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Poisoned love

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Chapter 2

I woke up due to the sun on my face. I got out of bed and stretched for a while then I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I headed to my vanity and started doing my hair. I did nothing much but put some products on my hair. and let my natural curls stand out. I got dressed in an olive green turtleneck shirt and ripped jeans. I tucked my shirt into my pants and decided on what shoes I should wear. I picked out my nude heels to wear today. After I got dressed, I checked my apartment and once I finished, I exited my apartment. I headed down the stairs and to my car. hop in the car on my way to Jas’s new address. I just want to see her and find out who her mystery boyfriend is and then find out what’s gonna be my next move from there. After a 25 minute drive, I finally reached her house. I got out of the car and went to her door. I knocked 3 times and her little brother Gab opened the door.

“Hey Lil man, It’s been a while,” I said as I bent down to his height.

“Aaliyah!! I missed you so much” he said, hugging me. I hugged him back and smiled at his adorable face.

“I missed you too Gab. Where is your sister?” I asked.

“She is with her boyfriend, Rell,” he said.

“Rell?” I was confused. Is this her mystery new and improved boyfriend?

“Yea, well his whole name is Darrell but we call him Rell for short. Follow me, I’ll take you to them” he said.

He invited me inside and closed the door behind me as I stood waiting for him. He took off down the hallway where we could hear moaning coming from. As we entered the living room, we saw Jas and her boyfriend making out as he was on top of her and she was gripping his hair. I gasped at the sight, forgetting that Gab was watching too.

“Jasmine you have a guest here!!” her little brother yelled then ran away. She immediately stopped kissing her boyfriend and pushed him off her onto the floor. She got up and straightened herself while her boyfriend was getting up off the floor.

“oh shit, Aaliyah why didn’t you tell me you were coming” getting up, fixing her hair and clothes. I let out a laugh because I had never seen her so intimate.

“I just can’t show up and pop out?” I asked, standing with my arm crossed.

“I mean you can but at the same time give your girl a heads up. You wouldn’t know what I was doing.”

“Shit it was gonna lead to another thing I’ll tell you that” I’m guessing that guy is Rell who said that. He got behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Nuzzling his head in her neck. I looked at them with disgust as I caught them red-handed.

“Darrel this is Aaliyah, Aaliyah this is Darrel” Jas introduced us to each other. He finally looked up and his face had so many emotions running through.

I feel like I’m staring at a mirror. were so alike. He looked like he was trying to figure something out. He has the same features as me. noses, eyes, and ears. How could this be? Standing 6′ 1" tall, this dark-complexioned man has an unreliable feel about him. He has a narrow face with a square jaw, a turned-up nose, puffy lips, and his hazel eyes are small. He has mid-back length, curly, dirty black hair, and he has a shaved beard where you can see it’s faded. He has short arms, a wide torso, and strong legs. He has a large tattoo running down his right arm.

“Aaliyah Sydelle Brooks?” he asked still looking at me

“Umm yea that’s me but How do you know me?“I asked. He suddenly pulled me into a hug squeezing me tight.

“Okay what the hell is going on here,” Jas asked looking at us weirdly.

“Aaliyah you’re my sister. my little sister” he said, looking at me.

“what? How? It can’t be possible I’m the only child to my Mother and my Father ” I’m so confused about what’s going on and how I became his little sister.

“Come sit down. I’ll tell you what happened” I sat down on the couch across from him while Jas sat next to him holding his hands and rubbing the back of his hands.

“So this was before you were born. When our dad and your mom were together he was cheating on her with my mom. my mom was so in love with our dad, the sad thing was that she didn’t know she was the mistress in the relationship. our dad put your mom ahead of my mom. When my mother found out that our dad was in a relationship the whole time, she went crazy trying to ruin everything for our father. once my mom found your mom, they talk things out but our dad was pissed off. he was even more pissed when he saw the pregnancy test results my mother had taken. he was trying to get her to have an abortion but she wouldn’t do it. he tried to use the money on her but she still wouldn’t do it. My mom didn’t waste any time telling your mom. your mother was so furious she decided to get a divorce from your father. after my mom had me, your mom found out she was pregnant with you. After a while, our dad had to take me in and raise me. He was trying to let me take over his business but I refused because it’s not what I had pictured in my life to do. so I ran away at 15. My mother just went ghost on me. I heard your mom went back to him because she had cancer and she wanted you to know who your dad was. Anyways, somebody found me and took me in.”

We both stared at each other till Jas told a lame joke.

“How is that possible? He told me something completely different” I said looking confused as hell.

“What did he tell you?” He asked.

“that I never had any siblings and that he never was in a relationship other than my mother. I knew something was wrong. He was treating me as if I was a boy when I was young. He never gave up the idea of me and my business. Even though he kept saying it’s a man’s job, he still trained me.”

“Well, where is he now?” He was very curious about how our father was. I wonder how they would react to seeing each other.

“oh well, you see I basically told him to fuck off soo....” looking down at the floor.

“what do you mean you told him to ‘fuck off’?” His voice suddenly got deep and dark. It’s like a switch in his voice.

“We’ll see, he was gonna try to marry me off to some random guy for his business. You probably already know our father’s belief in how women shouldn’t take a man’s position. I refused to get married for his Business. The guy he wanted me to marry is an asshole. He even put his hands on me, and father just let it happen to me.” I explained. His whole facial expression screams anger. Just like me, His nose flares up. His breathing was heavier.

“WHAT?! Who the hell is this guy?” He yelled. The room boomed off his voice.

“Umm I think it was Santiago but you see at this point he doesn’t even know I’m here and that I met you so....” I said. I looked everywhere but him because the plan I had in mind is not a good one to bring up.

“So what now?” I can feel him staring at me. I sighed and looked back at him.

“Well now, I’m trying to figure out what to do next. I fear he’s gonna find out where I live and force me into the marriage against my will.” raising my eyebrow at him. I literally have nowhere to go. He laughed at my expression, showing out the dimple on his cheek.

“well...” he was hesitating to say what he had to say as if it was a good idea or not to suggest it.

“I was living with my boss, the one who controls the mafia I’m in. Mob boss I guess you can say. He is my best friend so he can trust me.” He said, stretching the back of his head.

I looked at him like he had two heads. Excuse me, a fucking Mafia boss?!

“So you’re telling me that I should go live with a Mob boss who may kill me or not?! Sorry, did I forget to mention that I am an intern at the Seattle hospital or how I planned on being a pediatrician after I finish my program?” I was shocked that he actually suggested that for me.

“Look now, Even Jas was unsure about moving in with me because I’m in the mafia but I swore to protect her and Gabriel with my life. He actually gave me something to do and ways to earn money. Yes, the things I do are illegal but it’s a way of living. I was out on the streets and he got me back on my feet. I owe him my life because I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. He not that bad he has a few tempers but he is bipolar” Darrel said. Not knowing how to feel about this suggestion.

“So I have to deal with a disordered Mob boss? Please give me a good reason why I should live with a criminal?” I questioned.

“Because you’re talking to a criminal comfortably right now. You already know that I am associated with criminal activities. If I can deal with him, you can too” He smiled at me.

“Well then, you did get me there but I’m still not sure about this. when can I meet this ‘boss’?” I was curious.

“Actually a meeting is about to happen right now at his place so you can tag along with me,” he informed me.

“a gang meeting at his house? I don’t think he’ll like me. A stranger showing up to your doorsteps is kinda weird.” I said taking a seat across from them.

“yea it’s big enough to have meetings there and trust me when he finds out you’re my sister he won’t be mad...well if he took his medication then he won’t” he implied. Darrel got off the couch and went to the kitchen counter where there’s a set of keys sitting on top. He grabbed the set of keys and came back into the living room.

“Okay, let’s get going before it’s too late. Wish me good luck Jas. if I turn up dead it’s for two reasons. He killed me first or I took myself out before someone could.” I stood up and started walking towards the door. She playfully rolled her eyes and nodded at me.

“Ok baby, I’m about to head out. If you need me you already know who to call. Now kiss me.” Darrel asked while getting up. He turned towards her and poked his lips out.

“Okay babe, Please be safe and don’t bring no mafia shit back home” then she kissed him. I gagged at them kissing and I didn’t even notice they were practically making out till I checked the time. I gave in a cough that had caught their attention. They broke off of each other and Darrel came to the door.

“Alright let’s go, we don’t want to be late now,” he said walking out the door. I closed the door behind us and followed him to his car. I looked at my car and back at him.

“Don’t worry, it’s better to get mine than bring yours. We have a territory as a mafia. Unknown cars in the area may be in the ditch, pound, or you’ll most likely find it destroyed. We don’t play around.” he said. He unlocked the door to his car and got in. I did the same as well. I didn’t even notice how nice his car was. All I had was a 2016 Volkswagen. He has a Ford Shelby GT500 mustang. The outside was black matte but the interior of the car was tan-colored leather seats with a red outline in the car. He started up the car and pulled out the driveway.

I wonder how this evening would turn out to be and how this ‘mafia’ is the most feared.

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