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Because one Saturday afternoon. I was at work and Charles was home with Isabella. Charles made lunch for him and Isabella. He stood in the living room and shout. "Isabella, come downstairs to eat."

Isabella came to the dining room, they sat at the dining table and had their meals together. But that day. Isabella didn't want to eat her vegetables. She was eating only her rice, with her strew chickens. She was pushing her vegetables on the side of her plate.

Charles was looking at her, he said. "You'll eat all that vegetables you're pushing on the side of your plate."

She said, "I don't want to!!" She kept on pushing it. Charles repeat himself, "I said, you eat all your vegetables."

Isabella made her voice louder and slower. "I said, I don't want to and you can't force me to eat."

Charles said to her. "Eat your vegetable and stop persisted with me." Isabella yell at him. "I said, I don't want to and stop bothering me."

Charles was getting irrated, he said. "Excuse me? I'm your father and I deserve some respect. When I said something, you need to obey. Eat your vegetables and don't play with my passions missy."

"Or else what?" She asked him with a dominant way.

"Are trying to talking back at me?"

She look at him in the eyes and said. "Yes, I'm and what you're going to doing in this case?"

Charles was so furious, he push his chair backward. He stood up and shout. "Thats it, go to your room." Isabella kept sitting on her chair and play deaf on him. Charles slam the dining table loud with anger and asked her in rage. "Are you deaf or something? I said, go to your room."

Isabella lean on the table and said, "made me!!" Charles grab her arm, to drag into her room himself. She bit him on the hand and ran into the kitchen. Charles ran behind her and shout. "Isabella, come back here!!"

Isabella grab a butcher knife on the sink. She turn and point that knife straight on him. She threaten him with that knife, with a quaver voice. "If you touch me, I swear I'll stab you with that knife." She was staring at him with a wide-eyed and a scowl face. She was breathing fast with a groaning noise.

Charles startled and his heart was pounding really fast. He was shaking with fear and he beg her with a trembling voice. "I--I--Isabella, puu-put, th--th--that, knife down." Isabella kept on pointing that knife on him. Her eyes was pure black with anger. Charles can sense the anger around her. He was so frightened. He beg her again, his time calmly. "Isabella, can you please put that knife down?"

Isabella lift that knife up very slowly. She ran towards his father, to stab him in his stomach. Charles freak out and shout. "Isabella nooooo." He grab her arm and squeeze it with all his strength. Isabella drop that knife in her hand on the floor. Charles pick up knife really fast and throw it in the sink. She gave his father a two inches smile, with a deep evil look on her face. She go back to the dining table, sit back on her chair and continue to had hear meal. But she still didn't eat her vegetables.

Charles stood in the dining room and he was staring at her like he saw a ghost. He was frozen with fear and couldn't believe his eyes. Isabella finish had her meal. She wipe her mouth with her tissue and gave him a beautiful smile on her face. She asked him very nicely. "Daddy I finish, can I had a chocolate please?"

Charles didn't know what to say or do. He was so scared and felt everything happen out of the blue. He was only thinking to himself. "Did my 7years old daughter, threaten me with a knife and almost stab me to. She had no remorse for it." He think about that crazy event all day.

Even I came home after work. I remark on his face, there's something are bothering him and he also look disquieted. I kept asking him, to tell me what's going on. But, he didn't answer back.
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