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NKOSANA ZWANE, PRINCE OF THE ZULU TRIBE HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AFTER HE PLAINTED GUILTY OF MURDERING A WELL KNOWN BUSINESS MAN MZWANDILE KHUSE" That sentence was a heard line of every daily dispatch, magazine, Internet, Television even on the social media. Nkosana who was supposed to be the next King of the Zulu tribe but was disowned because he fell in love with a girl his parents did not approve, he then worked as a taxi driver A taxi driver who is jailed for murdering his ex's husband who was known as a calm gentleman. Nkosana means Prince

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter One:Court Room

Help me lord to tell nothing but the truth" Nkosana repeated after the prostitutor

"Can you take me back to the day Mr Khuse was shot" said the prostitutor to Nkosana who was calm as the summer weather, he was wearing orange prison overall standing in front of the court for murdering his ex girlfriend's husband a well known business man Mr Mzwandile Khuse, Mrs Nomzamo Khuse's husband

"As the court please" Mr Ndaba is the prostitutor he hate Nkosana with all his guts, it is obvious that he hate him because he never hides his hatred towards him even when they were kids

Mr Ndaba and Nkosana knew each other way back when they were still in school, Nkosana was behind Ndaba with three grades meaning when Ndaba was doing grade 12 Nkosana was still in grade 8

"It was a sunny day" Nkosana said with a sad smile he carried on "I knew that Mrs Khuse was home that day and her family" he looked up as if he was stopping his tears from falling

"We all ears Mr Zwane" the prostitutor said
"I went there to talk with them I wanted answers she owed me, answers for all my questions she still owe me those answers" he breath in stopping his anger from escaping and cause chaos

"I needed answers I worked my ass out for her to be where she is right now she is what you see right now because of my sweaty ass, you know I sacrificed the crown for her. She promised not to turn her back on me but look at her now " He exhaled "What did he had that I didn't? The money? I..."He didn't finish what he was about to say because Ndaba cut him

"So you thought by killing Mr Khuse, you would be getting rid of the problem because he is the only one who was standing in your way" he shouted trying to trigger Nkosana's anger but sadly on his side Nkasana had already dealt with his anger

"I wasn't planning to kill him, it was a mistake I was just trying to scare him away but he was up for a fight I just wanted him to stay back" a tear escaped his left eye then his right eye followed within a second his cheeks were soggy

He looked up to prevent other tears from falling "all I wanted were answers" he said looking sad, his face was full of remorse

"I plaint guilty your honor I killed Mr Khuse, I committed a crime, I'm a murder your honor, Mr Ndaba is telling the truth" he said looking at Mr Ndaba who looked at him shock

"I'm an animal need to be locked away from the community, I stole a son, a father, a brother, husband, a friend and most of all I stole a soul am sorry Mrs Khuse for taking your son away from you"

"I don't have any further questions your honor" he bow them walked to his desk sat down

Nkosana's Lawyer Miss Michelle McGee stood up "As you heard your honor my client said it all it wasn't his intentions to shot Me Khuse all he wanted was answers it is sad that all of this happened if it was up to me I would say Mrs Nomzamo Khuse is also guilty for leading Mr Zwane" she said looking at Nomzamo with hatred

It was no secret that she hated Nomzamo with her all since she had what she wanted which is Nkosana's heart, only if she knew that Nkosana had no heart anymore all he had was hatred towards females

"All I want to say when you are sending him to jail, your sentence must consider the fact that he is a man who has his heart broken by the woman he sacrificed his all for left his birth right, worked day and night for her to go to varsity all he ever wanted was answers but it didn't go as he expected" she looked at Nkosana

"Am not saying what he did was right but as we all know it is against the law to promise a person marriage then go against your words later so even Mrs Nomzamo Khoza did break the law and in our defense please go easy on Mr Zwane as he is going to be a father" with that said she sat down leaving Nkosana shocked

He didn't know what she meant by "he is going to be a father" he remember clearly that he doesn't have a girlfriend or a fuck buddy and then it hit him that he once slept with Michelle.

She is pregnant with his child and he won't be there with him through out her pregnancy

"We will take a short break will be back in fifteen minutes all rise" everybody stood up they then walked out after the judge

"You pregnant?" Nkosana asked "we not going to talk about that" Michelle replied in a bored note

He looked at her then remembered how he shuted her when she wanted to talk about what happened few weeks back "Am sorry Michelle, so how many years do you think I'll be sentenced?" He asked

"Am thinking maybe 20years since it's your first crime and it wasn't your intentions" she said "20years that's long which means I'll miss 19years of my child's life"


"Nkosana Zwane you the court found you guilty of murder, then you are sentenced 10 years behind bars after 6years you can get parole" the court room when crazy "boom booom Order Advocate McGee asked if Mr Nkosana Zwane can sue Mrs Nomzamo Khuse for false promise of marriage and for spending his money on her and the court decided that he can sue her for default"

People who were in Nomzamo's side start cursing and shouting "boom boom silence in court, the case is closed no further evidence allowed all rise" and just like that the case was closed

Nkosana looked at the Khuse family with a smirk in his face people walked out he was still talking with Michelle when the Khuse passed by "6years is nothing I'll be back for you Nomzamo you'll know me this is far from over" he kissed Michelle's forehead

"GUILTY AS CHARGED TAKE ME AWAY OFFICER:WATCH OUT NOMZAMO I'LL BE BACK FOR REVENGE" he said with is bold scary voice only Nomzamo, Michelle and an officer who was near who heard him the officer looked at him

"Asambe sibotshwa(lets go prisoner)" he drag him out of the court room to the police van


Sorry for the errors am not good with court cases never been in court
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