Someone In The Dark

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Kate's House

I find myself frantically bashing the door. What was that? The tall slim trees creaking and mocking me. Blocking the grey sky. Then I lock eyes, with something..
It had bright almost glowing yellow eyes and a- "hey, kassie" I sing back around. "Kates upstairs." A sigh of relief escapes my chest as I realise its Ace. i completely ignore him and go straight into the living room where I know she will be.

She's there, reading a book, like always. "What are you reading?" I say and she flashes a look at me. "Its called im back fuckers" and she puts it down and looks at me "dreams?"
"Dreams." I reply
"Well sit down then." She says. I sit down without hesitation, yet my face is still blank. "Oh my god, this is serious isn't it?" I nod my head at her in agreement. "Tell me, what are your dreams about? You still haven't told me." Kate stares in to my eyes and sighs.

"I'm not sure if makes sense, but... when I have dreams they're vivid and not the sort of vivid you hear about," I'm looking back at everything I can remember. trying to find a way to sugar coat the truth.
"What are they then?"she says.
"I don't know,"
"What do you mean you don't know?"
"I cant tell the difference"
"The difference?"
"The difference between real life and my dreams" I started shaking and so did my voice."I... I don't know if I'm still in one or not. It all just seems like one big dream."

"Well, I'm gonna' leave you two alone now" Ace says then peels of the door frame and walks into the hallway. Kate whippes her head around and then turns back and looks at me raising her eyebrows."Am I the only one who didn't know he was there?" She says.
"I don't know" I say my voice still croaky and sore. Kate burrows her eye brows with a concerning expression and looks at my eyes. Switching from eye to eye trying to look into my soul. "I don't..."
"What are you on about?" Kate says dimming her voice.
"I don't know..."
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