Your decision, My fate

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“Looks like we have spectators.”

I nodded, wiping blood from my lips. It was a strange sensation, but it also brought me satisfaction. Seems like I have very much become what people fear the most in this era. Feels tedious.

“Killing them would give unnecessary attention, let’s just go.”

Following Saph, we slipped from their sight between the narrow streets. Maybe they have already found the poor guy, rather what’s left of him. Right now, all I care about is that we don’t end up getting caught. We reek of blood, after all, small talk wouldn’t do much.


We stopped, a little out of breath. She turned her attention to me as I sighed.

“Can we go to my apartment for now?”

Saph smiled devilishly, giggling in that low tone. She confuses me quite a lot, makes me wonder why I trust her even at this moment. To be fair, she took me in as her apprentice but...I already chose to push her out of my life now that she made mincemeat out of it.

“Oh-ho? Isn’t it a bit soon to ask me that?~”

This lady- Ah whatever, she can take that question however she wants. I don’t really care what she thinks of me. As long as I get to my apartment, I’ll be able to stand her attitude...

And to think she was crying twenty minutes ago. And what was with my urge to comfort someone? This transformation is such a pain.

“Listen, Saph. I never agreed to be your apprentice, I never wished for this shit! I want to go back home and live on, of course, with these changes...”

She had a dissatisfied look about her. This bitch just can’t, huh?

“I won’t let you do that.”

Oh, fuck you! You literally ruined me and my life! How the hell can’t you put two and two together!

“Why not? I don’t really care about your law or whatever religion you follow...”

Saph angrily got a hold of my shoulder. What now you crazy bitch? I looked at her into her dark eyes.

“I’m done playing nice. I don’t really care about your life either, I care about the rest of my kind more than I could ever care for your ass. Listen to me carefully, Angelo! You’re one of the better collections, a woker of big potential. Do you honestly think I’ll let you slide when you could be serving us on the battlefield? Hell no! I’ll train you to your best even if it takes decades. I’m not giving you up just like that. Asther will be pleased with the treasure that I found...”

Chills traveled through me from that entire speech. Looks like we’re both selfish in our own ways, that’s not a good know?

Letting go of my shoulder, she swiftly turned her back to me. I’ll be real, she’s kind of badass. I’m a bit excited, makes me smirk~

I noticed some new things in her fiery speech, might as well just ask.

“You mentioned battlefields, the fuck’s that all about? The nuke button wasn’t pressed, was it?”

She giggled at my reference. Continuing her walk, I joined her for the sake of it.

“We’re at war with another species, though they don’t make themselves famous. They’re the government’s pets only made to get rid of us, who don’t obey those shits. That’s why we’re all looking for future allies and try our hardest to get the best ones. I’m sorry for my selfish reasons but, more and more of us are getting killed every day. It’s better to stay with us and guard our kind now than being on your own and getting assassinated...don’t you agree?”

Oh fuck, they have history! Too late to back out now, once picked and now a future soldier for a worldwide despised species...! I could seriously use a luck boost-

“You should’ve told me the story from the start, I’m not that heartless.”

I looked to the side as I felt her gaze of disbelief. I mean, not like I wanted to forget you after getting the basics or anything.

“So? Who’s this Asther...?”

That’s a pretty unique name, maybe the same will be told for the person. God knows what kind of people I will encounter now that things are getting interesting~

“Asther is the chosen leader. Since being a leader of an entire species is not all luxury, not many volunteered. He was one of the only few and everybody agreed with him. He’s strange, but a good leader. He takes care of matters as quickly as possible, he hates things piling up. As stuck-up as he sounds, he’s fun to be around and overall a carefree person around others.”

I bet my life he’s a pretty boy. It just radiates from that description. He sounds like a chill guy too, I’ll see if I meet him.

We were finally out of the maze of streets, now on a sidewalk in the center of the city. This is bad. There are thousands of people all around, and it’s not like we showered a few minutes ago...

“The hunters are looking for us, seems like we’ll have to run!”

Saph laughed in excitement, turning right. I have no other choice, do I? I began running after her, I don’t know this city so I hope she does. If this is how it’s going to be every day, running away from things...I would rather sleep six feet under.

I understand why they do it, but it’s annoying as hell! Maybe being the hated species won’t be as peaceful as I thought. Even if you hide in the shadows, there’s always the risk of getting caught eating someone’s brain behind a corner. In this day and age, they’d just have to have some sort of machine to detect the problematic.

Anyways, now that we’re being chased I seriously doubt we’ll get to my apartment. Fuck! All my money’s there! Saph looked back at me, smirking with her eyes half-closed. I could feel her blood-lust, poor hunters...

I immediately stopped in my tracks. I did not wish to interfere, for I am not familiar with their tactics. The woman followed my lead, getting a closer look at their equipment.

“What? They’re not all that. Ehhhh I don’t feel like killing them now...”

She was annoyed that her prey wasn’t at least fun to play with. At least she gets to kill people, what’s she so disappointed about?

“But you know what? I’ll have to cause quite a commotion, be ready to run for hours...!”

Her hands tensed up, turning white just like mine did. I guess it’s what comes with the power~

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