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His Shadow

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Ivania Maeve Garcia. Perhaps a simple girl, getting over her past relationship and now dreaming a life beyond her dreams. It was an opportunity to lifetime for her to get a job in GRIFFIN Enterprises. In the midst of right and wrong, accepting the job offer turned her life. But then however, she never had a simple life and the reason was never her. Her father, a hit man once in his past always had a saying, keep away from danger, that's precaution. Keep close to danger that's protection. This made him place his daughter under the protection of Damon, one of the dangerous man in the world. But would Ivania be able to see past his shadow? Past the name Damon, would she ever find a human.

Action / Romance
Sinchana Shetty
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Mid of the night

Have a life worth every moment, this is what she said to uplift everyone around her but perhaps this was a moment that she needed to hear it herself more than any other. Ivania Maeve Garcia, or Nia as everyone around knew her. A soft girl who was loved by almost everyone around her, who cared for even the strangers but strong enough to stand for herself and her thoughts. She was everything she wanted to be or at least tried to be but not always a person can be strong or soft, sometimes the moments are harsh and cruel. This was a similar moment Ivania was going through.

Spending her last seven years in love with someone and when things don’t end up in the way planned, it is surely a harsh situation. Ivania, after seven years of being blindly in love with Caleb Thorne, realized him sneaking behind her back and cheating. Perhaps once before or twice she had given it a blind eye but not always stomping over your own heart for a lie or moment of happiness is right. It was a month ago she finally confronted Caleb and called off their wedding as well. However, it seemed that it was not him not being with her hurt but for now, looking back and realizing that every memory of hers had him in it.

The past month was surely a rollercoaster of emotions for her. A sudden urge to get back with Caleb followed by a burst of hate and then the tears. It had affected her work ethic as well but she was lucky that she did not go through this alone. Her father and best friend were there for her, letting her cry on their shoulder or watching all the sloppy movies. She was lucky to have Jordan and her dad along with her.

It was now exactly 42 days since she broke up and now, she wanted a change. A change is always a glad welcome in everyone’s life but for someone who had the same people, same everyone around, it was maybe difficult but she was adamant. Past for a week, she had started to go out with Jordan, watch old classics with her father, and even went ahead a resigned her job which surely had no comfortable environment. The only reason she had that job was that it was closer to the apartment Caleb and she lived in, or maybe so that she could spend more time with him though he always returned late at night.

Stepping out of the shower, wrapped up in the gigantic towel she stretched a little as the water droplets rolled down her skin as her hairs were wrapped up in the towel. Her phone lighted up again showing the notifications, messages from her dear friend.

Jordan: Babe…u up?

Jordan: Idk what to wear tho…

Jordan: hot or cute or perfect?

Jordan: don’t fucking tell me you slept off

Jordan: Okay, I want all eyes on me tonight, I’m taking out the red dress.

Ivania: uh-oh Laura is gonna have a hard day then… darn that dress

Ivania kept aside her phone and shuffled up some random pop album on Spotify. Okay, it was her turn to decide what to do with her hairs, face, and obviously what to wear. The two best friends along with Jordan’s girlfriend Laura and Jaden, Jordan’s brother were coming as well. Ivania’s father, Luke Garcia who once worked for the very successful company and a person with a great number of ‘faithful acquaintances’ as he likes to call him pulled a few strings to get in his sweet daughter and her friends to the VIP list of the BlackJack club down the alley.

Dressing up pretty according to Ivania is every girl’s cup of tea. Even for someone like her with no exact body shape, a little lot of fat around her tummy and thighs, and a desperate need to work out, it was absolutely simple to look the best. Confidence is the key and self-love. Her hairs, the jet-black curls again curled to perfection. She always liked her hairs curly but Caleb always somehow convinced her to straighten her hairs for they were totally out of bounds.

“No Caleb, yes messy curls.” She said as she placed her curling iron down.

Make-up again did not take much effort. The constant practice of dressing up and looking pretty for those crazy college parties which she never enjoyed was enough to doll her up. It perhaps took only 30 minutes to do a minimalistic make-up with her signature crimson lips.

“And now, you.” She said as she sauntered towards her bed where a beautiful dress laid beside her. Emerald in shade, it was beautiful silk with a very plunging neckline and two slits as the dress continued down to the ground. The backless dress and the heels which she had specifically brought for this dress which was complimenting perfectly. She was never someone to dress this bold and this dress was the only such kind she had but wearing it greatly made her re-think her wardrobe.

“Peanut…Jordan, and others are here. Come down before they start emptying my wine stash.” She heard her dad call out making her chuckle a little as she buckled up her heel. Standing up and twirling once in front of the mirror, she stepped out but before stepping onto the stairs, she called out everyone.

“Ready to be amazed bitches.”

A dazzle of a walk she had. A moment of herself trying to contain her laughter as her friends whistled and clapped, complimented her. She however went and twirled in front of her father a little.

“How do I look?” She asked as she giggled a little.

“That dress is gonna get my little princess a lot of unwanted attention…Jaden why don’t you take my shotgun to kill any motherfucker who tries to ruin my girl’s day?” Luke said making Ivania’s eyes go wide and everyone else laugh.


“What? I am being a reasonably good father by not asking you to change to keep away you safe but-”

“Killing is not an option.” She said as she walked to the kitchen knowing very well that he was just messing with her but him being a hitman once did not work well with the jokes.

“For me, it is!” Luke said as he now went to the kitchen, opening the glass cabinet full of his treasured drinks and a glass.

“Ivania, don’t forget about the interview tomorrow.”

“Yes pa, but it is at 12, I am going to be back on time.” Ivania said as she filled herself a glass of water.

“And if you in mid of any issue, give me or Uncle Matt a call. He would be there in the club almost all the time.” Ivania rolled her eyes but smiled anyways on the concern of her father.

“Nia, let’s go.” Jordan popped her head in the kitchen meeting her friend’s eyes.

“Bye, dad… thanks for today.”

“Thank your uncle if you meet him, it is his club.” Luke said as he gave his daughter a side hug.

“Obviously I will.” She said and went out in the kitchen where her friends were clicking pictures.

“Come on girl, looking like that and not snatching one pic would be an insult.” Laura pushed her to the couch. Next, perhaps 30 minutes followed was Jaden and Laura clicking pictured of everyone. Laura and Jordan started dating for nearly a year now and though both are polar opposites, they work very well together. Jordan kind of a person who has a very dark aesthetic while Laura is a cheery lady who could barely turn down anyone. With brunette hairs dyed red now and lipstick darker than her eyes, Jordan had always been the one with various styles. Laura on the other had had the same style ever since Ivania remembers. Long pin-straight brown hairs, eyes to match, and a voice so soothing to hear. They both were perfect for each other, completing each other more like. Jaden however, still in college was enjoying his party life to the full extent and the only reason he was tagging along was because of the place they were going to. BlackJack was not an easy place to get into and a brag like Jaden would never let go of the opportunity.

With Laura wanting to drive and Jordan calling for a shotgun, Ivania and Jaden were in the back of the seat making small conversations. Ivania came to know that Jaden was now seeing a girl called Eve but it seemed to him that she was surely not interested. Asking Jordan about work was seriously the same every time, perhaps different because she would then go on and on about the recent ‘tech-stuff’. Laura however had the best stories as her work as an assistant to a well-known photographer brought the best news about celebrities and what not. She was always the one who entertained everyone during the drives.

Twenty minutes later, and a little laugh over small incident that happened back in Jaden’s college, they reached their destination. Laura being insecure a little bit, parked the car a little faraway having them to strut down the road. The queue like always was too huge but Ivania was already on the list. The club, it was owned by her godfather, Matthew Icaria and nor was this first time her coming over. However, she being not much of the party animal rarely took advantage of her free access. Today, she walked down to the bouncer standing by and announced herself.

“Ivania, Ivania Garcia?” She asked. Checking down the list he found her name and let her walk inside but blocked the way of her over-excited friends.

“I am sorry even they are in the list… Jordan, Jaden and Laura.” The bouncer rolled his eyes on Ivania but typed down the names any ways.

“Jaden Charles, Jordan K L, and no Laura.” The bouncer announced. All of them went a little horrid for a moment.

“There must be a mistake-”

“Your friends can wait in the queue or even you can walk out along them.” The bouncer said irritated. Ivania looked at the dejection in her friends’ eyes.

“Oh, they are so coming in with me.” Ivania said out loud now angered by how the built-up man talked to her and her friends.

“No money can buy your friends an invitation and you are wasting time.” The bouncer said. Ivania glared at him but could not be really mad as he was just doing his job. She whipped out her phone, scrolling her contacts and dialling to her dear godfather.

“How is my angel doing? Enjoying here, baby?” He asked on the call with no greetings.

“Uncle, it seems maybe you forgot to add my friends’ names to the list. We are kind of stuck in the entrance.” She said a little calmly.

“Jordan, Jaden and Laura, I remember but you know what, give the phone to the bouncer.” Handing over the phone to the man who seemed pretty irritated, the colour of his face drained out pretty quickly. Followed by a few ‘yes sir’ he gave back her phone.

“I am sorry mam; hope you have a nice night.” He said as he let inside her friends.

“It’s alright, you were doing your job.” She gave him a smile and walked inside along with her friends.

“Thank you so much uncle. I owe you big time.” She said on the call just receiving a laugh from the other end.

“You are my little angel, have fun tonight and any troubles just give me a call.” He said, she bid her farewell and hug up the call.

“Dude… who the fuck did you call?” Jaden asked as they all walked into relatively less crowded place but it seemed yet packed.

“My uncle…he kind of owns the place.” She said as they were approached by one of the waiter leadings them to a reserved place.

“Don’t tell me… you know Matthew Icaria?” Jaden asked her for which Jordan and Ivania just laughed.

“You don’t know a lot shit about her little brother.” They said as they took their seats.

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