Johnny G-Ride: The First Chapter

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World War 2 didn't end in the 1940's like the public thought it had. Since then, it's been waged in covert military establishments within Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Advancements are being made utilizing an unwitting populace of surrounding towns as human "lab-rats". The idea of "Master Race" engineering has become convoluted. What's being accomplished is astonishing. The results of those accomplishments are absolutely horrifying.

Action / Thriller
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Ezekiel Steinschneider stood at his enormous bay windows overlooking “The Palace”. He was completely naked; unashamed by his physique, but also unconcerned that he would be seen by passerby. Outdoor areas were non-existent at the palace. All work was done inside the windowless buildings, deeply hidden in the crevices of the mountains of northwestern Colorado. In fact, it was so isolated that discovery and escape were improbable. Forty-eight hours ago he would have said “impossible”, but things have changed.

“Ready the boy.” The blue-tooth in his ear cast an eerie glow, reflecting off the window and giving his living room a gloomy appearance. The moon’s luminescence struck him as having a curious duality tonight; Blue, in hue as well as in the probability of events that had recently occurred.

Once in a goddamned blue moon, is right.

After speaking, he listened a moment and replied, “I’ve lost contact with [killer] and time is running out. I’d rather have both the boy and the girl intact, but the girl is priority. If need be, we’ll work the boy to destruction order to find her. I’ll be down in the morning to assist. Have the boy injected and readied inside the THINK TANK by thee time I get there.” He clicked off the bluetooth off without waiting for a response.”


He was furious, but sight of the swastika that replaced the stars on the American flag he had hung on the wall facing the bay windows calmed him as he turned around.

He sighed. Despite this minor setback- and it was minor, in the sense that it would be wrapped up fairly soon - it was almost over. The war was finally coming to an end. A war that, 70 years ago the world believed had ended with Germany’s surrender on may 7th, 1945. In a matter of days, victory would be realized by those who continued to work in earnest towards fulfilling ta modernized version of “de fuehrer’s” vision for humanity.

Triumph was imminent. The only thing needed was the girl.

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