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I Am Alive

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Chapter 1

It was about 6 when I went outside to the mail box randomly to check it if I had gotten any new mails. I browsed the mails and found the one which I was unconsciously searching for. It was labeled from the organization. I looked at it and wondered why they still send their mail like this. What a waste of paper? but then I remembered who gives a shit, no one. I walked inside, crashed in the living room and opened the envelope and started reading the letter or more likely the posting instructions.

I was to be deployed the day after tomorrow. I wondered why on such a short notice but I didn’t really care because I was already starting to miss the noise of bullets. I had been home for about three months after doing some undercover work in Decay.

I feared what was about to come I needed to tell my parents and my girlfriend about the deployment which always is a shit show that I try to avoid.

I walked out of my house and started my car and drove to my girlfriend’s house which was not far. I decided that she was the first person I am going to tell. I parked in her parents driveway and called her.

“Hey Nina” I said in a calm voice

“Hey! Where have you been?”

“Man I was a little busy and by the way I am outside the door and I have some news”

“Man not that bullshit again” she said angrily.

She had noticed the uneasiness in my voice. She opened the door and shot a questioning look at me and said in the most casual way possible.

“When you leaving”

“Day after tomorrow

I noticed her eyes watering.The tears glistened in her eyes.

“It isn’t that long its only a month and I will be back even before you know” I tried to reason with her

It was a lie i never come back on the listed time something always comes up that need my immediate attention

“Don’t you know that time flies?” I tried to lighten the mood

She laughed but that laughter turned into crying. We went inside the house and sat at the couch in the living room and cried for a few minutes. I just sat there waiting for her to stop trying. I usually don’t know what to do at times like these and man I hated it when she cried.

She finally stopped crying and in few minutes she was back tobeing the sober person that she is.

“Have you told your parents” she asked frankly

“No I haven’t and I am having second thoughts about telling them after seeing the movie scene you just were able to recreate.” I desperately failed at making a joke to lighten up the mood.

She shot me an angry look with a tinge of disgust and said.

“you know what you are full of shits, in fact you are a sack full of shits.”

And at that I laughed.

“You are the champion of trash talking” I remarked

“You think I am joking but I am damn straight serious that you right now need to go over to your parents and tell them about your deployment and spend the night with them”

“Are you sure? Don’t you wanna do anything”

“I am as sure as you are sure about going.”

I kissed her bye and got out of her house and started walking toward my car, I started it and as I was driving out of the driveway I saw her father waveto me.

I really didnt want to talk to him but I got out of my car and greeted him.

“Hey Mr. Jimmy how you doing?”

“I am doing great son how are you doing i havent seen you in a long time ”

“I am good. I am just busy that’s why i am not coming around much. I was here to tell Nina about my deployment and I may as well tell you.”

“Wait! What weren’t you just back? ” he said gloomily

“I was but what can i say duty calls”

“Where to?”


“Oh man that shithole”

“Sir I gotta go now. Talk to you when I get back”

“You have my well wishes.”

He shaked my hand firmly and held on to it a little longer than neccesory.He walked away to his house and I waited for him to open the door and get inside. And for the second time I got into my car started it and started the journey toward my parents.

I drove for a few minutes enjoing the dark and tried to get my head in the game of telling my parents.

But I knew how my mother would react because she was the one who have suffered the most in both my and my father’s case. My father was a also a solider that’s also one of the reason of why I did what I did

I parked my car and got out walked toward the front door of parents house and gently knocked on the door.

My mother opened the door

“Come in son”

“Hi mom and dad” I said a little loudly for my father to hear as he was sitting at the dining table eating his dinner.

He smiled and waved me over to sit at the table. My mother served me dinner. This was the first time I came over to my parents in a month.

“Where are you nowadays? You just disappeared” my father asked

“Nothing much you know how it is I am just trying to keep myself busy.

My mom sat in a chair next to me and I started eating the dinner my mother served me. I was waiting for the right time to tell them

“Mom dad I just received my posting letter."

They both looked a little stunned but deep down they knew why I was there.

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