Zordiac Rangers

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After I stabbed myself with that knife with some strange symbols on it, I didnt even regret myself for doing that as there would be no no one crying after I died. Everything went black but I could hear someone chanting something which I didnt understand.

The story is not over as all of you might have guessed from the title itself.

Everything was black but I could hear someone familiar saying, “wake up, Jeshan ” for about three times but I couldnt open my eyes. Someone splashed water on my face and boom I could see my grade 8th classroom. The person who had been calling my name was my teacher who seemed to be quite angry right now. I thought that I was dreaming so I slapped myself on my chick to check whether I was dreaming or not. The pain of me slapping myself was so painful that I started crying but the people around me started laughing and calling me mental. Everyone became quite after the teacher shouted at me and he kicked me out of the class. The fact that I was in past and I could change the future made me happy but then I realized that there was something strange on my left hand.

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