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Regina Inferni

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In which Deanna King is the long lost Italian mafia princess who must seek help from her real family in order to protect her sons and heirs from their psychotic father who has a weird obsession with Deanna. Follow Deanna on a journey of self-discovery where she is pushed beyond her limits, reunited with her true family, and just so happens to catch the eye of the infamous Russian Mafia heir who may be madly in love with Deanna already. With her enemies breathing down her back, and her biological family on her doorstep wanting back into her life, how does she keep her crown from the clutches of her enemies who will go to any lengths to see her fall? Only time can tell what fate has in story for THE REGINA INFERNI

Action / Romance
Brandi Gregory
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Fuck society, and the stigma that women are too weak to lead," Deanna whispered to herself as she plopped down into her desk chair. She just got back from a long board meeting with her board of directors for her Delfino Airlines, Motors, and Weapons. The group of men tried to pull a sketchy move, and vote her out of her own business. Too bad those idiots were sidetracked by her counter attack.

"I can't believe they tried to vote you out of your own company," Greyson yelled, walking into her office as if he owned it.

"Do you not know how to knock Greyson?" Deanna scoffed with a sneer evident on her beautiful face.

"When does Greyson ever ask for permission? The only time he asks permission for anything is when it has anything to do with the syndicate," Valentina said as she slapped her twin brother upside his head, a head she believes too small to house His giant size ego.

"OW! Was that really necessary?" Greyson hissed in pain while rubbing his head.

"Did I hear right? The board tried to veto your ass to the curb?" Alfonso cackled.

Deanna threw her heel at her Consigliere, "They didn't have the chance with my counter attack."

"Yes, your infamous counter attack. I can't believe you actually pulled out your little black book and pointed out all of the dirty secrets you had on each man and threatened to expose them," Angelica laughed loudly.

"Fear is the only way to keep these men in line. They should know better than to tempt my fury. Nothing pisses me off more than disobedience," Deanna sneered.

"Speaking of companies? How goes the building of the coliseum?" Alfonso questioned in excitement.

Valentina rolled her eyes, "I still don't know how you were able to get a legal fighting arena up and running."

"It's called being the granddaughter of the secret King of Italy. You know how things are run. The monarchy may have been abolished publicly, but The Diaboli Syndicate is the underground monarchy, and we still run Italy - we just run it in from the shadows," Deanna explained.

"Absolutely devious. Your ancestor was brilliant for turning the royal family into a mafia," Greyson said with awe.

"Yeah, it's something grandfather loves to remind me," Deanna laughed.

"Blood Legacy means everything in the mafia world Dee, you should know that by now," Angelica let slip.

"Which is why the Greek Mafia, Chinese Mafia, and Australian Mafia are a joke. All of the current don's were second son, they're practically usurpers," Deanna divulged.

"Speaking of other mafia's? Have you by chance given thought about reconnecting with your biological family?" Valentina questioned, giving her best friend a genuine smile.

Deanna heavily sighed, "You know I want to Val, but right now it's too dangerous. With my Forbes feature being released today, it's only a matter of time before my enemies close in on me."

Alfonso chortled, "How are you going to explain to your biologicals that you stayed with your maternal grandparents up until you turned 18?"

"Easy, they kept me and my sons safe. No one messes with the Syndicate, people know better do that," Deanna cringed.

"Yeah, but your biologicals aren't going to see it that way," Angelica pointed out.

"Well they're going to have to accept things as they are. Grandfather made his decision to keep my identity a secret and to keep me hidden for all of those years while I trained. It was a necessary sacrifice to become who I am today," Deanna shrugged.

"Well when you put it that way," Valentina laughed.

"I think you keep forgetting that I was held captive not even a year and a half ago by Luca Andino. It's not like I didn't fight for my life for the majority of it," Deanna shrilled in outrage.

"We know, and we are glad you are now safe, but we just want you to be happy. I also believe reuniting with the Vitale's will make you even happier plus Alessandro and Alessio deserve to know their paternal family," Greyson remarked.

Deanna slouched, "You're right, but I'm going to talk to grandfather about it first."

"I believe he thrives on the fact that you still rely on his council even though you've fully taken over the syndicate," Angelica smirked.

"He's ruled it for over 50 years! Of course she's going to go to him for advice," Valentina scoffed.

Before Deanna could speak, there was a loud knock on her office door, "Come in."

"Boss, your Forbes Feature has officially gone live. They have also sent over a copy of the magazine that is now available on all news stands and major stores across the world," Rebecca said as she laid the latest issue of Forbes Magazine on Deanna's huge desk.

Deanna picked up the magazine and examined the cover. She had to be honest with herself, she looked good, but most off all she did the inevitable. She accomplished something she once thought she could never do, she has become the person her grandmother always told her she should strive to be. A ruthless business woman, and mafia queen, and lastly a fierce mother. Everything she does is for her sons, they are her blood legacy after all.

"Thank you Rebecca, you're dismissed for the day," Deanna ordered with a wave of her hand.

Deanna watched as her friends gushed over the magazine. She knew there and then that as long as she had them, she could get through everything, but she couldn't help but hear a nagging voice at the back of her mind, your biologicals deserve to be here too.

Giovanni De Santis sat in a secluded room in the gentleman's club that he frequents often. Before he was here, he was at the hospital. He was officially given the news he had been dreading to recieve for over a month. Prostate Cancer is an awful disease, and it has progressed so aggressively that doctors have given him less than a year to live. It was finally time to reunite his princess with her paternal family, and he knew exactly the first person Deanna should meet first. Her paternal grandfather, Antonino Vitale. Deanna was a spitting image of her father, but she acted just like him and Antonino.

"I never thought I'd see you again old friend. What's it been? 7 years?" Antonino said as he sat in front of his oldest friend.

Giovanni took a sip of his bourbon, "Too long, my friend, too long. Tell me how my daughter and grandsons are?"

Antonino shook his head, "I don't know why you haven't seen them yourself. They miss you dearly. Especially Allegra."

"You may not like me after I tell you the real reason for my absence," Giovanni said while avoiding eye contact with Antonino.

He narrowed his eyes at the man he grew up with, "And why were you absent? I know Guilia's death was hard for you, but your daughter could've helped you tremendously."

"I have been harboring someone very close to me. Keeping her safe has been my biggest priority," Giovanni confessed as he handed over his copy of the latest issue of Forbes Magazine.

Antonino carefully took the magazine out of Giovanni's hands, and turned it over. He had to rub his eyes, he was sure he was seeing things. It couldn't be, his princess was still alive?

"You're not seeing things Antonino. Right there is our granddaughter, Deanna Vitale. Beautiful isn't she?" Giovani asked.

"This is who you've been harboring? My family has been mourning for her for years, and you didn't think it was a good idea to tell us that you found her?" Antonino whispered-yelled.

Giovanni leaned back in his seat, "It was a necessary sacrifice she had to make. She had to stay in hiding. Just over a year and half ago she was on the verge of death. If it wasn't for my men, she would be dead."

Antonino gulped, "Dead? What exactly do you mean had to be kept hidden?"

"As you know Adriana and Matteo were the ones who kidnapped Deanna on the order of Atticus Andino. Our granddaughter has been through tremendous trauma, and I'm not going to tell you her story because that's her right. She has to be the one to tell you all that she has been through, but she escaped the clutches of Adriana and Matteo when she was 11, and ever since then she was with me and Guilia. Now a year and a half ago she was kidnapped by Luca Andino, the man who is obsessed with Deanna. She barely survived that encounter, but luckily we got her just in time," Giovanni growled.

"She looks strong?" Antonino questioned.

"Stronger than anyone I know. She may look like an angel, but those eyes are the De Santis devil eyes," Giovanni pointed out.

Antonino continued to read the article until he came to a sentence that almost made him have a heart attack. My sons are my greatest treasure, everything I do is for them. His granddaughter had children?

"Ah, the children. Don't worry I had the same reaction as you. Almost gave me a heart attack when I found out that she was pregnant, but the circumstances of how she got pregnant made me want to go on a killing spree," Giovanni blanched.

Antonino ran over the facts in his head, and quickly connected the dots, "Luca Andino raped my granddaughter?"

Giovanni clenched his fist until they were a pale white, "It's not my story to tell you, but yes he fathered the children under duress. She didn't consent, and it almost killed her, but those boys were her saving grace, Antonino. I don't care that she is a teen mom. Those boys SAVED my princess. She was on the verge of suicide until she gave birth to them."

Antonino blinked the tears away, "Strong indeed."

"She's a survivor, end of story," Giovanni deadpanned.

"And why did you contact me? Because of this?" Antonino asked as he waved the magazine around in a dramatic flare.

"I'm dying, Antonino. I have prostate cancer, and barely have a year to live. It's time for Deanna to be reunited with her family. I will confess, she doesn't want to not because she hates you guys, but because she wants to protect you. She has accumulated a lot of enemies over the years," Giovanni said bluntly.

Antonino gaped, "She took over the syndicate?"

Giovanni simply nodded.

"Unbelievable," Antonino laughed nervously. "And the companies?"

"Built from the ground up," Giovanni clarified.

"At the age of 18?" Antonino asked in disbelief.

"More like at the age of 13 was when she started to build what is now known as her empire," Giovanni laughed.

"Education?" Antonino questioned rapidly.

"Child Prodigy with an IQ of 290. She graduated extremely early," Giovanni said with pride shining bright in his eyes.

"It all makes sense now. There were rumors going around about 'Deanna Rossi', but the family assumed it was just a coincidence that this Deanna named her one business 'Delfino'. We clearly assumed wrong because this just proves that it wasn't," Antonino said while pointing at the magazine.

"Yeah because now you can see her face," Giovanni scoffed light heartedly.

"Do you know how happy this will make my son, our grandsons, and your daughter?" Antonino questioned in excitement.

"It will make them very happy, but you must take this slow. She hasn't agreed to anything. She doesn't even know I'm meeting you here," Giovanni said sheepishly.

"Then I shall meet her first, and I won't tell her that you were the one to tip me off. I'll just use the magazine as my source," Antonino said.

"That would be best. I assume you are going to tell your boys first before you meet her?" Giovanni asked knowing his old friend wouldn't keep a secret like this from his own family.

"Unfortunately I will have to. I will implore that I be the first one she meets. Sure, it may upset them, but I'll just pull my don voice, and they'll end up listening," Antonino explained.

"The don voice always works," Giovanni agreed.

"Do I just call and make an appointment?" Antonino asked nervously.

Giovanni looked at Antonino in disbelief, "No, you just walk right in. Of course you call!"

Antonino quickly took out the newest royaltynetic cell phone, and dialed the necessary number.

"And make sure you tell them exactly who you are!" Giovanni exclaimed.

ARMANDO VITALE reflected on many things, but what he most reflected on was the worst day of his life; the day his one and only daughter was kidnapped by his biggest enemy - the geek mafia. It's been 18 long years since his princess was taken from him and his family, and not a day has gone by where he does not think of her, or work endless hours searching for her or following leads on her current whereabouts.

Some family members are under the impression that she is dead like his adopted niece, Bianca De Luca who has somehow taken his daughter's rightful title as the Italian Mafia Princess, and made it her own. It makes his blood boil just thinking about the white trash Barbie his youngest brother took in out of pity. She may have been his goddaughter, but did he have to bring her into the family? It's a good thing most of his sons hate the little chit, he can't say the same for his sons Amedeo and Bruno, along with his nephews who all but worship the ground she walks on.

A fathers love for his daughter knows no bounds, and he is going to do whatever it takes to return his daughter to her rightful place, by his side.

"Darling, how are you?" Allegra asked as she walked into her husband's study. Today was not a good day for her, today was the day she hated the most, the day she lost her best friend and daughter.

"I'm struggling. The last lead was a dead end. Amedeo and Bruno keep pestering me to give up the search and name Bianca as the Italian Princess, but both me and father have refused. Our daughter will be the only one who ever holds that title," Armando sighed.

"You do know that Amedeo and Bruno only pay attention to Bianca because they feel like she somehow fills the void Deanna has left," Allegra said with a hint of disgust in her voice.

"I know, but I still don't like the girl. She gives me very bad vibes," Armando shivered.

"Just like your father said, we must tolerate her. She is Angelo's goddaughter," Allegra soothed.

Armando sneered, "I can't help but replay that horrible day over and over again in my head. Your screams are something I can never forget, they were so heartbreaking and agonizing."

"I miss her, but I have faith that she will return to us one day. My daughter is not dead, she's a Vitale, and Vitale's are fighter's," Allegra commented.

Armando heavily sighed, and slouched in his chair, "Did your father by chance mention who was taking his place in the Syndicate?"

Allegra rolled her eyes, "He has repeatedly said he has an heir. Matteo has been banished and miscommunicated from the Sicilian Mafia for his role in Deanna's kidnapping. I do not know who he has chosen, but apparently they are the best of the best."

"That old man always talks in riddles. He never gives a straight answer, he's too much like my father," Armando scoffed.

Before either of them could continue their conversation, all of their sons and a red eyed Bianca storm into Amando’s office.

“Father could you please knock some sense into Amedeo and his ridiculous crusade to convince us to be on friendly terms with Bianca,” Federico spat in disgust.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Bianca whined.

“Why do we hate you? Maybe because you are constantly trying to replace our real sister. You are not even blood related to us, so why should we care about you?” Marcello yelled.

“Because she’s our cousin, adopted or not. She’s family, and everyone should treat her as such,” Bruno sneered in return.

Leonardo snorted, “I’ll start treating her like family when she stops trying to sleep with me. You’re nothing Bianca, you should be happy to have a roof over your head and clothes on your back because if I was my uncle, I would’ve thrown you to the curb a long time ago.”

Bianca gasped in outrage, “I never tried to sleep with you, Leo.”

“Do you want me to pull out the texts?” Leonardo questioned with a smirk.

Bianca gulped and looked around the room nervously, “I was drunk.”

“I knew you were trouble from the start. I wish Angelo would get his head out his ass, and get rid of you,” Allegra growled.

“MOTHER!” Amedeo shouted. “How would you like it if I said that about our precious missing sister?”

Antonino watched from the doorway feeling amused at the petty argument going on between his grandsons, “She’s no longer missing.”

Armando snapped his head towards the direction where his father’s voice came from, “What are you going on about now old man? Have you lost your mind?”

Antonino narrowed his eyes on his son and slammed his copy of the Forbes Magazine on the desk, “My mind is still intact, but you should take a look at this, and next time watch who you’re talking to.”

Allegra seized the magazine instantly and gasped when she saw who was on the cover, the next time she knew her husband snatched it from her hands and had the same exact reactions she did. It can’t be a coincidence this time.

“Are you absolutely sure? I mean we already went over this theory, and we concluded that it was a coincidence,” Armando said with hope shining brightly in eyes, he could see the same hope shining in his father’s as well.

“It’s not a coincidence any longer son. Deanna Rossi is in fact our missing Italian mafia princess,” Antonino clarified.

“But all this time? Why now?” Armando asked, forgetting that all of his sons and Bianca were still present in the room who were all looking between the trio in complete shock.

“Father, what he’s saying is not true. This girl must be a fraud. Probably just some whore who wants our money,” Armedeo sneered, earning a nod of agreement from both Bruno and Bianca.

Antonino turned towards his grandsons, “I’d watch that tongue of yours boys. That girl is your REAL sister, Vitale blood runs through her veins, something your little pet project can never have.”

Amedeo and Bruno stormed to where the magazine was being examined by their brothers, and looked at the picture on the front. The girl was an exact replica of their father and eldest brother, Federico. She even had the same heterochromia eyes.

“Is it her boys?” Bianca asked in a false sweetness.

“She looks exactly like Father and Federico,” Amedeo whispered, still not fullying believing that his long lost sister has been found.

“This doesn’t change anything Bianca, you are our sister, and we’ll make sure to make her life hell if she messes with you,” Bruno reassured his cousin.

Federico cackled, “I think she would make your life hell if you messed with her. My tesoro is a double threat, beautiful and intelligent.”

Bianca could feel the jealousy bubbling beyond the surface, instead of listening to the men continue on bragging about the supposed Italian mafia princess, she stormed out the room in search of her father. She knew he would make sure that she would still be cherished when the stupid little wench made her comeback.

“Look what you did! You made Bianca upset!” Bruno yelled.

“And?” Gastone finally spoke.

“Wow, he speaks,” Amedeo snickers.

Allegra flicked her son's forehead, “Watch it boy, you are treading on thin ice.”

Both Amedeo and Bruno gulped.

Armando stood up from his chair, “I’m warning you now, you will stop this nonsense with Bianca. We shall be investigating Deanna Rossi to find out if she’s really your sister, and if she is I expect her to be welcomed with open arms.”

“Did you see this part? She has twin sons?” Leonardo whispered in awe.

“Wow, our sister is a whore,” Bruno whispered to his brother.

Antonino wasted no time in slapping his grandson across the face which seemed to shock everyone in the family, “Never, call your sister that name again. You don’t know the circumstances that would cause her to be pregnant, but I can tell you now it was not pretty. The next time you talk out of turn about the rightful Italian princess I will banish you from Italy so fast you won’t see it coming.”

“You can’t do that,” Bruno shouted in outrage. “Father wouldn’t allow you! Right?”

“If you continue this behavior I will have no choice but to banish you. If Deanna Rossi turns out to truly be Deanna Vitale, I will not have anyone who I see as a threat around her, or her children,” Armando replied sternly.

Amedeo scoffed, “Watch, she ends up not being our sister, then I’ll have the last laugh.”

“Get OUT!” Allegra screamed, feeling fed up with her two youngest sons' behavior.

“Do you think she’s my twin?” Delfino asked quietly.

“I think so sweetheart,” Allegra said calmly, soothing her youngest son’s hair in a calming manner.

“I say we go to Royaltynetic Inc., and demand an audience with her,” Leonard suggested.

“Nope. I will go and meet her, and ask for a DNA test, and if it comes back positive then you can ask to meet her,” Antonino ordered.

“But father—” Armando tried to argue.

“No buts, you can wait a few days until I get the truth,” Armando said sternly, leaving no room for arguments as he stormed out of his son’s office to make a call to confirm his appointment with Deanna Rossi.

“Is this really happening?” Federico questioned.

“Yeah, it’s really happening,” Armando whispered as he looked out the window, praying that this Deanna Rossi was truly his long lost princess.

“Are you the one who told Antonino Vitale about me?” Deanna asked her grandfather who was sitting in front of her desk. He had just told her the terrible news of his prognostics, and to say she was sad was an understatement. She owes everything to her grandfather, she was truly not ready to live in a world where he didn’t exist.

“I can admit nor deny those allegatations,” Giovanni smirked.

Deanna sighed, “What am I going to do with you?”

“Put it this way, you need them and they need you. It’s a win-win situation,” Giovanni claimed.

“But I don’t want to put them in danger—” Deanna tried to protest.

“They put themselves in danger everyday by being involved with the Mafia for heaven sakes. Your father is a mafia don! Besides, your boys have been threatened, they will need the added protection,” Giovanni said dismissively.

Deanna smiled sheepishly at her grandfather and mentor, “Do they know of my status as the mafia queen?”

“No, they do not, and that shall remain that way until you reveal yourself at the Christmas mafia ball at the end of this year,” Giovanni reminded his daughter.

“You’re right, as always,” Deanna said sassily.

Giovanni smiled warmly as he stood up, “Do you meet with Antonino today?”

“Yes, and where are you going?” Deanna questioned.

“Greyson is taking me to see the progress they have made on the coliseum,” Giovanni answered.

“Don’t give the workers any problems,” Deanna shouted as she watched her grandfather and underboss walk out of her office.

“Your 2 o’clock appointment should be here soon boss!” Rebbeca said.

“Prepare us some tea,” Deanna ordered as she got back to work. The launch of Royaltynetic Inc. weapons was only a matter of days away after all.

“Did you see this father?” Lucas asked, slamming the copy of Forbes Magazine his best friend gave him.

Atticus smirked when he saw who was on the cover, “Of course I saw it, and don’t you worry son, soon you shall have your queen and her mafia’s all under our control.”

“Well soon isn’t soon enough,” Lucas whined.

Atticus shot his son and heir a sharp glare, “We move when I say we move. Now, go make yourself useful for once.”

Lucas wanted to sneer, but bowed his head in mock respect and stormed out of his father’s office. I’m coming for you Deanna Vitale, and one day very soon you shall be mine along with all of your power.

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