The Black Dahlia

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Cartels rule the underworld these days, the glory days of the Mafioso has been relegated to the history pages. Be it drugs or weapons, you name it and they sell it, sneaking millions of dollars under the noses of the authorities worldwide. They function like a well-oiled machinery and each part knows its functions like clockwork. They operate in the shadows and those who dare cross them, get swallowed by the darkness. The more I say about them the less it feels. The protagonists of our story Gabriella Sanchez and Alejandro Martinez belong to two powerful Cartel families, who were friends until one big event burned all bridges down. She is belongs to the famous Medellin Cartel of Colombia, he is the heir apparent to the throne of the notorious Sinoala cartel from Mexico. Between them lies a terrible secret that’s responsible for tearing their families apart and over all these murky dealings of their lives hovers the shadow of the unknown, the big invisible hand, the Godfathers of the Cartel world. What is the secret? What does the future have in store? But most importantly, who or what is the big unknown threat? Let’s find out together!

Action / Mystery
Pratik Routray
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Character sketch

Gabriella Sanchez:

Independent and beautiful, a badass boss-babe with a fiery soul.
She is a pretty girl of 25, doctor by day, badass queen by night. Deep in her heart she keeps a secret, a burning desire for revenge. A desire which arose out of personal loss, which has deeply affected her since she was a baby. She wants to avenge the loss of her dear mother and older brother and she will go to any imaginable lengths to make this dream come true, to see the wrongdoer burn in front of her eyes, in the flames of her making!

Luiz Sanchez:

Gabriella’s father and the boss of the biggest cartel in all of Colombia. He is a ruthless crime-lord who values honesty and trust over anything else. His principle for the business “profits come second, trust is the biggest commodity and I don’t expect it from cheap people”.

Margarita Sanchez:

Wife of Luiz and mother to Gabriella. She is poles apart from the ruthless and pragmatic Luiz She is an angel, who dotes on her children a glue that keeps the family together and away from the dirty business of the cartel.

Gabriel Sanchez

Elder brother of Gabriella, presumed to be dead. As a kid he was very protective of his little sister and mature beyond his years, due to the fact that he is the heir apparent to the Medellin cartel throne.

Mirana Valerion:

She is the daughter of the right hand man of Luis Sanchez and best friend of Gabriella, a happy-go-lucky kinda soul who lives each moment to its fullest. She is the one responsible for bringing a little joy in Gabriella’s otherwise drab and depressed existence.

Ramon Valerion

Mirana’s father and Luiz’s right hand man. He is the mastermind who supports Luiz’s reign over the Medellin cartel. He has saved Luiz from numerous assassination attempts and bad deals and at this point is more than family for the Sanchez family.

Alejandro Martinez

He is the heir apparent to the biggest cartelin Mexico, the Sinoala cartel. 30 years old and the top choice on every “suitable and most wanted” bachelors list. An hotelier and art/precious goods dealer by day. Drug lord and playboy by night. He is sadistic and borderline psychopath on the outside, but deep inside somewhere, hidden below this circumstantial façade lies a glimmer of goodness, but the darkness around has obscured it so well it will take a monumental effort to unleash it.

Rosa Martinez

Wife of Miguel and mother to Alejandro and Sandra. She is an independent and strong-minded woman, who has perfectly balanced her family with managing the cartel. She has been managing the cartel with her father since a young age and now does the same with her husband. She might look cold and vicious on the outside, but has a soft heart inside.

Ricardo Martinez

The prodigal son of the family, who lives for the day and goes with the flow. His parents are not happy with his wayward ways, but his older brother is protective of him and supports him to live his life away from the dark ways of the cartel and be different. He is a bit crazy but has a artistic and genius streak in him.

Carlos Velazquez

Right hand man of Rosa and Carlos, been working for the cartel since he was a teenager, rising through the ranks. Serving Rosa’s dad and now trusted enough to be the right hand man. He is a no-nonsense worker who would kill or give his life for the organization.

Miguel Martinez

Head of the Sinaola cartel. Someone who did not choose this path, but a role he clearly transitioned well and does his best at. He had to choose this path for the love of his life, Rosa. He is a passionate and loyal man, who loves his family over anything else and also believes it’s his responsibility to keep his father-in-laws business alive, he feels indebted to him.

Sandra Martinez

Naïve and care-free daughter of the Sinoala cartel. She is a doctor by profession, a surprising turn in her life totally changed everything for her. Now she is a shell of her former self, trying to collect the pieces.
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