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Later on that night, after I put Isabella to bed. I go to my bedroom. I saw Charles laying on the bed and he was reading a book. I sat in front of the dressing table, I took my square hair brush and brushing my hair. Same time I was looking at Charles in the mirror. I asked him, "are you still not going tell me, what are bothering you?" He didn't answer back, because he was fixed to the wall. I shout, "Charles, Charles. Am talking to you."

He sight, "mmmmm, what did you tell me?" I asked you, "if you still not going telling me, what are bothering you?" He asked me, "what made you thinks, there's something are bother me?"

I put my hair brush on the dressing table and I said. "It's simple, you're reading your book upside down for about 20minutes. You're not realise it, because you're in a deep imagination. Please tell me, what's going?"

Charles put his book on the bedside table. He told me what Isabella did earlier and how frightened he was. I didn't answer back. He asked me. "Are you not going to said something?"

I took my body lotion and moisturise my self. I said, "is just a child, Charles. I roll my eyes. Charles said to me, "a child? She almost stab me with a knife. If I didn't held her hand, I don't know what will happen to me."

I was so upset that she left mark on Isabella, so I said. "Ooooh. So this is why I saw handprint on her arm earlier? Do you think you're over reacted Charles? You can react another way, without hurting her."

Charles was getting irrated, he said. "I saw a knife coming straight on me. What do you expected to do, invited her tea party? I didn't meant to hurt her or left any mark on her. But I freak out and everything happen so fast. I was just defending myself."

I still couldn't not believe that Isabella make him that frightened, the way he was talking or she did it intentionally. So I asked him, "She's only 7years old. How frightened she made you Charles?"

He said, "If you only saw her eyes earlier and the way she was breathing. Am pretty sure, she will scared the crap out of you to."

"Maybe if you didn't scared her, none of these will be happen."

He yell. "Am his father Jessica, I need some respects. She was misbehave and I need to discipline her. Also, I will never blaming you or judge you. If you was defending yourself or discipline her. Because those kind behaviours, I will never tolerated. Also, you suppose to be on my side."

"I'm not taking anyone side, am just saying the facts."

"What are you doing right now? Tell me, if your mum was the babysit her earlier and she did this to her. You'll still standing here and defending her bad attitudes?" He turn his back with me. He was pissed off and very disappointed with me.

I can hear the frustrated in his voice. I felt really bad for judging him. So I put my body lotion on my dresser and sat behind on the bed. I apologize to him for acting reckless. I promise him the first things tomorrow morning, I'll talk to Isabella. I switch off the light in our room and we go to sleep. The next day. I made Isabella apologize to his father. Charles forgave her and he try to put what yesterday behind him.
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