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What Comes In May

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Memorial Day weekend comes the last weekend of May. How I avoid the traffic jam by having a blinking red dash light. I plugged in the light and used it Memorial Day to drive around a 28 mile long traffic jam north of Sacramento in 1974. Instead of waiting in line for 4 hours, I drives around the jam in 30 minutes.

Jamie G Holmes
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Chapter 1

It was Memorial Day weekend and 15 miles west of Sacramento,California is the city of Woodlawn. Interstate 5 north from the city was a two lane road for 28 miles to where it connected with the freeway of interstate 5.

On the radio the news said to go around that area as the traffic jam was taking as long as 4 hours to clear.

Not wanting to wait four long hours, I pulled out my red flashing light and plugged it into the cigarette lighter socket. Once on it blinked nicely. I attached it to the rear view mirror so it would show up better.

Then when it was clear I pulled around the traffic and passed everyone until more cars came at which time I would either park on the shoulder on sideways across someone’s driveway.
It took me only 30 minutes to go around that traffic jam.

One block from downtown Woodlawn I made a left to go around the traffic, parked on a side street, unplugged the light, drove to the downtown
Intersection, where the officer flagged the traffic on I-5 stopping them and waved me thru the intersection.

My passengers were terrified we would be caught. I wasn’t terrified. Besides at that time their likely wasn’t a law against what I was doing. Like slipping thru the loopholes as it were.

These days, 45 years later, there are laws against this type of behavior.

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