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Turn Back Time is a story about Jeshan going back to past and doing things that he could not do and protecting the world form monsters.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I was always a failure to everyone including my friends, family, relatives. I kinda regret that if I had worked hard in the past I would be someone who would be accepted and respected by everyone. I had failed grade eight for about two times and dropped out of the school because I could no longer stand students younger than me calling me a failure and making fun of me all the time. I would always be used as an example by the teachers themselves “If you do not study hard you will end up like Jeshan “. I started thinking that “There are many successful people who dropped out of school just like me ” and believed that everything was gonna be fine. After being dropped I just played online games, had fun using my parents money until my parents had enough of me and abandoned me. What they did was reasonable as I was just spend their money and doing nothing. Today is my 27th birthday but I have no one to celebrate with or buy even a cake for me. I am a worker in a factory where the income I make is so less that even a beggar on the streets earn more than me. The money I make is only enough for spending it on my meals. I had to take loans from the bank in order to pay my rent. After I asked my friends to help me pay my loan , they said “I knew that someday you would beg your friends for money, we are no longer friends beggar”. After that I realized that all my friends were fake and I was gonna be kicked out and live the most lowlife ever. So, I decided to take my life and get out of this stupid world. I found a mysterious knife while going to the forest where I was gonna suicide and decided to take my life with that knife which had a symbol of two fish and a clock on it.

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