Killer's Change

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Luke Shipman, 17, senior in highschool. Killer looks and body but behind the naive handsome devil is a man that has no hesitation with a gun. When hes told to live across the country he is put in a small town hoping to not he found. While there be meets Kim, a girl who's been trained to fight but never had to use it. What happens when Luke's found by the people after him, and will he change for Kim?

Action / Romance
Dion Marks
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My blade went through his flesh with no resistance. His pleas for his life finally stopped. The only sound is of him drowning in his own blood. With a thump of his body hitting the floor the house was finally silent besides the drip of blood running along the floors. I stepped over the body and out the library doors where two more bodies lay with bullets between their eyes. The whole house is littered with dead bodies from my entry. The mission is over, I can leave and return to base camp.

When I get to the front door Fern is already there to clean up the mess. We can't make this look like an accident so we went with a more reasonable approach, blowing it up. Fern has already placed explosive devices around the house and held the remote out to me to do the honors. I grab the remote and keep walking back to my bike. Fern follows and climbs into his truck and we take off down the drive way. Once we reach the end of the drive way I stop and look back at the house, then push the button and watch as the whole place goes up in smoke and flames. This wasn't my first mission and it wouldn't be my last, my last will be when I'm killed. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and life for life, I couldn't expect to live forever.

When we reach base camp I go to my room and shower. I strip out of my black clothes with blood dryed and flaking off. I look at myself in the mirror, I'm of average height at 6'1'' with black hair, the only thing that stands out with me is my eyes which are a striking steel grey like my blades and the scars that liter my body from training or from missions, I don't know anymore. To the outside world I'm Luke Shipman a highschool senior who has strict parents who have money.

To Boss I am the closest thing to a son she's ever had. To the people on the other side of my blade I'm "The Kid", the killer who can take down an entire security team without breaking a sweat. I've been trained to kill since I was a kid, Boss found me beaten and starving on the street after one of her meetings and took me in, from then on she trained me to kill without mercy and to love no one and nothing.

My first kill had been before I met Boss and she probably knew that but she never said anything about it. Boss's real name was Angelina De Latour and it suited her for being a 5'9'' blonde with blue eyes and a model's body. Where Boss didn't confront her target by force she used her "assets" to her advantage and would lure her prey into her trap without fail, I preferred my prey to know I was coming, to try and hide with fear blazing through their veins just to meet the same fate they would have if they just gave in to begin with.

When I step out of the shower I had a video call with Boss to tell her of the mission success. Fern, whose real name was Jake Lorans, was already on the call with Boss when I stepped into the livingroom. "Kid I want you home in 2 days, I have something we need to talk about." Boss said before I even got a word out. "The targets dead and there was no witness or evidence left behind. I'll leave for home in the morning." I said walking past Fern and to the kitchen where I poured myself a black cup of coffee. Fern and Boss exchanged a few more words before ending the call. "How the hell do you expect to sleep tonight when you're drinking a cup of coffee?" Fern asked me looking agitated at my choice of drink. "Well we didn't pack any whiskey or scotch for this trip so I need something to drink and you know damn well I don't drink water." Fern just shook his head and reached into the fridge for a bottle of water. "I'll wipe this place down and head home after you leave since you're gonna leave tonight, right?" I had to let the twitch of my lips trying to make a smile show them selves, Fern and I might not be blood but he knew me the best after the Boss since he was older than me when I was brought in. "Yes, I'm leaving after I change clothes. I'll leave you my bag but take everything else." Fern only nodded his head in acknowledgement of my response before disappearing down the hall into his room.

An hour and a half later I was dressed in jeans, boots, a black t-shirt, and my leather jacket. I had two guns clipped to the back of my belt along with two blades. There was another gun and knife in my boot. I was ready to hit the road and head home.

Home was in Virginia and I was in Missouri. With the custom gas tank on my bike I could make it home in one day, maybe less, with only one stop for a refill. One perk of my job was that I got to see the country and somtimes travel abroad to take care of business. At this point I'd seen all of the states and most of Europe, Asia, Australia, and other smaller countries. Boss hired teachers to teach me other languages, my favorite of them all to speak being Italian and my favorite written being Latin even if it was a dead language.

As I pulled onto the highway I took count, make, model, and license plate of every car around me. Doing my job made me enemies and I knew that, that's why I always took survey of my surroundings. Someone looking in might call me paranoid but someone who lived and worked in the shadows knew what I was doing. As the moon started to set I went into limbo made, that middle place where you are on auto pilot and your actions are mechanical.

The rumbling of my stomach made me zone back in. The rumbling made me look down at my gas gauge making me notice that I was low on gas. The sun was almost at it highest point in the sky. That would mean I had been on the road for at least eleven hours. As I make my way towards the off ramp I notice a modern town car that's been following me since I left. If the tinted windows and the unmarked plates are a sign I'd say they were after me wanting to see where our homebase was or to kill me. I pull into the dirtiest, cheapest, run down dinner I could find and climb off my bike like I haven't noticed them following me. When I reach the door I open it and walk in to find a place to sit, there's a booth in the back where I can have my back to the wall and face the door. After I was seated two men who looked worse for wear walked in scanning the room with eyes landing on me. The taller of the two, whom I assume was leading their escapade, hit the other in the chest as they headed toward me. I slipped my left hand into my jacket and grabbed my pistol from it's holster. They both took seats on the other side of the table from me. "You know who we are?" Asked the leader while placing his hands clasped together on the table. "No I don't and I'd like it if the both of you left me to eat my meal and stopped following me." I calmly replied silently slipping the hammer of my pistol back. "The Kid has a mouth on him." The boss laughed while shaking his head.

He stopped laughing and got a serious look on his face. "You're young to be a killer, ain't ya? I would have thought that you would be in school somewhere being the star quarterback and screwing the head cheerleader. Well I guess alot of things don't seem as they should be. By the way how's Angelina?"

I could handle whatever they threw at me but talking about Angelina was something I would kill without hesitation for. I didn't love Angelina, she made sure of that, but she was the closest thing I had to family and was honest with me when no one else was. I straightened my back and squared my shoulders making myself look all the killer I am. "I would be every carefull what you say next, one of us has a .45 pointed at our middle and the other has his hands on the table. I'll let you figure out which is which." I said to him with a smile. I looked to his lackey who hadn't said anything this whole time. "Does your dog not talk, or is he to stupid to form a simple sentence?" The leader let out a growl. "I'd watch what you say if you dont want to die right where you are." He spat out with venom in his voice. He must be talking about the sniper in the back of the car they drove. I noticed him when he was moving in the car getting into position. "You mean the man in your car with his rifle pointed at me, yeah I seen him, I could probably shoot you and your friend while I make my way out the back and slit his throat. You know my name and you know who my Boss is, that only leaves me to believe you were hired to kill me and pick off my team." I looked up when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, it was a young waitress being pushed our way by the other workers. She slowly approached our table on trembling legs. "W-W-What can I-I-I get for y-y-you?" She stammered out looking down. "I'll take a coffee sweetheart." I told her in my dreamy guy voice, which made all the girls blush and swoon, inturn she did blush but as soon as the looked at the men sitting across from me her face paled. The men just shook they're heads. The young girl scurried off with speed that shouldn't be possible in her shoes and dress.

We stayed silent just staring at each other until the girl came back with my coffee. "Thank you." The girl turned getting ready to run off but I grabbed her wrist halting her escape. She turned around glancing nervously at the men sitting across from me. I let go of her wrist and pulled a $20 dollar bill out of my pocket and pushed it into her hand. "Keep it." I told her and gestured for her to leave. "Do you think she'd look at you the same way she does now if she knew what you did?" The short man asked, finally speaking his first words. "She'd never get the chance to know, she wouldn't even know my name. Some of us are better at our jobs than you two." My words must have hit a never with him because his face turned red. "Oh so my thought was correct, you might know my Boss's name but you dont know mine. Your employer didn't give you the information you needed to get me to comply to whatever game you're wanting to play." Again, my guess must have been right because neither man answered. I picked up my coffee cup and took a sip cringing at the horrid taste. "Should have guessed they wouldn't have good coffee. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be leaving and if you follow me again I'll kill all three of you." I stood, slipping my gun back into it's holster, with all eyes in the dinner on me I walked out.

When I got to my bike I looked back inside to see the man I talked to on the phone and the other watching me. I reached into my jacket and pulled out my sunglasses putting them on smiling to myself. I knew I still needed gas but I could make it to the next town over before having to stop again.
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