Your decision, My fate

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“Oh my, someone’s caught me~”

She menacingly watched me tremble, smiling softly with her eyes staring into mine. Her back was towards me, hands bloody from her deed. The lady laid dead on the floor, her intestines all over the room’s walls.

I never would’ve guessed Saph was a type to go on a rampage with her calm demeanor displayed to everyone else, making a fool of us...

“Well, this is a perfect place to properly meet, new ally!”

She walked over, her steps slow but heavy. The crimson blood dripped from her mouth, adding to her already terrifying looks. I closed my eyes, ready to feel her sharp claws penetrate my neck.

“Oh, don’t be so scared! You would’ve been bored of life anyway, so thank me after this...”

She leaned closer to my face, her dark-red hair gently touching my cheek. Saph’s tainted finger supported my chin, forcing me to face her. Pinching my cheek, her silent chuckle sent shivers down my entire body. Saph had complete control over me, and just the thought of it scares me... Why hasn’t she killed me yet? It would be easier that way for both of us.

“You might not realize it yet, but your body stands out the most to me. The potential you hold is just what I’ve been looking for...Angelo? That’s a cute name for a monster~”

She stood up, leaving my head to collapse onto my chest. She deeply glared at me from above, her claws sharpening again. I guess this is it for me, huh? And so much for a new start.

“Well, see you soon...Angelo.”

She pulled back her arm, jabbing my heart with her hand. My vision blurred, I was fainting. It hurt all over, but I wasn’t dying. What then? I was unconscious, how the fuck am I not dead...?

The morning sunshine bathed my skin, warming up my face. I was awake! My body is still aching, but not as bad. I sat up on the bed I was sleeping on. What in the world happened...? I grabbed my head in pain, trying to recall memories. Looking around the room, I noticed it wasn’t mine. It was empty except for the bed and some dusty boxes.

I was shirtless, only now realizing my chest was bandaged up. Slowly laying back down, I tried not to strain my wound, if you can even call it a wound. I had no energy at all, might as well get some more sleep.

“Oi! Wake yo’ ass up!”

The door of the small room was clashed with the white walls, scaring the half-asleep me. I squinted at the person, recognizing it was Saph. So I’m still bound to her pinky, eh?

“Get up, we gotta get you someone to eat. I’ll explain later, anyways put this on!”

As she threw me some clothes, I almost fell from the bed catching them. Can you please aim better next time? Wait, isn’t she a cannibal...? Ah well, it’s better than working at an office for the rest of my life. Also...someone?! I don’t like the sound of that...

Saph left the room, closing the door shut. Why does she have to be so loud? People are trying to sleep, you tyrant! This situation is so fucking ridiculous! Why am I not reacting like I usually would? This whole cannibal thing isn’t normal at all!

This is all so weird. Is she one of those ‘people of hell’ or whatever they’re called? Does that mean I transformed into one as well?! Jesus Christ all I wanted was a well-paid job, what the fuck have I gotten myself into this time...

The clothes she gave me were my clothes. How did she know where I lived? You know what, I have time to ask her, just change already!

Carefully putting my shirt and jacket on to not hurt the literal hole in my chest, I shortly exited the small room. Walking down the hallway, I looked around for Saph. She couldn’t have possibly disappeared and left me alone, please no.

Suddenly popping out from god knows where Saph frightened me again. What’s the deal with her? I’m gonna have a hea- cardi- ah fuck it...

She giggled, hiding her lips behind her palm.

“Why so on edge? That kind of pussy attitude ain’t gonna mix well in called-out fights, you know?”

How wouldn’t I be on edge when you’re constantly trying to scare me?

“Is this your house?”

I quietly asked, my throat was throbbing. Who knows what she’s treated me with, I could go and ask around the black market for that one!

“Yea. Come on, we gotta head out!”

Violently grabbing my wrist, Saph dragged me out of her house. Locking the door behind us we headed out into the town.

“Where are you taking me?”

I looked at her in concern. The next thing I know she’ll make me do some criminalistic bullshit. Well, my job is done for so I might as well take my new role in society more seriously. As I’ve heard from what little information the government let out the ‘people of hell’ can’t survive by eating normal food, they have to eat people to not starve to death. Disgusting...

“Behind the curtains. Or to be more specific, I’m gonna teach you how to kill. Otherwise, you’re gonna fucking die!”

Saying that she put on a big smile. What a psychopath.

“Why do you even insist on teaching me these things...?”

She stayed quiet, the traffic muffling our footsteps.

“When a woker transforms a human, by our law they have to take the person in as an apprentice. Therefore, I have to teach you everything I know. That’s just how it is...!”

I have a feeling that that ‘teaching’ is going to be quite tiresome. At least it isn’t gonna be boring from now on...

Saph suddenly pulled me into the narrow streets in between the buildings. What now...?

“I know it’s kind of the start of the day, but people are less suspicious if we massacre someone now. When night falls, wokers fight for food anyway and I don’t want you getting killed right off the bat...!”

Hearing that felt a little harsh, but the harsh part is that it’s true. I have no idea how to even ‘activate’ the woker’s features, much less how to actually fight! All I’ve been doing is studying for my job, not training!

A person appeared out of nowhere, pointing a gun at us. His expression was a mix of anger and fear. Seems like he overheard us...

“You fucking monsters! I wish you never even existed!"

When he almost pulled the trigger, my body reacted on its own. My arm turned white and my claws were now tainted in red, just like when Saph and I properly met. I had smashed his head against the wall. His right eyeball hung from his eye socket. His tongue dangled lifelessly. The right half of his brain slushed around in between my fingers. The blood dripped from my elbow, coloring what was left of his face. Some of the skull broke up and penetrated the rest of the brain.

“I’m a bit surprised but, I guess that’s gonna be your first meal...!”

Saph wasn’t smiling this time, she had a sad look to her. Her hand rested on her chest, her mouth slightly gaped.

“Isn’t this what I was supposed to do?”

For such an outgoing person, it made even me sad when she was quiet like that.

“I was a person once too, but that was years ago. It makes me wonder if the newly-transformed have at least that slight bit of humanity left. All the newbies I’ve trained so far have hesitated big time when it came to killing a person. Seeing how you gave absolutely no fucks when taking his life is a bit...depressing.”

I only acted upon my instinct though...

“I will ask you only this once, why is being a woker so bad...?”

I clenched my fists in anticipation. From how she’s acted up until now, anybody would’ve thought it isn’t that bad that she confessed her thoughts, it concerns me a bit about what the future of this life holds...

“I know that my tone is quite misleading, but I won’t sugarcoat it. This life is hard. You have to constantly kill innocent people just to keep yourself alive. It’s frustrating! I have been doing this for a long time but it feels awful every time! I hate the smell, the gore! I hate that every time I care for my survival, I also have to worry about anybody seeing what the hell I’m doing! I hate this life and this blood! I, in all honesty, wish I never met the person who turned me into this...THING!”

She turned around, sobbing into her hands. I wanted to comfort her, but I would just turn out a weirdo. We barely know each other, I can’t just say whatever because I don’t know what would comfort her. Ugh, it’s hard to hear her silent cries...

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