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Three Year later...

Monday, 27 March 1995

"Okay Jessica Jones. Are you ready to tell me, what happen on Sunday, 16 February 1992?"

Jessica didn't answer back. She was watching the clock ticking. Like she was in her own world and everything around her is on silent mode.

The phycologist therapy said. "Jessica, you're been admitted in the Psychiatric Hospital for 3years. You're not progressing and you even not participating in daily activities. I can't help you, if you continued not talking."

Jessica still didn't answer back.

The doctor said, "Jessica, I know you can hear me. But, you had to set your self free. Trust me, I can help you. Please tell me, what really happen on that night?"

Jessica said to her with a murmur voice. "I'd no ideas, what you're talking about."

The doctor said. "In the police report, they said. They saw your husband lifeless body, laying in front the staircase. He was bleeding behind the head. He also had two stab wounds. One in his right leg and one in his chest. But, the cause of his death. Falling backward on the top stairs, that cause him broke his neck. They also said. They saw you beside your husband deceased body. You was struggling your daughter and threaten to kill her. But, when they removed you on her and handcuff you. Isabella gasp for air and burst in tears. She kept on saying, mommy kill daddy and want to killed me to."

Jessica roll her eyes and made a chuckle. "Hahahaha!! So, you believed all those nonsense they said on me?"

"No Jessica, I don't believe. Because, I know you didn't meant to hurt you daughter that night. I also know, you didn't killed your husband. But you're taking the blame for everything and you are covering for someone. The problem you're not sharing to anyone, what really happen on that night."

"How do you know, I didn't meant to hurt my daughter or didn't killed my husband? You're not relatives or even one of my closest friends."

The doctor put her hand on hand Jessica, she said. "Because I'm a mother to. I can see through your eyes. That you truly loved your family and you'll sacrificed everything for them. Including your own life."

"Where's my daughter?" Jessica asked her with a dominant voice.

The doctor said, "The Child Protected Service, took her in to the foster care. She's doing very well and they're searching a new home for her."

Jessica was getting agitated, she said. "That little snake. She's the reason why my husband is 6feets underground and why I'm sitting here today."

The doctor was stunned. She asked her, with a unbelieving voice. "What you're trying to said. Isabella killed his own father and frame you to?"

Jessica look her straight in the eyes. "Yes, she did."

"But--but how? She was only 10years old back then. What happen?"

Jessica slouch herself on her chair and said. "So, you had no ideas. What kind of monster that little brat are? She had a mind of a devil, a strength twice her age and a cold bloody killer heart. But I can't blame her for everything. Because she was born curse."

"What happen for her to born curse?"

Jessica lay on a coach and the doctor took a sit beside her on a sofa. She began to tell her stories.
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