Red Cigarettes

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Being a world-renowned hitman is a difficult job for Angelino Burstow. He has the skills, wealth, looks, charisma. But everything changed when all the money he earned was stripped away from him by the most successful company in the world. Fueled with anger and vengeance, Angelino decided to dress as a woman and seduce the company's CEO into marrying him. Will Angelino succeed in his mission, or will love become his biggest enemy?

Action / Romance
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The horrendous smell of bleach filled up the air as I slowly cleaned up the pools of blood under my feet. The winter breeze came rushing in through the windows as I shivered from the cold.

My phone rang silently but I knew straight away who was calling me. It was Jeremy, my partner in crime.


"Hey Angelino, are you done yet?"


"Hurry up, I'm fucking freezing up here."

"Fine, give me 20 minutes."

I have to finish this and dump this body quickly.
That was the only thing running through my mind at that moment. After finally finishing cleaning the floors and furniture, I grabbed the plastic bags and threw them in the trunk of an old van I rented from some shady-looking old man and drove off to the mountains.

It wasn't a long ride, but long enough for me to start smelling the putrid odor coming from the back of the van. I was used to it, even though Jeremy might not. As I stepped out of the van, I saw Jeremy sitting on a bench, one hand holding a cigarette and the other waving at me.

"Finally!" He laughed and slapped me on the back. That guy may not look like it but his pats hurt like hell. "Took you long enough."

"Shut up and help me take these bags out will you?"

"Sorry, boss." He smiled and put on a pair of gloves. "I already started a bonfire so just throw them in there."


Together, we threw all the body bags inside the flames as they ate up each bag one by one. Jeremy and I looked at each other while the flames grew bigger and bigger, the heat causing us to sweat profusely. Jeremy reached down to his pockets and took out a box, his glasses slightly tipped down his nose bridge like they were about to fall off at any moment.


"Yes, please."

We held our breaths and sat down on the cold concrete floor, reminiscing about our childhood as the fire slowly started to die, and the only thing that's left were glowing embers on the floor.

That was the last thing I remembered before everything vanished before my very own eyes.
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