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What really in the Family Jones house, on Sunday, 16 February 1992? Did Jessica really murder his husband and she was trying to kill her own daughter to? or she was frame for everything and she was only defending herself? Did Isabella really saw her mother stab his father that night and she was trying to kill her to? or she's was only make things up? What really happen on that brutal night!!

Action / Mystery
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Sunday, 16 February 1992
21;15 O'clock

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Hello, my name is Robert Thomas. Am reporting some strange noise in my neighbour house. It look like they're fighting."

"Describe the noise you're hearing please!!"

"It sound like things crashing. They are yelling, screaming and they all go quiet with a loud bang. Like something fall down pretty hard."

"How long you're hearing those noises, before the loud bang?"

"For about 25minutes!!"

"Okay!! Am sending the police over their, to make sure that they're okay."

"Okay!! Thank you so much. Bye."

10minutes after Robert call the police. Two policeman arrived to the Family Jones house. They knock on thee in front door, but no answer the door. The knocks again, but still no answers. The began to heard grumbling noise inside the house. So they kick the door and the door open wide.

They saw Charles lifeless body, laying in front the staircase. He was bleeding behind the head. He apparently had two stab wounds. One in his leg and one in his chest. But the way his body was position. It look he broke his neck.

They also saw Jessica on Isabella, beside Charles decease body. She was struggling her daughter and threaten to kill her in rage. They removed Jessica on Isabella and handcuff her.

Isabella gasp for air, she burst in tears and shaking with fears. She kept on saying, "mommy kill daddy and want to killed me to." The police bring Jessica to the Police Station, for further questioning. But Jessica didn't answers any of their questions. She look like she was in her own world and had no conscious of anything around her.

The child protected service, put Isabella in the foster care. To found a new home for her.

The Judge decided to sent Jessica in the Psychiatric Hospital. Because they were having a hard time, to get the side of her story. She was not talking and eating. She was only stare in the ceiling. She look like she was not in her right state of mind.
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