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2months later...

I was vomiting and felt dizzy for couple days. I couldn't kept anything in my stomach and I was having severe pain in my abnormal. Charles was getting worried for my health. He was thinking maybe I had a viral infections or I ate food poisoning. So, he decided to bring me to the hospital. To do some check-up, to make sure I was okay.

The doctor took some blood samples, to do some tests and he also took urine sample, to see if there's no infections in it. But, both of my tests came back positives for pregnancy.

"How do you felt back then. When the doctor told you, you're pregnant?" The doctor asked Jessica.

Jessica said to her with a happy voice. It was the best moments in our life, to found that we're expecting a baby. We was so estatic to see our new born. After 16years of trying to conceive a baby, finally our wishes came true.

On 18 February, 1983, 2;45am. We welcome a beautiful and healthy baby girl in the world. We name her, Isabella Evelyn Jones.

But, we had no ideas. We also welcome a Wicked Child in the world. That'll brings only but troubles for us. We her anger, selfishness, evil-minded, cruelness and violence.
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