Someone In The Dark

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Never... never will they again. Never will they make the same mistake that cost more than it was worth. Because it wasn't worth her friends. It wasn't worth the ones she loved and trusted. Most of all it wasn't worth all the pain. She were kassie. Surprisingly she seemed like the only normal one at school. But not after dark. That's when it all changes. That's when she's no longer someone in the the dark but rather something in the dark...

Action / Fantasy
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Running through the forest again. I can feel the bronze, autumn leaves crack under my bare feat. a stinging feeling on my elbow after I graze it on the sandpaper like bark, of a birch. I'm not sure how fast i am but I'm faster than the rabbits. and faster deer I've past.

I'm going to see Kate again i told my self I shouldn't, that she'd be in another meeting or something. I had to. It was the dreams. They were keeping me awake again, its not like I had control anyway. Sometimes I don't even know I've left my house until I'd climbed up a tree somewhere, with strange creatures looking up at me like I waas even crazier than them.

I'm only about 2 miles away now. Some things to know about Kate are that she's very closed off to the world. she even faked her own death to be away from family. The only people she is still in touch with are me and the mafia. Her boyfriend (which I personally don't like) is Ace. Jet black, buz-cut hair with emerald eyes that look into you soul and acuse it felonies. The perfect playboy with ink enscribed words and pictures covering his arms and neck. He is one of the most powerful people in the mafia, if not the most. Which kind of makes Kate the first lady. And me...

Well, I don't now what I am. Only that I'm half a mile away now and freezing cold in my pajamas. Even people that know a lot about the supernatural don't have a clue about me.

I don't know who you are either. Maybe another voice in my head, or maybe I'm just talking to my self. I'm at kates now anyway.
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