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Life, it is an experience.

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Chapter-2-Who are your friends.

The following day at least half the kids who had been told went home and told their parents in the neighborhood. When the kids came back to school the next day at least half of them stayed away from me.

Two years later I am attending San Fernando Junior High school. The coach pulls me out of gym class and takes me to see the school nurse. A lady coach came by as well. They referred to me as he and she in the same sentence.
The boy coach was worried I could not pass the physical for male and was afraid I would be sexually assaulted by the older boys.
I had a modified gym class experience where I exercised my muscles to make them stronger. Learning Ju Jitsu also helped, because the following year which was the summer of 1956 Jame Morehead and 20 of his friends jumped me at school.

After the 16 year old teenager told me he did not know whether I was a boy or a girl and so he was going to strip me naked and if I was a girl he would use me the way boys use girls, but if I was a guy then he would do me the way men did boys.

Then he pulls out a stiletto and slashed my right arm from my wrist to my elbow.
Looking at the blood flowing I realized the only way I was going to survive was if that guy did not survive.

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