Mace's Gilded Forge

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Chapter 9

‘We could only extract fragments of the implants,' Dr. Young explained.

'In order to prevent further complications she must be admitted to a hospital. I don't have the equipment to help her. If we lose her brain, she's no longer an asset.'

Dr. Young was in her early 40s. A smoker with an eye on her patients before her nerves, Jeneca Young was one of the few who knew cybernetics.

Captain John Wildcat followed her advice. And the hospital in Seoul was very helpful in both neutralization and extraction of the brain implants.

'We had you in a medically induced coma. It's been seven weeks.'

77 looked at the captain.

'She tried to kill me using neural execution,' said 77. 'Davia detonated the virus before I reached Siberia. I've been trying to suppress it with Valerian root and buprenorphine. It didn't last long.'

'Dr. Young knew that.'

'Then she must know my former employer.'

'Ex EDA like Marshall and the rest of our crew. You're in good hands.'

'Thank you, sir. I am looking forward to combat readiness, sir.'

'You're an intel asset, 77. Combat is your past mission. You can help us better and yourself by giving us everything you can on Orange Delta' s operations.'

77 tried to move. Her coordination was awkward. Her movement was labored.

'I understand, sir. But if I can get back my strength and agility I will be operational.'

'Understood, 77. The Navy will bring the best out in you. That's what we do.'

She labored a salute. He saluted and departed from the room.

It was a nice view overlooking the cityscape. She liked that. The sun was setting. The rain was gone. A rainbow was in the clouds.

The nurse entered. She smiled at the sight. She muttered Korean. 77 knew it. And she cherished the nurse's words.

A rainbow is made when sunlight touches rain.
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