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I remember everything, like is just happen yesterday morning. Our stories began 14years ago. On Friday, 05 March 1982.

It was a stormy night. Charles was driving in a small neighborhood and I was sitting beside him in the passenger seat. We was going to saw Madam Lily. Because we had a appointment with her, at her house.

When we arrived. Charles park the beside the sidewalk, because Madam Lily didn't had a driveway. We took our umbrellas on the backseat, covers ourselves and we ran on Madam Lily porch.

Charles ring the doorbell. The door slight open and a old lady frown at us. He approach the door and asked her. "Hello, good evening!! Are you Madam Lily please?"

The old lady said, "yes, am her and you're?"

"Sorry ma'am, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Charles Jones. This is my wife Jessica Jones. We'd a appointment with you."

Madam Lily was very furious with us, for being so late. She said, "huh, you're late." So I apologize to her. "We truly sorry for being so late ma'am. We got lost on the way. Please forgive us."

Madam Lily close her door.

"Did she open her door again?" The doctor asked Jessica.

Jessica said, "Yes_she did!!" She unlock the latching lock and open the door. She told us to come in. We said thank you and we enter inside.

She told us to put our umbrellas, in a basket behind the door. She also told us, to removed our shoes and put beside that basket. We was standing on the carpet in the forye area. She said, "wait for me here, I'll be right back." She left us on that carpet and go upstairs.

I whispers to Charles very slowly. "Wooow, that is a creepy house." Charles whispers to me, "I was thinking the same things to. Those pictures and decorations, are so creepy and scary.'

I began to felt anxious and wonders if it's a good ideas to came here. So I asked Charles, "do you think it's a good ideas to came here?"

Charles was confused, he asked me, "why you said that honey?"

"I don't know love!! Is just am having a bad feeling. That something will go horribly wrong, If we continued this process. It made me feel scared and uncomfortable."

Charles held my hand and courage me. "There's nothing to get worried or scared love, am right here with you. Nothing bad will happen to us, just had faith. Remember, she's our last hope."

"I know love!! Is just I can't stop myself, to not got the ominous feeling." We heard footsteps coming down on the staircase. Charles said to me in a hurry, "shhhhh, she's coming. She might heard us."

Madam Lily came to the forye area, with two towels in her hand. She gave one each, to wipe raining water on us. After we finish wipping ourselves. We followed her into the living room, she said. "Please, take a sit!!"

Charles and I. We sat beside each others, on a two sit sofa. Madam Lily sat on her big arm chair, crossed her arms and asked us. "Tell me what's going on and why you want to see me?"

I explain to her, with in tears in my eyes. "We'd been married for 18years. We lived a happy life together and we're been bless with so many things in our life. But, one things that we're not getting bless with and we are still seeking for one, Is our own child."

I wipe the tears on my cheeks, Charles embrace me and I continued. "We're been trying to conceive a baby for all our life. We did everything in our powers, just for me to got pregnant. But I unfortunately, I can't get pregnant. So we came to see you. To asked you, if you can help please us."

Madam Lily ask me, some couple questions. "What you do for living?"

I said, "I had my own Coffee Shop and his a Dentist."

"How long you're been trying to conceive a baby?"

"For about 16years!!"

"Had you seen any doctors, for the complications that you're facing?"

"Yes, we did!!"

"What did they tell you?"

"They said there's nothing with us. Maybe is not the right time. We also followed every procedures they us, nothing work."

"But If the doctors is not able to helping you. What made you guys thinks, that I'll be able helped?" Madam Lily was curious.

Charles said to her. "Many people said, that you're the best Witch Doctor in the world. You help many in needs. Mostly all of them, came out successful. So we was thinking, maybe you can help us conceive a baby to." We was so desperate, we start to begging her. "Please help us, please. You're our last hope. Please help us."

Madam Lily knew. That she'll be need to evoked the Demon's, to gave us a baby. The results wouldn't be good. The child will be born curse, because her sacrifices. But she heard desperation in our voice and sadness in our eyes. She felt really bad for us, so she agreed to help us.

We was so overjoyed and we thanked her. She said, "okay, now we're going to work. Go inside that closet, removed your clothes and accessories. Leaved everything inside and come back here."

"Do we needs to removed all our clothes on us?" Charles asked her with a shy voice.

Madam Lily made a chuckle, shook her head and said. "No, I don't want to got flash with your tool. What I meant, both of you removed everything. But, stays only in your underclothes."

We felt relief when she said that way. We got up on the sofa and go inside that closet. We removed our clothes and accessories. I put our accessories inside my handbag and hang my bag on a coat stand. Including our clothes.

We got out of the closet. Madam stood up and asked us. "Are you guys ready?" We didn't answer back. She said, "okay follow me." We followed her upstairs to a room, on the second floors. She held the door handle and warn us. "Don't, touch anything." She open the door and told us to enter.

Our hair stand up on the backs of our necks, when we look in the corners of that room and on the wall. We saw different kind of Demon sculptures, pictures, statues and drawing. Different kind of tools, objects, books, voodoo things and insects in the jars.

She said to us, in a loud tone of voice. "Don't be afraid, had faith in me." She told us to kneeling sitting, with our faces turn to each others. She told us to relax ourselves, don't speaks to each others, kept our eyes close and had faith in her words.

She wear a black robe on her, with a red rope around her waist. She tied a black and red scarf on her head. She light up two black candles and she put in the middle Charles and I, including a baby doll.

She start making us cycles. Same shaking a brown water on us, with a small feather dust. She took, two cobras snakes in a vase. She put on our necks and worship it. She read a scripture in a big red book with us. She took three black chickens, chop their heads and pour the blood all over our heads.

The procedures goes for about 3hours. She sent us in a bathroom on the first floor, to clean ourselves. She brings our clothes and shoes, to us in the bathroom. She told us when we are finish, come back to the living room.

After we finish cleaning ourselves. We go back to the living room. Madam Lily gave us a small bottle of medicine, that she arrange herself. She instructed us, "drinks this for 1week only, 2times daily. But start tomorrow morning and you'll all saw your results. You may go no now." I took the medicine in her hand, I wrap it in a plastic bag and I put inside my handbag.

"How much is arrive please?" Charles asked Madam Lily.

She think and said, "40k." Charles removed his wallet in his pocket, count the money in front of her and gave her.

Madam lily said, "sorry, I don't took money in hand. Put inside that gold bowl on the table please." Charles put her money inside that gold bowl, we thanked her for everything, we left Madam Lily house and drive home.

For the 1week goes by. We did exactly what Madam Lily instructed us to do. We wait for our results, with anxious.
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