Mallory was seated in line with Pup. All were told by the Grand Master Usher to prepare themselves for the pledge of fidelity to Lucifer, the Grand Architect and Giver of Sacred Light. It didn't sit well with Mallory. And Pup sadly watched as his Catholic associate left before his turn to enter the Holy of Holies and profess his pledge.

Mallory left the Order for good following that occasion. Pup on the other hand grew deeper in his appreciation of the Lodge's benefits.

It was like Pup was being handed anything he desired. And as long as he didn't step on anyone's toes he was given this liberty. Pup did his share of work, like authoring books and giving speeches. But on the side of his required tasks, Pup became obsessed with the decadence of the Order.

One of his favorite benefits were security clearances for the various military labs in Indiana and Mexico. Certain nefarious members of the Air Force were used as trafficking solutions. The contraband was a select choice of child sex slaves. Freshly imported from across the globe, the children were kidnapped and flown stateside to satisfy the lustful desires of the Order's princes. After these poor children were raped and tortured, they were murdered for blood. And the blood of the children provided the members of the Order with a powerful longevity drug called adrenochrome.

But China was being used as a harvesting ground for embryonic stem cells, another form of life preserving agents for the powerful elites of the New Order. The Old Order was a mythical government of the past that was exemplified by the institution of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Even Mary herself, the usurper of the Adversary in the roll of the rightful Bearer of Light, was seen as an unacceptable image to the New Order. And the New Order was exemplified by the secret societies of the Renaissance and the modern age. The New Order was glorified by the false deity and unrightful king of the gods, Satan or the Baphomet in the form of the one true and forever Prince of the World and the Megaverse, Lucifer. And thus, it was all typified under the grand tutelage of the exiled noblemen, the Knights Templar. And as the members ascended in the masterful and worshipful ranks, the hidden knowledge of long lost grimoires were revealed---completing the training of the apprentices to Evil (which according to the Masters, good and evil were the balance of Yin and Yang, Light and Dark: some sick and twisted occult religion and a disgustingly perverse version of Star Wars). The goal was order, and thus the New Order had a fitting home in the New World. It was a fusion of all human knowledge and all religion packaged into a big powerful clique. Conspiracy theorists, once known in the past as urban legends and myths and legends, told of these things through myopic broken lenses. To them, this vast crime syndicate was a cabal. And in some measure they were right. Conspiracy theory is a modern term for myth. And in every myth there is some measure of truth.

The Catholic Church was once the banking system of the post-Roman world. Coin, gold, precious gems, land, and loans were all controlled by the Church. The Old Order's exchanges were performed under the hands of the Pontiff and his servants.

As time crept forward, by one thousand years ago, the Church realized nepotism was rampant. In order to quell this heresy, the Church instituted the requirements for celibacy. The clergy and the bishops became celibate servants whose progeny would now only be spiritual, no longer also biological. Corruption of power was the main problem that celibacy intended to solve.

But those who once held high appointments were upset by this requirement. Their control over money was no longer perpetuated by the Church. Radicals intended to seal the economy in a masterful faction of elite nobles, not Holy Rome. And the way this was done was through the creation of currencies and orders of various knights. Most notably, the Knights Templar had become the sole heirs to the Old Order's economic system.

A Templar was sworn to celibacy himself. Together with his brothers he would police the roads and establish the groundwork for modern banking institutions. The height of the Templars was in the mid to late Crusades. Palestine was controlled by the Templars, who owned innumerable treasures and assets, including lands. The greedy kings of Europe desired greatly the wealth the knights had accrued in the Church's service.

Convincing the Pope the Templars were corrupted, the kings used the Church to seize the Templars and their assets, including the knights' treasure troves. The banking system established by the knights was virtually stolen by the kings, who claimed that the Church had no right to the Templars' wealth. In the end, each Templar was hunted down and tortured to write false confessions to crimes that warranted death. The Templars were burned at the stake while the kings gobbled up the money.

Those Templars that escaped persecution became the Black Knights. And these were servants of no monarch, but pledged fidelity to the people and their God. But a split occurred somewhere near the Renaissance, as the Medici family gained prominence. Most of the Black Knights were turning to mercenary work as the Middle Ages dissolved with the rise of city states. And thus, these ex-vassals of the people became the elite's assassins. Of course, the mercenaries turned to greed like their forebears, those Templars who seethed with hatred for the crowns of Europe and the Church.

These final Templars killed those Black Knights that refused to join the Renaissance carnival of hell. Profiting from the rich knowledge and progress of human genius in the era, the evil Templars along with the elite nobles formed a grand fraternity aimed at destroying the Church and the monarchs for good.

By the 20th century, this cabal became known as the Illuminati. These ultimate heirs to the thrones of their forefathers consolidated every major secret society into one great one known as the Illuminated Ones, or as stated before, simply the Illuminati.

As an act of spite these fools stamped their secret symbols upon the American dollar: a final act of retribution against the Old Order. And unto this day, the Illuminati continue to control the new way of things as the New World Order.

They are the offspring of the same elites who once corrupted the Church and the kings and the knights.

The post Cold War era received them with open arms. In the 21st century, they were living any and every dream they could ever hope for: being above the law. They have become the new gods and Olympus is America.

For people like Pup Fitzgerald, learning this sort of wild secret history was like being part of some kids' club that met in the neighborhood treehouse. It was secret knowledge that he ate up like Frosted Flakes. And he loved playing the part of a god.

One of his friends was unfortunate. Mark Samson was the vice president at Coolidge Software Systems, Inc located in Oregon. Pup and him often took the same plane to Indiana for a night with the kids at the underground base.

But Mark let the power get to him. One day, Mark decided he was going to let loose and go bold. The proud man refused to step down to assistant vice president. The CEO wanted his son, Jerry Preston, to take over the business operations. Jerry had completed his ceremony in DC and flew into Oregon looking forward to his new position. Mark didn't like that. When Mark protested, arguing he was more experienced than the 29 year old Jerry, the CEO, Frank Preston, contacted the Board of Trustees. The Board was under the jurisdiction of one of the 5 families, the Leander Family of Montreal.

And when the Leanders were notified, the matter was settled by excommunicating Mark Samson from the Order. This included putting a formal curse on the Samson family. So severe was this curse, that it was performed under seal of blood in order to perpetuate the Order's unending authority. One of the children at the military base was molested and slaughtered as a sacrificial chattel for this monstrous curse. The curse was performed under the direction of the Grand Master himself in DC. And the Grand Master was the only one to ever see the Devil himself. And apparently they kept the Devil somewhere in DC.

Pup didn't mind losing Mark as a frequent flyer. The Samson family would be doomed forevermore to live in poverty and destitution under seal of a blood curse performed by Satan's High Priest. It was just a lesson to be learned.

Some gods were higher than others.

That's what the New Order taught.

And the most notable of all was Davia Petrovic. She provided all the funds for the New Order indirectly through the 5 families. The Grand Master answered to her alone. For she was considered the daughter of the Devil.

Pup would never have to see the Devil. But Miss Petrovic was able to make the invitation.

'She wants to meet with you,' Sully informed him.

Pup was flying back from a TED Talk in Milwaukee. Sully surprised the famous speaker by giving him a lift in his private jetliner.

'I am curious, though' Pup tried to giggle the comment off.

Sully quietly laid a handkerchief down on the table between them.

'Are you asking why? Because we're not supposed to ask why? But we know to be quiet when we're told. Am I correct, Mr. Fitzgerald?'

Pup felt like he was going to fart so hard it would blast shit into the seat. His adrenaline and cortisol levels were off the charts. He knew he made a grave mistake.

'I am available at this moment and any moment She needs,' Pup squirmed, sweating bullets.

Sully didn't smile. But he did look over Pup's shoulder.

The same type of tall strange man that met Dr. Steyer was hovering, literally levitating inches off the floor silently towards Fitzgerald. With a syringe full of clear liquid tranquilizer, the stranger forcibly injected Fitzgerald.

When the needle pierced into his jugular, Pup was grabbed by the hair on his head. The stranger jerked Pup's head so they made eye contact. The man looked into Fitzgerald's terrified eyes and yelled like grinding glass, 'sleep tight, fucker!'

As Pup's head smacked the handkerchief on the table, his nose busted. Blood was running out. Sully quietly and calmly picked Fitzgerald's head up off the table. He set the man upright and left the handkerchief on his nose to soak.

Meanwhile, the freaky stranger hovered over Pup, breathing heavily. Then, it looked at Sully with blue glowing eyes. Sully was stoic and unnerved as it smiled at him with those ruby red lips. For a moment he thought of Davia. But he damn well knew that thing wasn't her.
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