Biker princess.

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Being the Black Tiger MC princess is hard but it's good at the same time I have loads of people there for me. They would lay their life on the line for me and I would do it for them to. My dad is the only parent I have since my mum left when I was a baby I've grew up around all of these guys they are like my brothers. They are my guys I'm just as protective over them as they are over me. Then when my daughter gets threatened with death my dad rings the mafia but I get the shock of my life when my ex and annabellas father walks through our door... I'm Addilyn Jane Rawlings the MC gang call me Addy or princess and this is my life. (Translation will be from Google so sorry if its wrong)

Action / Romance
Chloe Shadbolt
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Peaceful morning turned to chaos...🖤

I get woken up by being jumped on I open my eyes and see my daughter my beautiful Annabella.

3 years ago was the best moment in my life but the worst as well. She has black hair and forest green eyes she's 3 years old.

She's the complete opposite of me I have long blonde hair and as my dad says ocean blue eyes. She is the spitting image of the man that walked out on me just as I found out I was pregnant but I love her with all my heart. I'm cut out of thought when she starts whining

"Mummmmmmmy" she said

"Yes princess" I said

"Wanna get up" she said

"Hey manners young lady" I said

"Peasssss can we get up" she said

"Yes we can let's get dressed and go see grandpa okay" I said

"Yeyyyyyyyy grandpa" she squealed

After wrestling Annabelle into her clothes we finally walk into the kitchen and see everyone in there even dad and that's unusual he is normally in his office checking over things or checking the guns in the basement. All the guys are like brothers to me and Annabella calls them all her uncles we are all so close they are extremely protective over Annabella. I don't mind as I know how cruel this world can be.

"Morning guys" I said sitting Annabella down next to me

"Morning my two favourite girls" dad says kissing Annabellas cheek

"Morning princesses" all the guys say

"What are you all doing today" I asked

"I've got to do a run with Dagger to collect some money" Razor said

"I have to go speak to the police" Reign said

"Well you guys better be careful out there" I said.

"Here honey eat your breakfast I'll watch Annabella while you eat" dad said

"Thanks dad" I said

Everyone eats and we are all now talking and laughing until we hear the front door bang open we see Breaker stubble in holding the left side of his chest. We jump up rushing over to him.

"Omg breaker what happened... Hunter take Annabella out somewhere she can't see this " I said while Razor and Dagger lay him down on the sofa. Hunter grabs Annabella and runs out.

"I was collecting our merchandise from the docks when I was attacked" he said I see our doc come running in he starts checking him over.

"He has been shot in chest below his ribs I will have to sedate him to take the bullet out" doc said.

"Do it doc" dad said

The doc sedates him and starts to take the bullet out.


"Honey calm down I will find them okay" dad said

"If they hurt anymore of my guys before you get them I'll kill them myself" I said

"Razor phone cyber and get him here now." Dad said

"Yes prez" Razor said dad walks out after kissing me on the forehead going to his office probably.

"I got the bullet out, stitched the wound and bandaged it up he will have to be on bed rest for a while. I'll leave a couple spare bandages he should wake up soon" Doc said

"Thanks doc" I said the doc then leaves.

"Have you got hold of cyber yet" I asked Razor

"Yep he is on his way. He will find them princess he is a hacker after all" Razor said.

"Guys be safe on the runs today I have a feeling breaker isn't the only one being targeted" I said

I see cyber walk in he nods his head at me and walks towards dad's office. I hope he finds them I don't want no one else hurt. I lift breakers head and sit down laying his head on my lap stroking his hair. After 5 minutes he wakes up groaning.

"Sleeping beauty finally graces us with his presence" I said.

"Oh shut up princess" He groans sitting up.

"Oi you big idiot doc said bed rest so don't start walking around and getting involved in things" I said

"But I hate bed rest" he said

"Well suck it up buttercup" I said

"Fine but you better help me" he said

"Not a chance on hell I'll get Razor to help you" I said laughing.

"Whyyyyyy" he whines

"Point one. I don't want to help you because you bigger then me if you fall you will crush me, point two I don't want to help you incase you need to use the bathroom I definitely don't want to see you naked and finally point 3 I have a 3 year old to look after I don't think I have time to look after a 25 year old too" I said

"That is some good points" he said

I see dad and cyber walk in and dad doesn't look happy he looks angry and worried at the same time. They sit down on the sofa infront of me and breaker.

"Honey I need to tell you something" Dad said

"What is it dad I'm all ears" I said

"We have found out who attacked breaker it was the Red Dragons they are coming over here for a few days as they want at alliance with us" Dad said

"But they are dangerous dad. What if they try something or shot someone else I don't want them around Annabella and why the hell did they shoot breaker" I said

"She has a good point boss" Breaker said

"They shot breaker as he was getting to close to their merchandise they apologised they could try and do something but their prez is only bring 4 guys with him so we out number him lastly I won't let them get near Annabella I will get Hunter to stay by her side when she's around them" Dad said.

"Fine but if one of them trys to hurt my boys or my girl I won't hold back" I practically growl out.

"And if anyone trys it with our princesses we won't hold back" Breaker said

"Okay then but get ready they will be here in 1 hour" Dad said.

"Do you still want us to do our jobs today boss" Dagger asked

"Yes I do. Razor Dagger go collect our money and Reign go to the police station and talk to the captain you three need to be back within the hour" Dad said

"Can someone go get one of the prospects to make sure everything is in order around here. Someone needs to ring Hunter and tell him whats happening as I told him to take Annabella out I need to make sure this idiot doesn't get up and fuck about" I said pointing to breaker he rolls his eyes.

"Sure I'll see if Tats is around and I'll inform Hunter also" Cyber said

"Thanks cyber" I said

"No problem princess" he said.

I just hope Hunter keeps Annabella out a little while longer the prez off the Red Dragons is a pain in the ass. We try and keep Annabellas identity a secrate as my dad has a few enemies that will probably use her to get to him we can't risk it but with them coming here where we all live and where Annabella spends most of her time I hope they don't try anything because I will not stop at anything to protect my girl.

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