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Poisoned love

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"you can't keep acting as if we can't do nothing right here, right now" he whispers into my ears. his hand roaming around my neck from behind. as he stood there couldn't shake off the feeling of him. "This isn't the time to do this, you know that. why can't you leave me alone?" I turned to him, looking into his grey eyes that were burning with a passion. He leaned into my face, making it seem like we were going to kiss. As I closed my eyes and leaned in too. I felt the warmth coming from his lips getting closer and closer. As I was expecting to feel his lips onto my lips, he didn't kiss me. "Like a snake, I'm poisoned by your love" ---------- this book is Afro-Latinos and African American based. update once a week or whenever

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Ok, I will come back to the hospital and finish up the operation. Thank you for this opportunity Dr. Holly” as I exited out the door. Following her down the hallway to the building exit.

“No problem, Aaliyah. You have been a great Intern at our program, I can see you in a couple of years as a doctor here in Seattle. Keep up the good work so you may go beyond the other interns.” Dr. Holly said. We stopped at the door before I made my exit.

“Thank you again, I’m glad I can have a mentor like you. It’s been so long since I was in this hospital” I said. Facing her face. Her expression was sincere. I love Dr. Holly. She is like a mother to me. Never giving up on me and teaching through the steps.

“Of course darling, I see potential in you. I help people achieve their dreams as long as they can still believe in themselves. I’m glad that when you left, you still decided to come back and to finish what you started.” she said, smiling at me. I looked down at my wrist to check the time and it was close to 3:30. My father wanted to meet up and discuss something. He rarely calls me so I wonder what this call is for.

“Thank you again, I must get going though. I will see you in two weeks. Tell the kids I say hey to them” I yelled as I walked out the building. I walked to the parking garage and looked for my car. a minute later I found my car. I unlocked the door and hopped in. Once I settled down in the car, I put it in reverse and backed out of the parking spot. 20 minutes later I arrived at my father’s house. I parked curbside since there were also two other cars parked in the driveway. They were both two black SUVs. I hopped out of the car and walked up the driveway to the front door. I took out my father’s house key and unlocked the door. I walked inside and heard chatter in the living room. I shut the door and locked it. I walked towards the chatter till I saw my father and 3 other men talking in the living room. They all stopped talking as soon as they noticed me. My father got up and headed towards me. He gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek, this tells me my father is up to no good.

“Aaliyah, baby girl glad you came back home early. I want you to meet these gentlemen. Cole, Santiago, and Ramòn meet my only child, Aaliyah “. As they stood up.

Cole looks aren’t bad. Standing tall, he has a short neck, slanted shoulders, toned arms, and large hands. a well-defined waist and bony hips, strong legs, and large feet. He has a lean face with a cleft chin with a handlebar mustache, and his little, alert eyes are hazel. His nose is large and he has angled lips. His particularly noticeable features are his intense gaze, his beauty mark.

Santiago’s features are just not it. Standing 6′ 4" tall, and lightweight with dark skin, this man has a threatening feel about him. He has dull, almond-shaped dark brown eyes, a flat nose, and a round chin. His short, curly, brown hair was worn as a short bob.

Ramòn looks like A1. This caramel-skinned man has a respectful feel about him. Standing tall, he has wide shoulders and strong arms, a thick torso, a straight waist, bony hips, and toned legs. His black hair is hip-length and thick and is worn in long braids. He has a narrow face, a softly shaped jaw with no facial hair, smooth cheeks, and small ears. His eyebrows are neat, and his small, soft eyes are light brown. His nose is small and he has thin lips.

“Ok so why am I meeting them?” Putting my bag on the couch.

“Well because you are getting married to Santiago. I want him to take my company and want him to marry you so you can continue the family leagues” he said. He looked at me giving a fake smile acting as if he cares.

“What do you mean by marrying? I’m only 22 and I have plans for my future. I need to finish what I have started here. this is my life, not yours to play with. you barley in my life then you pull this bullshit of a marriage ”

“Well, I’m sorry honey but business comes first. those plans are gonna have to wait for a while,” he said heading to the sidebar. He grabbed himself a glass and a bottle of whiskey. I frowned at him knowing how much alcohol affected our life.

“Father this is wrong, I will not be pushed into a forced marriage,” I yelled at him.

“Aw, baby girl, don’t worry, you’ll be fine with me,” said Santiago, trying to touch my cheek. I turned my head away from his hand and glared at him.

“Do not touch me. I am not yours and will never be” as I slapped his hand away from my face.

“AALIYAH SYDELLE BROOKS YOU WILL NOT TREAT OUR GUESTS LIKE THAT. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT IN MY DAMN HOUSE” my father yelled. He slammed the glass down on the table and was facing me. I flinched from his voice from being so loud but it didn’t stop me from retaliating.

“I will do what I please to do, father. You have no control over me. I do not live under your roof anymore, a minor, nor your slave to your life. I have a purpose I am pursuing. Please you can’t” I said to him. Then Santiago’s hands came around my neck holding me against the wall. “Aaliyah if I were you would listen to your father. you should be lucky you’re getting married to the most handsome guy on earth” he smirked at me.

“Too bad I have to do this then” I spit on his face. He dropped me and I ran upstairs to my old room. I slammed the door and locked it.

“Aaliyah u better get out of your room right NOW YOUNG LADY” as I heard footsteps on the steps coming closer.

“NO, YOU WILL NOT TAKE THE HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE TO PLEASE YOUR OWN” I yelled back and threw a lamp at the door.

I started thinking about how I will get out of this house. I need to disconnect my father from my life. Ever since my mother passed away he has been nothing but a toxic person in my life. I never had a normal childhood due to my father. It was always about business, business, and business. Since high school, I have had a desire to become a pediatrician. I fell in love working with kids and my mentor inspiring me.

“AALIYAH IF U DON’T OPEN THIS DOOR I WILL BREAK IT DOWN” I looked under the door and saw multiple shadows coming from under my door.

“Shit” I mumble to myself. I looked for a way out and saw a window. I look at how deep I have to jump. I threw my pillow down first to see the impact. It wasn’t that bad of an impact. Then I heard banging. I looked back at my door to see it was about to go down. So I just jumped. Luckily I still have my car keys on me too. I got off the ground and dust myself off. I picked up my suitcase and rushed towards my car. I put my keys in the ignition, started the car, and left. If that asshole thinks I’m gonna marry an asshole then no. I pull out my phone and call my good friend, Jas.

The phone rang for a while and then I heard someone pick it up.

“Hello?” A woman spoke into the phone.

“HI, is this Jas?” I asked. Hoping she’ll say yes.

“Yes, this is her, why?”

“Omg, Jas it’s Aaliyah From high school.” getting excited.

“Oh my god, Aaliyah?! It’s been a while. Where have you been? Ever since you left Seattle after graduation but I’m glad you got away from your father. I didn’t even let it bother me” She asked.

“Well, I’ve been busy for the most part. I’m sorry about not giving you a heads up to move away for a while. I was in Atlanta for some time but I’m back to finish my intern program at the Seattle hospital and I’m kinda in a sticky situation here.”

“What’s wrong?” I can tell, she is concerned about me.

“A lot is wrong and I don’t know how I’m about to get through it,” I said sheepishly

“Hold on, we need to meet up now. Where can we meet?” she asked. I looked at my surroundings while driving and saw a little cafe on the corner called ‘delicate cafe’.

“Let’s meet at this cafe called a delicate cafe,” I said.

“Ok, I’ll be there in 20,” she said.

“Alright, meet you there” then hung up the phone. I pulled up to the cafe and parked my car. I hopped out and headed inside to get a table for Jas and me. Once I was seated, a waitress came and took my order. All I had ordered was ice americano. It only took them 5 minutes to come back with my drink. I thanked the waitress and waited for Jas to arrive.

20 mins later

Finally, I see Jas walking into the cafe looking for me. I stood up so she could see me better. Once our eyes connected she ran towards me.

“Aliyah!!” she yelled, running towards me with her arms out.

I just laugh at her. she threw herself onto me, hugging me. It’s been so long since we saw each other. We both let go of each other and sat down at our table. A waitress came and took Jas’ order. While waiting for her drink, she told me about her new and improved boyfriend and how she left her abusive father and meeting the love of her life. The waitress came back and handed Jas her drink. We thanked her as she went away taking other’s orders.

“So what’s going on in your life now?” she asked me. I told her the whole story of the situation and what I’ve been up to since I left Seattle. When I had finished telling her, she was pissed off. Jasmine and I became friends when I was 10 moving to Seattle after my mom’s death. My father said her death was a distraction for me. It was more important for me to study business than mourning her death. It was like my father wanted a son instead of a girl.

“Aaliyah if you don’t feel safe in your apartment, you’re welcome to come to my house,” she said, grabbing my hand. I looked at her with a smile on my face but I couldn’t accept it. Who knows what those crazy bastards are gonna do.

“Thanks for that but who knows if they’re gonna look for me or not. I don’t want to put you in any danger so I’m just going back to my apartment and figure it out. He doesn’t know where I live so good chance I’m off the hook tonight”

" girl, are you sure?” Jas asked, looking unsure. Look how protective she is.

“yea imma be good” I smile at her.

“Look, here’s my new address. Visit me whenever you’re available” she said, handing me a paper with an address on it. After a while, we were talking about her life and what’s been happening.

“So how is my little Gabriel?” I asked.

“That little devil has been getting on my nerves, he just recently turned 7 actually. He starts the fourth grade soon. Reminds me I need to go get his school supplies. She said,

“What? 10 now? I remember when he was just 4. Must have been hard when I moved. You were still with your dad. Did you get away from him or is he in jail?” I asked.

“My father is in jail, and since I was 18 when we graduated, I have legal custody of my brother. It was hard at first because I didn’t have a job and the house was under our father’s name so it was taken away. We had to stay in a motel for 2 months for me to get a job and find an affordable place to stay and Gabriel was still a toddler so I had to get baby shit for him but during the 2 months, I met someone really special. He didn’t care about my living status, How I was raising my brother by myself, and he didn’t judge how I lived. That’s when I knew he was the one. After those two months, he let us move into his house so now we’re living together. We have been dating for 3 and a half years now. It’s crazy how life went from being crazy to normal now. I’m also in school too. I attend Seattle Pacific University. Studying computer science.” She explained. I was beyond happy for them. She finally found the one and now she is living her best life. We talked for a little while and then we got up and started heading outside to say goodbye to each other.

“Okay, I gotta go. My honey pie is waiting for me at home” she said and gave me a wink. Knowing they are about to get their freak on. I gagged at her, making her laugh.

“Alright, I’ll see ya” I hugged her and walked back to my car. As I noticed how it’s turning night. I started my car and drove to my apartment. Once I was there I went up the stairs and unlocked my front door. I closed the door behind me and headed to my room. I changed into some shorts and a tee-shirt. I got into the bed and slowly the darkness started to consume me.

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