The Goal

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Gianna Allen or Gi has been winning soccer games since before she could walk. She is the best player on her team and this year should be like any year until someone new walks into her life. What happens when Gi gets caught up in boy drama, family drama, and her soccer career possibly coming true?

Action / Drama
Carolyn Reeves
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The Warm-Up

I've always been competitive in anything I do. Ever since I was five-years old and I stepped out onto the field for the first time I loved it. I had found my thing, soccer. Since then I've been playing and winning games left and right.

"Gianna Allen if you don't get up right now you are going to be late to sign in." My mom says coming into my room.

I wake up slowly and see my mom pulling my uniform out of my closet.

"Doesn't Coach Brian sign us in?" I say through a yawn. "Yes, honey but Coach Brian said to be there by 10:30 to start warming up." My mom says getting my cleats from my closet.

I look at my clock at it says 9:30. I hop out of bed and go straight to my bathroom to get ready.

"Yep, that's what I thought." My mom says and leaves.

I put my hair in a high ponytail, brush my teeth, and head out of the bathroom to put on my uniform. I put on my uniform, socks, and shinguards, and put my slides on. I get my sports bag and stuff my cleats in. I run down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Whoa, kiddo, are you late for something?" My dad says as I run into the kitchen. "You mean like the biggest game of the season, yes!" I say grabbing my water bottle and a banana for breakfast. "Don't worry kiddo, you're not late." My dad says. "I will be if you don't drive me there." I say opening the front door. "Alright, let's go win the State Championships!" My dad says following me out to the car.

We drive to the fields and we arrive at 10:15. I hop out of the car and walk over to the team.

"There she is!" Kayla says as I walk over to the team. "Hey Kay!" I say hugging her.

I've known Kayla Griffen since I was five years old. She was on my first team and we've been on a team together since then. She is truly my best friend.

"So, you ready for today?" Kayla asks me. "Oh yeah, we're gonna crush the Lions!" I say. "Yeah we are!" Kayla says.

We walk over to the rest of the team as Coach Brian signs us in for the State Championships!

"Alright ladies, bring it in!" Coach Brian says after he signs us in.

We gather around coach as he tells us the schedule for the day.

"We play at 2:30 today and the boys play at 12:30. We will be practicing from 11-12. Then, y'all will be watching the boys play from 12:30 till around 1:30. After the boy's game y'all will have a break until 2:00. At 2, y'all will start warm-up and then it's game time!" Coach Brian says showing us the schedule. "Alright! Let's do this Falcons!" I say getting up.

We walk over to the practice field and start to practice.

"Ladies make sure your passes are sharp and precise!" Coach Brian says. "Pass!" I yell to Kayla.

Kayla passes it and I take a shot on goal, it makes it in.

"Good pass Kayla, good shot Gianna." Coach Brian says.

We finish up practice and Coach Brian pulls me to the side.

"Gianna, I'm very proud of how far you've come. Your leadership this year was great. You really helped this team go far." Coach Brian says. "Thank you Coach Brian." I say. "Of course, now go cheer on the boys!" Coach Brian says.

I smile and run to the bleachers where the team already is. I sit next to Kayla and watch the boys warm up. Kayla and I have known a lot of the boys on the soccer team for awhile since we both grew up with a lot of them.

"So do you think they're gonna win?" Kayla asks me as we sit on the bleachers. "Oh yeah, definitely!" I say watching the boys warm up.

Kayla and I talk until the boys game starts. This is a big game for the Falcons today. The last game of the season!

"Alright ladies, you have about thirty minutes until we need to start warming up. Don't do anything to tire yourselves out." Coach Brian says.

Kayla and I walk over to the boys after their game to see how their feeling.
"Hey y'all." I say and a couple of the boys come over.
Miles, Liam, Matthew, Jaxon, and Caleb come over to me and Kayla. We've known those five since forever.
"Hey Gi, hey Kay!" Caleb says coming over to hug us.
"Hey guys!" Kayla says.
"Wow y'all don't look that excited considering that y'all are State Champs!" I say going to hug everyone else.
"Oh trust me Gi, we're excited just still in shock!" Miles says as I pull away from our hug.

I've known Miles more than any of the guys which is why I've had a crush on him since last year. We're best friends which is why I didn't want to tell him that I liked him.

"Yeah, I'm sure it is shocking." I say.
"Oh don't worry y'all will feel the same way if y'all win!" Matthew says.
"You mean when they win, right Matthew?" Jaxon says.
"Thank you, Jax." I say.
"Hey, Gi it's 1:25 we should probably head to the field." Kayla says.
"Ok, well we'll see you after the game!" I say. "Alright well we'll see y'all when your State Champs!" Liam says.
"Bye y'all!" I say and run after Kayla.

"Alright ladies, today is the day! This is the day you become State Champs and take home the title for the fifth year in a row!" Coach Brian says as we warm-up.
This is it. The final game of the season. The State Championships.

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