Zordiac Rangers

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Chapter 3


There was a symbol of two fish on my left hand which was similar to the symbol which was on the knife which I used to kill myself. While I was getting confused about the symbol on my left hand, a monster appeared and started attacking me. I never had the symbol in my past and the monsters like what the heck was going on. After seeing the monster, I screamed and ran back to my class and told my teacher to see that monster right there but he instead scolded me for pranking me and punished me to stay out of the class for the whole day. It seemed like as if the teacher couldnt see the monster that attacked me. The monster was big, creepy , had yellow big eyes and was grabbing a sword in his hand. The monster saw me and started attacking me but I was saved by a girl of my class who just came out. Her big, black hair turned into a stinger and killed the monster by poisoning it. I saw that she had a symbol of a scorpion on her hand but I didnt ask what it was as I didnt know her name and I was kinda nervous around girls. Before I could at least thank her for saving my life , she told “So, you had finally arrived huh, the last Zordiac Pisces “.

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